Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rafv the Schemer

You know how they always say Rafv seems to be forever plotting some evil plot. Well, it's true. He may not be after world domination, but he is out to make others look baaaad.

Rafv came over to play yesterday and that rude dog just jumped up the sofa as if it belonged to him. I was on the sofa first, and he 'pretended' to play with me. First his forelegs came up, then his back legs slowly inched up until he was totally on the sofa. And to add insult to injury, he bumped me off MY sofa!!

There I was, attempting to look cute with my front paws perched on the sofa arm rest, and that conniving Rafv pretending to look innocent.

Looking cute

When everyone else was busy talking, he gave me a quick push with his bum, and I tipped over the arm rest! I was hanging by my back legs on the arm rest, with half my body hanging out. Aunty G was sitting right in front of me and I looked at her with pleading eyes to save me but she quickly moved her legs away so that my nails would not accidently scratch her! Talk about chivalry nowadays! Humph!

Evil plan succeeded

I was totally unglam hanging on like that. And the humans just stood there and laughed and said "bad Rafv" but no one came to help me immediately. I hung there for a few seconds before they decided to free me from my predicament.

And Rafv has the cheek to post this encounter in his blog! I will have to think VERY hard if I want to invite him to my house in future! It will greatly depend on how much food Aunty R smuggles me.


Anonymous said...

oi.... I kenna scratch by your nails ok... I still got evidence on my leg!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the accident. I will teach my rafv to be more humble next time..

Since My kid has a handful friends only, hope you still consider him as your friend...

Well, H. I will smuggle food/drinks whatever for your enjoyment, so pls forgive him..

Yours Sincerely,
Antie R,

Anonymous said...

Hey Antie S! your drawing very nice! Cute and tastefull.


Anonymous said...

herb, aiyah maybe he not purposely one la..."MAYBE"
anyway i can play wif u ma... really enjoy playing wif u..