Monday, February 25, 2008

Long lost fur

While spring-cleaning the house a few weeks ago, guess what my MM found?


It's my big brother Herbie's fur, kept in a plastic bag! Now you must be wondering why is my big brother Herbie's fur kept in a bag?

It happened a long time ago, before I was born, that my big brother Herbie has an admirer. My big brother Herbie always has admirers, I wonder when I'll get my own admirer. I seem to be doing the admiring nowadays instead of the other way round.

Anyway! This admirer is a mixed breed called Buddy, and he really, really likes Herbie, so much so that he will keep whining once he sees my big brother yet cannot get close to him. So his owners came up with an idea of making him his own 'Herbie toy' and asked my M if she can give them Herbie's fur, the loose ones that she combed out.

So she agreed, and she began collecting his fur. But there wasn't a lot of fur, and my M stopped bumping into the couple at the park after some time so she stopped collecting. And later on Buddy went to the rainbow bridge and the fur was left forgotten.

Until now.

Is that you, big brother?

Since my M once thought maybe she should have kept some of Herbie's fur as remembrance after he passed away, she thought it lucky that his fur was found. So now it's put in a clear bag in my big brother's special corner.

New addition!

Anyway, I don't think buddy needs the fur now as I'm sure he's whining away at my big brother herbie over at the rainbow bridge now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Or rather a belated happy one.

My M says Valentine's day is a day to spend with your loved ones, and I am their loved one too, so my M and MM had valentine's day with me. And I had yummy dinner! My M doesn't like to go out on V day coz she felt the food are overpriced and the restaurants so full that service is likely to be not so good, so she decided to cook at home. And a long time ago, someone reading the blog mentioned that my M cooked similar food during the last 2 V-day, so this year she did something different. She tried french cooking.

Speaking of dinner, we have a long story about it, or rather one of the dishes.

My M decided to try cooking foie gras, but the butchery she went to sells only the whole piece of frozen liver and since it's the first time she's trying to cook it, she's not too keen on spending so much to buy one whole liver when she only needed 2 slices in case her cooking is atrocious. In the end she asked Aunty V in passing if she knows where to buy uncooked foie gras and nice Aunty V asked her friend who works in a hotel, who went to check with his chef. Aunty V oso decided she wants foie gras too, so the chef very kindly agreed to sell us a few slices as a personal favor to Aunty V's friend. What a nice chef, and nice friend, and nice Aunty V!

Here's the uncooked, and very long story foie gras.

Since it's so expensive, and so fatty, and my M is not sure if my tummy can take it, she only gave ne a very small piece to try. See my piece compared to the size of the pan? And the oil came purely from the liver, my M did not use any oil at all. And mine was just panfried with no seasoning.

Sizzling liver

Besides foie gras, I had stir fried pork with garlic and herbs.

Sizzling piggy

And my M and MM had codfish while I had salmon, grilled.

About to sizzle fishies

And here's what I had for dinner, with asparagus and baby corn. Can you find my tiny foie gras amidst all the food? Oh, and I had egg white too coz my M took the yolks to make the sauce for the veges. She said no point wasting the white and I totally agree with her.

But dinner took a long time to be ready. My M says I look so serious while waiting.

I'm hungry...

And I'm still not allowed to eat until I take peektures with my dinner.

When can I start eating?

Finally digging in

It was so yummy I licked the bowl so nice and clean that I think my M don't even have to wash it. To make sure it was truly clean, I even went back to the bowl and lick it a few more times after dinner.

Is it totally clean?

And here's what my M and MM had for dinner.

I think she spent the longest time making the orange sauce from scratch. Kinda strange that the most inconspicuous item took the most trouble. And I think the appetiser (foie gras) should be served separately but my M is too lazy to wash so many dishes so she dumped them all on the same plate.

And to be fair, they had to take peektures with their dinner as well. And I wanted to be in the peekture too so I snuck in at the corner when they weren't noticing.

The dinner was so nice that after I've had mine, I wanted theirs as well.

Can I have more?

Pretty please?????

I think my big brother herbie taught me well because I got a small slice of fish skin (which my M didn't like) right at the end of their dinner.

I wonder when is the next big cook out day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eye Gunk

I've been having gunky stuff around my eyes recently, and now my M has started calling me by a new name. She now calls me 'bak sai dog' and she says bak sai means 'eye gunk'.

The other aunties told her to try dropping my eyes but I say no, I still want my eyes to see. (M: Eye drops, eye drops! Not dropping eyes!)

See my gunky eyes? This is an improved version after they dropped my eyes. My M says the first few days it was think and crusty. I don't know since it's too near my own eyes for me to see and the mirrors at home are too high.

I hope my gunky eyes get better because I don't like my eyes dropping.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chinese christmas tree

My M said it's gonna be Chinese New Year soon, so we put up a chinese christmas tree at home.

(M: It's not a chinese christmas tree! It's pussy willow!)

It's not? But it's a plant and it has things hanging on it. Isn't it a christmas tree? Anyway, apparently pussy willow in chinese is called 银柳 'Yin Liu', which literally means silver willow. In ancient China, the currency used is silver, and Yin Liu in cantonese dialect sounds like silver money. So having the plant around chinese new year means we'll get lots of luck and money! I hope we do, coz I don't mind more toys.

Here's how we decorated our plant, with fake butterflies too coz the real ones won't come in.

Do I look like a deer with HUGE antlers?

My M says I get to go visiting relatives during Chinese New Year, and I must behave myself because my big brother herbie was a very good boi when he went visiting, so I must be a good boi too. And I said, ok! It's easy coz I'm always a good boi!

I hope I get lots of treats during the new year!