Monday, March 31, 2008

New friends?

I just found out that some fishies are living downstairs. I wanted to make friends with them but I think they're not so friendly. They don't want to come and make friends with me. And I don't think my M will allow me to go to their home to visit them.

How can I make friends with them?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cause of my spoilt tail

My M finally finished sorting through most of the photos. And now you can see why my tail spoiled. This time, of the regular beach go-ers, only Jack and Joey came along. Scuba said it's too early and he needs his beauty sleep, and although Tommy wanted to come, his dad said they just bathed him 2 days ago so they're not bathing him again. But Aunty Sarah brought Ewan along. Apparently, Ewan is almost as old (if not older) than jack.

And I realise old dogs all have one things in common.

They all hate swimming. Like my Big Brother Herbie. I wonder if it's an old thing. Will I hate swimming when I'm old?

But at least Aunty G did not force Jack to swim. He was allowed to zone out on the beach.

Wake me up when we're ready to leave

Whereas poor uncle Ewan was dragged out to sea, kinda like my big brother Herbie, but I think he did not take it as well as my big brother. At least my big brother still loves running in the water, and he doesn't swim with a terrified expression on his face.

Terrified Ewan

Then once he got to land, he started scolding Aunty Sarah and told her to go home.

As for me, I was happily playing with my ball.

Then I noticed Joey had a better ball, so I took his. I think he wasn't too happy about that.

Then this strange black lab took MY ball. I wasn't too happy about that.

So me and Joey decided to bury our balls. We even had a competition to see who could do it faster. But I think we forgot to time ourselves.

Besides playing with my ball, I also ran around on the beach.

And shook myself.

And Swam.

And saved my MM from drowning. He was holding on to me and I have to drag him back to shore. But he didn't thank me for saving him, but it's all right, coz I love my MM too much to let him drown anyway. (M: Ermm.... I don't think he really was drowing, but if you want to feel like a hero, go ahead!)

And posing.

So after doing all these things, that's how my tail got spoiled. Maybe I should cut down on something the next time so my tail won't break down again.

Maybe less posing? Waddaya think?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spoilt tail again

After my tail broke down the last time, it's spoiled again.

We went to the beach yesterday and I swam too much, so my tail is now wagging weirdly again. My M says I have to let it rest a little and try not to wag so much, but I can't help wagging my tail when I'm happy! Then I feel strange coz my wag is different and I try to run around in circles after my tail.

Is there a tail repair shop around? I want my power wag back.

PS: Photos will be posted as soon as my M goes through them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Embarassing Trick

Something embarassing happened to me last week.

My M has taught me the 'food on nose' trick, and I have successfully executed it many times during parties and gatherings (it's the only way to get extra food) so my M thought that I have mastered the act.

Food on nose trick

So last week, at a friend's bbq, she decided to show me off.

This is what is supposed to happen:

This is what actually happened:

I was too excited and I threw my head too far back and the food went flying into another lady's plate.

So I guess it's now back to more training for me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hide and Seek

My M was upset with me this morning. Because I played hide and seek with her.

Usually she'll bring me down in the morning for my toilet break, and when we come home, she'll off leash me at out level's lift landing and I will run to our door to wait for her to open it up.

Well, today I did the usual, but I decided to play a trick on her. I ran to the door, and while her back was turned as she opened the door, I ran to hide. She turned around and didn't see me so she called my name but I was sniggering in my hiding place and didn't come out.

So she got a little worried (and angry) and walked back to the lift landing to find it empty. So she went back to lock the gate and told my MM that I ran off before going to look for me and calling my name. Just as she disappeared round the stairs, I ran back home at stood at the gate. My MM opened the door for me and called out to my M that I'm home.

She asked how did I get back and my MM said I just appeared at the door. Actually I was only hiding at the other corner.

Then I got punished. :(

How come my M can play hide and seek with me but I cannot play hide and seek with her?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Scardy Me

My M is telling everyone I'm a scardy cat again. Why does she keep calling me a cat when I'm a dog?

This happened only after an incident sometime last week. I wonder what I did that makes me a cat. What happened was, I was at the dog run when a new dog came. It looked like Rafv, so I went up to take a closer look but he's much bigger than Rafv, and about my age. It turns out he's an Alaskan Malamute.

This is what a Malamute looks like, doesn't he look like Rafv?

Anyway, I think he doesn't like me, because when he came in, I went to sniff at him but he growled at me. I got a little worried so I went to hide behind my M's legs but he was still growling a little. So when he went away a little bit, I decided to find a safe place.

The stone table.

It's the same table that my Big Brother Herbie used to eat his birthday cake on.

I usually can jump up the table in one leap, coz I'm a FLYING Super-Dog, but I don't know why that day I took a few tries before I got up. (M: That's because you were too near to the table, you were almost under the table! How do you expect to jump up from there?)

And to make myself really, really safe, I hid behind my M who was leaning against the table. But I also wanted to see what the Malamute was doing, so I poked my head through my M's arm to take a better look.

Where did he go?

The owner came over to talk to my M and it turns out that her dog was once attacked badly by a husky when still a pup, so now he growls at big dogs. She's trying to socialise him and make him better.

And I think the part about the big dog is true, coz Aunty G said that when Jack and Joey barked and nipped at him when he got too close for comfort, he just grinned and went closer.

But I'm not a big dog, I'm smaller sized than him. Why did I get growled at? And I still don't know why I'm a cat.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Cammie

My M finally gave in to temptation and bought a new cammie. Her excuse was that the old cammie was... well, old, and there's a promo going on now.

Of this week, off we went with me and the new cammie to the park.

But my M only managed to edit these 2 peektures of me because now she's found a new online game and she has been playing it the whole weekend. *pouts*

So this is happy me running.

And another of happy me. Her friend at the dog run says I got nice chest fur, and said maybe my M should try plaiting it since it's so long. I say no no coz only girls have plaits and I am a handsome boi!

I hope my M gets sick of the game soon, or else I'll be a bored, handsome boi.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fur-rocious play

My M decided to take her camera for servicing because there's something wrong with the flash, but before she did so, she decided to take some peektures of me because I have not taken nice peektures for a long time.

So off we went to the dog run with the camera and me, and I played with new and old friends.

This is my old friend Oscar. He's only a little older than me and we play very well together coz I can play ruff ruff (M: Rough!) with him.


Trying to get back at me

But I retaliated...

And FLEW up with my Super Doggie Powers

Then later I met a sheltie and played with him. We were so busy playing we forgot to introduce ourselves, so I don't know his name.

Let's play!

He may be smaller sized than me, but he's fur-rocious too!

Fighting back!

Take that!

And that!

It was a fun morning but too bad we had to leave early coz my M has an appointment. I hope I get to play with my fur-rocious friends again soon.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Nice fishy man

My M was telling me last week what a nice fishy man we have.

Every weekend, my M will bring me to the park, then we'll go to the market to buy my dinner for the week and because I usually wait at the side for her, the regular stall owners that she patronises all knows that the food is for me. And all these started way before I was born, with my big brother Herbie as well. In fact, when they stopped seeing my big brother Herbie, they asked my M what happened to him.

Me and Herbie with our dinner, waiting for more dinner!

Back to the nice fishy man. Some people have told my M that there are some stall holders who will give not so good/ fresh food if they know it's for dogs. But not this nice fishy man.

Last week, my M went to buy fishy for my dinner, and with her limited knowledge of fishies, she pointed at a very expensive one. So the nice fishy lady asked is it for her darling (that's me!) and said that fish is very expensive, so she recommended something else that's cheaper that day, tuna. There was even once that they told my M to choose another fish coz it's fresher.

So my M said ok and asked them to debone the fishy. And the nice fishy man spent more than 5 minutes deboning the fish. Usually they'll just debone the main bone along the 'spine' of the fish but there'll be tiny bones along the middle of the fish.

Where tiny bones usually are

But the man removed the tiny bones for us as well and kept running his hands through the fish to make sure there's no tiny bones, and even told my M to check again that there's no bones when she cook it.

Very boneless tuna

My M was quite pleased and impressed that he went through so much trouble even though he knows that the fishy is for a doggie.

What a nice fishy man!