Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rafv's punishment

Poor Rafv got punished, right immediately after he stepped into the park too! He was attempting to chew off a JRT who was humping his head, so he was made to carry his leash and sit there as punishment.

My M was trying out her new phone function, which apparently allows her to take a picture, and blog it immediately. cool huh! I hope that won't mean more embarrassing pictures of me. Of other dogs, I don't mind... hiak hiak hiak

Steamboat Party

I love steamboat! Not that I get to eat any (by right), but because I get extra food.

My M was not working yesterday so she had a steamboat party. I got to help out in the kitchen, by eating up the odds and ends of the pieces of meat she's cutting. She finds me handy in the kitchen, because instead of throwing away the odd pieces, like some skin or fats or pieces of meat too small to be used, she throws them to me instead.

And don't let me get started on the bones. She'll buy pork bones and chicken back to make the soup base, and these bones usually have meat attached to it. And guess who got to eat the meat? Moi! And the water used to scald the meat is added to my dinner too. So my dinner last night was pork skin, chicken breast, pork liver, fish and cabbage. Yummy!

What's more, the humans prepared too much food, so Aunty V fed us those meat that they could not finish eating (by left). Luckily my M did not season the meat, so we got to eat them.

Sigh, what's there not to like about steamboat? When's the next steamboat party?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Getting what I deserve

I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement. My M, for fear of getting her name splashed in the papers for animal abuse, finally upped my dinner portion on Thursday. So I get to eat a whole chicken breast and a fillet of fish on top of my veges. There was so much food that my MM had to confirm with my M if the dinner is for 1 or 2 days. And he had to split the portions into 2 because my dinner bowl was not big enough. Well, time to get me a bigger bowl then.

However, I would need help from the Aunties. When my M ask you if I'm getting fat, please say no. Because if I'm putting on weight, this means that I will have my dinner reduced to the old portions again.

I think I have to practice sucking in my tummy now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Can someone call the authorities to report a case of animal abuse please? This poor dog has been abused (not physically, but mentally) for the last few years. The abuser did it so subtly that no one realised that the poor dog has been abused.

The dog in question..... is me.

I have been severely underfed. The Aunties and my M were talking the other day and Aunty R said that Rafv gets 2 chicken breasts per meal, on top of his kibbles. That lucky dog! My M was surprised and said I only get half a breast, plus my vegetables. So they did a calculation. According to experts, dogs should be fed about 2-3% of their ideal body weight.

Let's do some maths here... I'm about 24kg, which means I'm supposed to be fed 750g of food per day, but guess what I got? A miserly 200g of meat, plus some vegetables!! And my M was still trying to make excuses that I have a low activity level, and that if I'm so underfed, I should be skeletal by now. Excuse me! I'm not skeletal looking coz I've got lots of fur covering me. If you shave off all my fur (not that I really want you to), you'll see all my ribs! And I have a low activity level coz I'm trying to conserve energy here.

The Aunties were saying, no wonder I beg all the time. What can I do? It's a matter of survival. I need to hunt for my own food!

Can someone save me?

Dying of hunger

(M: I still can't figure out why he's not skeletal thin if I've been underfeeding for the last few years. My friends were saying maybe that the amount of snacks he begs in between meals makes up for it. I'm going to try feeding him 500g of meat for the whole of next week to see if he puts on weight.)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who has a bigger mouth?

I don't know what it is with Scuba and mouths, but he does seem to like to stick his head onto other's mouths. So multiple choice question, using his head as comparison, who do you think has a bigger mouth?

Answer A: Rafv

Answer B: Tommy

Post your answers here.

*innocent look* me? big mouth? I don't have a big mouth *big eyes*

On a separate note, my friends came over yesterday, and Scuba, who may be missing his bed, is using me as a cushion instead.

Scuma: hmmm... new furry bed?
Me: Move off, I'm not your bed!

The humans thought it was so cute that they tried to get Tommy to lie on me too. Luckily Tommy is smarter, he knows I'm not a bed and refused to lie on me.

Resigned look...

And Rafv later used my paw as his pillow....

Kinda skinny pillow..

Can someone get them proper beds please?!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Have you ever gone somewhere, caused a scene, and then left the scene of the crime?

Why do I say that? Coz my M says I've been doing that recently. So what usually happens? Picture this scene:

Walk past unknown doggy, new friend?

I like meeting new friends on walks, and sniffing them. Sometimes if we hit it off, we may even try to play a little. My M will usually try to check out the other dog to see if it's friendly as we walk nearer, and the other dog will sometimes show interest or even wag it's tail. My M will walk nearer if they've got the all clear. But sometimes, some dogs are not as friendly as they seem... because right after wagging their tails, they do this:

Get away from my turf you big fat brown thing!

And they bark... and bark... and bark... and other humans will turn around to see what the commotion is about. My M is worried that others might think it's a big dog (me) bullying a small dog (the other party), so this is what we usually do:

Run away!

We escape.... she drags me off quickly, with the echos of the other barking dog following us, and the poor owner of the other dog will have to keep it quiet.

That's what I call a 'hit-and-run'.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Garlic Bagels

As this is a topic very close to my heart (read: food), this will be a graphic intensive post.

My M, who is no baking whiz, who bakes her brownies from premixed ingredients bought from the supermarket, actually attempted to make garlic bagels from scratch, for ME, today! I love my M! *heart heart*

She got this recipe from this website, and as the recipe calls for chicken broth, we went to the market this morning to get this:

Made from real chicken!

She remembered that I quite liked the garlic bagel Aunty W gave me the last time, so she decided to add in garlic to the recipe. I wonder if Tommy & Rafv will reject the bagel, coz they're firstly picky eaters, and also they don't like garlic. And that is also partly why Aunty W gave me the bagel, coz Tommy refuses to eat it.

Eating Tommy's rejects.... yummy!

Now let's see the rest of the ingredients...

Freshly chopped garlic

Flour, flour and yeast

Mix'em up.... my M thinks pastry chefs must have very strong arms. She complained that it was tiring kneading the dough. Well, if she'd asked, I would have gladly helped!

From this.... to this....

Well, with this being the first time my M is baking bagels, of course the quality control, aka kitchen inspector, aka yours truly, will have to be there making sure everything goes well.

Are you sure you've got everything right?

And finally she's made them all! Ta-dah~~~

The unbaked version

Into the oven they go...

Well done!

Now let's take a closer look

Are they ready to be eaten now?

chomp chomp chomp

Oh well, my M said I'll have to share the bagels with my friends, so she only gave me 3.

That's it? No more?

I'm sure Rafv and Tommy will give me their share later.... hiak hiak hiak


Friday, July 07, 2006

Automatic Butt Cleaner?

Ya, I know it's a weird title, but as I was having the runs sometime last week, my M thought of an automatic butt cleaner. The problem when I have a tummyache is that, I keep getting wet poo stuck on my butt fur, partly because I have very bushy featherings and tail. On nice, clean days, my M is very proud of my nice featherings, but on diarrhoea days, it gives her a headache.

Because if we're outside, there's no running water to wash my butt, and she'll have to get drinking water to do it, or risk me slapping my poo butt in other people's face (I like having my bum scratched, so sometimes I'll turn around until my bum faces the human. Not a nice sight if it's stuck with unmentionables.) But due to the scarcity of drinking water, she can't always wash my butt as long as she would like.

but... butt... but...

I don't usually have pictures of my butt taken, coz naturally people will try to aim for my head when taking pictures. This was cropped from a photo of me and Rafv playing, and you can see me nice, but wet (from sea water, not what you might think) bum.

What has all this got to do with an automatic butt cleaner then? Well, on my M's recent trip to Japan, she found a very interesting invention in their toilets.


An automatic butt cleaner for humans! They have buttons that when pressed, will shoot out a jet of water to wash your bum, and you can even control the volume/ strength of the water!

My M was thinking how nice it would be if they invented a portable one, so that she can just wash my butt with a push of a button. Better still if they have an automatic dryer built in as well.

Any brillant scientist want to try their hands at inventing a portable automatic butt cleaner cum dryer for dogs?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Life's embarassing moments..

After reading about Rafv's recent embarassment, to make him feel a little better, I'll share with him what happened to me some years ago.

Well, it was early in the morning and my M took me out for a long, happy walk. There were so many interesting things to see on the walk that I was looking here and there as I trotted alongside her. And as I was walking, something caught my attention.

What's that??

I turned my head around to look, and as my M was still walking, I had to continue moving as well. By the time that interesting thing went out of sight, I turned back and....


... walked into a pillar.....

My M found it so funny that she had to stop walking just to laugh at me. My only consolation is, it's early in the morning and there was no one around who saw me knock into the pillar.

Don't ask me what was the interesting thing I saw... I can't remember coz I think the knock on the head gave me a concussion.