Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attacked by Rottie!

A few days ago, this man bought an unmuzzled rottie (rotweiler) into the park. Well, I was minding my own business initially when that rottie (whom I found out was called bear) started attacking me! He held on to my tail and refused to let go and even went for my neck!

And the worse is, no one came to help me!


See poor me, already going belly up from the attack and yet my M had time to whip out her phone to take photos.

Ya ya, I know I wasn't really in danger, but still, Bear IS a rottie, nevermind the fact that he's only 3 months old. I hope he doesn't acquire a taste for my tail when he's older.

Don't tell my M that I was actually secretly enjoying myself.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Another reason why i hate lampshades

They make me look stupid.

But my M thinks it makes me look egyptian... groan

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poor Sheila

Aunty G sent this email to my M, with a link to ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) website, telling the story of this poor, loyal dog called Sheila. ASD is a non-profit organisation that helps abandoned and stray dogs find new homes. Their work are carried out by volunteers and they depend on contributions from the public to continue their good work. So help them if you can!

Poor Sheila's evil owner moved away and left her alone in the house, for 6 months! Sheila stayed on in the house, waiting for her owner to come back for her, but he never did, or rather that evil ^$&#* did, once a week to collect his mails but he did not collect her. She was reduced to skin and bones and had a multitude of health problems. Luckily, someone alerted ASD to her plight and she was rescued.

Now ASD are trying to find that owner so that AVA can take action against him. I hope he gets caught soon and hauled to court for animal abuse.

And bad Aunty G was saying that I won't be such a loyal dog, coz I'll follow anyone who offers me food. That's not entirely true! I mean, I will still eat, but I'll eat minimally just to survive. After all, I'll have to stay alive to wait for my owner to come back for me. I'll skip all the treats and begging. Really! When I first came to my M, I was so depressed that my ex-owner didn't want me, that I refused all treats! Oh darn, I don't think anyone will believe me now. Ask my M, she's my witness!

Anyway, the Aunties were saying if I were abandoned, I'll most likely make my way to the neighbour's house to beg for food. Hmm.. actually, that's not a bad idea!

But putting aside food and begging, I'm sure my M would not abandon me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I *heart* my bowl!

I'm gonna get a new water bowl, and a huge new dinner bowl as well, if my M can find a dinner bowl big enough (I say, the bigger the better! for more food!)

The reason my M was doodling the last time was coz she's making me a new bowl. This is what she bought at ikea...

Ceramic bowl

It may look big but it's only about 16cm wide. Joey's HC had already hinted that this size is perfect for him and Jack, talk about being fast! My M would like to know if anyone knows where to buy bigger, ovenproof ceramic bowls.

First to go on is my name.


Then the picture itself....


Considering that my M is not exactly artistically inclined, I would say that this is not too bad. It's actually traced from this photo here:

How's that for comparison? Next comes the painting part. Somehow I look kinda different with the color.

So far, so good

And finally, the finished product!

Oh well, not exactly finished. The bowl has to be dried first then baked before it can be used.

My friends are so envious that they have already started hinting about x'mas. Well, throw a few bones my way and I'll consider cajoling my M to make a few more... hiak hiak hiak

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Does it look like me? My M was doodling, and she's no great artist, but I think it looks somewhat like me, no?

Maybe compare with this...

It's official

I'm fat. No matter how much I try to suck in my tummy, it's still bulging out now. My M has been suspecting I've put on weight but her suspicions were confirmed when the neighbour's maid at my M's old home commented that 'Herbie fat already'.


My dinner's getting reduced again. Darn!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been tagged!

By Opy.. and no, it's not anything edible, although I wished it were.

According to Opy, "the player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

Lemme think... weird habits, weird habits...

1. My snores sounds like wheezes
2. I'm a Golden Non-Retriever, as in I don't retrieve
3. I prefer my bum scratched rather than my head
4. I like to put my head on the lap of anyone who sits with me in the car
5. I like to squeeze myself in between humans and the dog that they're scratching so that I can get a scratch as well

I tag Joey, Scuba, Jaffe,Bond, Huskee

Monday, August 07, 2006


I had a truly wonderous dinner last night. My MM was the chef for the night, but the dinner was wonderful not because he's a great cook, but because he's a blur cook. You see, before my M left for work, she packed 2 plactic bags of mutton and pork, which was supposed to be my dinner for last night and tonight. One of the bags contained vegetables, so she told my M to 'cook everything in the bag with the vegetables'. I think my M only heard the 'cook everything' part, so viola, I got 900 grams of meat, almost a kilo!

My MM even told my M that night 'how come the dinner so much? Need to split into two bowls.', and my M, knowing that my dinner bowl was quite a small size, thought nothing of it....

... until today. She opened the refrigerator to cook my dinner to night and realised there's no meat! I've got no dinner!

Luckily, she called Aunty V and asked if I could have dinner at her place. And of course nice Aunty V agreed. I love Aunty V!

So I'll be having dinner at Scuba's later. What a wonderful start to the week!

(M: I did not realise that he actually ate so much last night, and he could still beg at V's house! And had durains! Talk about never-ending pit for a stomach!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beware of Fur-rocious Dogs

Yeah, we're lean, mean, fighting machines. My M suddenly hit upon the idea of taking a picture of angry/ fierce me. Of course, I seldom get my hackles up, unless it's over my food or strange big male dogs humping me. Since none of the aunties would risk having their dogs near me when I eat, there's no way my M can get a picture of an angry me that way.

Speaking of letting other dogs near me when I eat... I'll only fight over MY food. As in, MY dinner bowl or MY bone. If it's given to another dog, I won't fight with the other dog for the food, but if it's given to ME, then it's jolly well MINE. That's why my M don't like me eating chew treats outside, coz I take my time chewing, and some inquisitive dog who comes too near will get his head chomped off. Apparently the aunties are well aware of that face, so everytime I'm having my dinner, they will remind their dogs that, 'killer dog eating ah, don't go disturb.'

Yeah, I'm a killer dog, geddit?

Which brings me back to the point. Since there's no food, and no strange big male dogs humping me, my M can only DIY my fierce look. Here's her feeble attempts.


Picture A: Show teeth, angry brows... but not fierce
Picture B: Show teeth, raised eyebrow... somehow I kinda look stupid in that
Picture C: Show teeth, I'm getting bored... my M says I look like a pig

So she got the expert help of Aunty W.... which resulted in

Picture D: More smiley hyena grin than fierce dog

So we got Uncle M to try... with all of us. Forgive the blurry pictures...

Don't mess with us!

I think Uncle M did a slightly better job. Scuba does look fiercer, maybe coz of his beady eyes. But somehow, it reminds me more of teeth competition than 'who's the fiercest dog' competition.

But do not let these pictures deceive you. I'm truely a killer at heart... so don't mess with me, especially my food!

Erm.. and ya... ahem... *growl*

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Aunty V says that scuba is a gay dog tonight. Gay as in happy. But I'm not very happy about the connotation. I was forced into this pose by the humans and I'll have you know that I am very straight, never mind that I have no balls.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waist Update

Well, since Bond was asking about my latest update, I shall reveal it here. I think sucking in tummies work. My M can't decide if I've put on weight. Sometimes I seem to have lost my waist, sometimes it seems like it's still there. And Aunty V has been very kind to say that she doesn't know everytime my M ask her if I've put on weight. As for Aunty G, I've been sucking in my tummy everytime she comes near, so she can't decide as well.

So, paws crossed, I'm still maintaining my amount of food intake.