Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost lost

Something exciting happened last night at Scuba's house.... I was almost lost!  But since I am still blogging, I'm sure you realize that I was found too.  Anyway I was lost for like only 30 seconds.

What happened was, we were all ready to leave Scuba's house.  My MM went down to drive the car over first.  They pressed the lift, which was just right outside the main door and were wearing their shoes when they realized they forgot something. (not me obviously)

So my sister went into the house to look, my M carried my baby brother and stood at the door to look, and I was behind her when the lift door opened so I decided to hold the lift for them.  Unfortunately, I forgot I have no hands so the door closed.  My M turned around to see the lift on the way down and asked 'Where's Helios?', only to realize that I was not with them and the next logical thought would be I went down with the lift.

I must say, Aunty V's daily gym visits proved to come to good use as she ran down 6 flights of stairs to the ground floor to get me.  My MM said he saw me looking bewildered at the lift landing but did not dare to call out to me as he was at the car park and he worried that I might run towards him and get run over by a car.

At the same time, I was going around the lift landing looking for everyone because I could hear Aunty V calling my name but I can't see her.  When I finally saw her, I ran to her and got promptly leashed up.  And everyone got a lecture from my MM not not keeping an eye on me.

I was sorry that everyone got nagged because of me.  I pawmise I will try to remember not to run into the lift alone again, and my sister has been tasked to ensure that I do not go into the lift alone.

Safe and sound at home