Saturday, February 24, 2007


My M has been trying to catch a recording of me snoring for the longest time, but wasn't always successful because I don't snore regularly, or for long periods of time even when I do, and sometimes she does not have the camera with her.

She finally managed to catch me in the act a few days ago when I was sleeping right at her feet. She says that unlike normal deep, low snorts for snores, I wheezes instead. And some people are actually surprised that dogs snore as well. Yes, we do snore, and fart, and burp and all other stuff that humans do as well. Actually, maybe not all dogs snore, apparently Tommy doesn't, he only twitches when he's dreaming.

So here's me in ZZzZ-land.... don't you dare laugh!

By the way, for those non-dog owners, we dogs have a 2nd eyelid as well. My M thought it was very interesting that my lower eyelid was flipping up when I was sleeping initially when I stayed with her.

See my other eyelid?

So sometimes I look as if I'm awake when I'm actually sleeping.


Actually, this would be a totally cool trick for those who fall asleep in class. The teacher can never catch you 'sleeping' in class.... heh heh heh

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Oink

It's the first day of the Lunar New Year today, and I'm a little sad, because my year, which is the Year of the Dog has just ended. It's the Year of the Pig starting from today, and my M told me it's all right because I'm a pig disguised as a dog, so it'll still be my year this year.

Anyway, I'll be going visiting later, so there may not be time for updates. I hope I get lots of treats!!

To keep you occupied, here's some updated pictures of very cute (but not as cute as me) Helios.

Helios at 7 weeks

He sure looks like an innocent and serious looking little chap, doesn't he? But do not be fooled by his exterior, he's actually a cunning little one. The breeder updated my M to say that he is the first escape artist of the litter!

These are her EXACT words:
"Just to let you know your little boy has become the first to escape the puppy yard!! In the mornings I let them out from the kennels and they all go out on the grass or dirt and do what puppies do and then go on out to the puppy yard and stay out there until mid-morning. This morning I heard the puppies creating a bit of noise and there was the escapist trotting up and down in front of the big dogs as proud as could be! I have no idea how or where he got out from so might have to go on a 'stake out' when they go back out this afternoon :) He is such a darling little boy and he looked so pleased with himself :)"

I'm sure she'll be mighty glad to get rid of Helios to my M. My M is gonna be in for a little hard work I think... hiak hiak hiak.

Now, if only I can get him to open the treats cupboard above the sink.....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

ok, so it's one day late, but I gotta wait til dinner photos are out before I can post. After all, dinner is the most important thing on Valentine's Day, no?

My M doesn't like eating out on Valentine's Day because it's crowded and she hates squeezing with crowds. Everything is overpriced as well. So she decided to cook dinner at home, which sounds perfectly splendid to me, because what is Valentine's Day if it's not spent with her beloved pooch?

I had almost the same thing as what the humans had, minus the salt. My M took out my portion of the food before she added salt. And I've got beef cubes instead of steak because my M said that I'll most likely try to swallow the whole piece of steak if she doesn't cut it up into smaller pieces.

And now I present my very yummylicious dinner.... stir fried beef with herbs (HERBS! I'm eating me! Geddit? Geddit?) and garlic, carbonara and broccoli. I got all the broccoli stalks and only some florets because the humans ate all the florets.

Dinner is served

And this is what the humans had... almost the same as mine

Human chow

Of course I was made to salivate and wait while they take photos.

Can we like, eat NOW?

I must say it was a very yummy meal...

Bon Appetite

And I've got a little something extra as well, dessert, which is yoghurt. The humans had none. Now that is what I call Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am not a girl!

Recently I'm beginning to hear some very disturbing comments, especially when I'm out with Tommy.

Imagine this scene, me and Tommy were walking past one couple and their conversation goes:

Girlfriend: Oh, so cute!
Boyfriend: It's one boy and one girl.
Girfriend: (in awe, thinking she has a very smart boyfriend) Oh! How do you know it's a boy and a girl?

At which point my M turned around and said,

M: It's TWO boys
Boyfriend: Oh, it's two boys ah.....

And then when we were in a petshop the other day, the same thing happened!

Kids: Look at the 2 dogs!
Father: It's a male and a female

Me: ..........

Can't they tell I'm a BOY BOY BOY?

This is Tommy:

This is Handsome me:

Which part of me looks like a girl to you?? Oh darn, posted the wrong picture. Erm... I mean, look at Handsome me again!

Bah, those silly people can't tell a handsome boy from a girl!

Urgh, I hate silly people

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pet Photography

Ok, my M has decided to supplement her income by offering outdoor pet photography services. If you would like to have nice photos like I do, go tell your humans now!

The charges are: $80 for the following
1. 5 x 5R photos (inclusive of digital file in CD)
2. Another 5 digital files

Note: If you do not want the photos to be developed, it can be changed to an extra digital file (ie: 11 digital files for $80)

1. Extra digital files @ $5 each
2. Extra pet @ $20 each (Max 3)

Normally, others photographers do not let you have extra digital files, or some do not even give you the files for the photos you have chosen, so you have to develop from them if you want extra prints. So this is a chance for you to keep the digital files so that you can develop them on your own, use it for your website, or give to family and friends.

The session is subject to weather conditions (it is outdoors afterall). If you happen to have a Sentosa trip, and would like pictures of your dog on the beach, it can also be arranged.

Please email my M at if you have any questions.

For my friends overseas, my M said she'll gladly take the photos for you if transport is provided (hint hint).

If you want to see samples of my M's pictures, just go to her gallery here, but the photos there are not too updated, or search through my blog for sentosa/ beach/ outings.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Toy Boy

I don't usually play with toys, but recently, under the influence of my friends, I've tried to play with toys just to see what the hype is all about. However, the aunties think that I'm preparing myself for the arrival of Helios.

They think that I may have to start fighting for attention or entertain myself once he gets here. I'll like to say that it's not true at all. My M says that I play with the toys the same way I chew my mutton bones. That's because I usually play with my friend's toys, and I'm trying to figure out what they had for dinner from the saliva soaked toy.

I think I taste mutton

Scuba had chicken! or was it snake?

Yes, sometimes, I eat my bones upside down as well...

And the aunties all thought it's such a miracle that I'm playing with toys that they were busy taking evidence of me playing. I feel like a superstar with all the flashes!

Since I play with my friend's old toys now, Aunty G said that she will sell my M all of Joey's retired toys (ie: those are are about to be discarded). I wonder if she'll sell their dinner as well.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dogs at Play

My M took a series of photos some time ago and had no time to post it up until now. So... presenting... dogs @ play...

beginning with....

the play bow...

big butt?

Face massage

the chase


The ball

Flying ears

Break time

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm 7!

As of yesterday, I'm officially 7! Firstly I would like to thank EVERYONE for your kind wishes. It was truly a wonderful day with loads and loads of food. I started off with a mutton bone...

chomp chomp

Then my M started preparing the food for my bday. She spent the whole day in the kitchen chopping, cooking, mixing stuff, and of course I helped as well.

Firstly, it's dessert for the humans. I had to constantly make sure everything was done perfectly.

Kitchen inspector at work!

My M made some peach cream thingy but she forgot to take a picture of the end product. And she also made a boo boo. We had a can of sliced peaces in our cupboard but as it was not enough, my M bought another can the other day. Spot any difference?

Spot the difference

Yeah, instead of peach slices, she ended up with apricot halves. Can't blame her, the photo looks so identical. So in the end she had to make a trip to the supermarket just to get another can of peaches.

Then it's off to make chicken broth for the rice. Aunty G asked my M if she used those prepacked chicken broth and I would like to assure her that it was made with real chicken, because I saw it, and I even ate the necks.

Made with real chicken!

The neck...

The broth...

And we had lamb patties....

And shepard's pie...

The making of.... shepard's pie

And this is what the completed bento set looks like. The humans were all asking my M if it's dog or human food coz it looks so edible.

Bento set... chicken rice, shepard's pie and lamb pattie

Of course I had to make sure again that everything is up to standard.

Darn, it's covered up!

Well, I did something bad as well. Remember the chicken bones used to cook the broth? I stole and ate two carcasses. You can't really blame a dog if the food is dog height, can you!

(M: The food is dog height because the kitchen counter ran out of space!

Anyway, my M complained to Aunty V on MSN about me stealing but Aunty V was away from her computer. When she saw the message, she called my M to tell her not to punish me since it's my birthday and I can do anything I want on that day. Unfortunately, her call came too late to save me from a few koks on my head. But it was still very gallent of Aunty V to try to save me, thank you Aunty V!

And she and Aunty S even baked my birthday cake, with my name on it!

Say... Herbie

As usual, the birthday dog gets the first bite. I started with my name...

H is yummy.... chomp

... while Scuba looked on, wondering when he can get to eat...

Scuba: Hurry up, Herbie

And my friends loved the cake as well.

Too busy to talk...

I would like to thank everyone who came, and for the nice humans who brought my friends to the park, and for ther nice presents.