Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Nosed Doggie!

(to the tune of Rudolph!)

Helios the red nosed doggie
Had a very bloody nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it's gross
All of the other humans
Used to laugh and call him names
They would say poor thing Helios
You're such a silly boy

The humans have been tsk-tsking at me recently, saying that I'm a silly boy. It all started when my MM bought a new car. It's now a 7-seater, but my MM converted the last row into a flat area for me so now I have a whole 1/3 of the car to myself! I no longer have to share the back seat with my baby sister!

Look how much space I have now!

Our new car came last week, and to go with the new car, there was a new doggie car seat cover which MM's sister gave us. And since the new doggie car seat cover does not have my scent, the most natural thing for me to do is to rub my face in the cover.

Unfortunately, the cover came with a zip and I rubbed my nose too hard on the metal zip that I rubbed my nose raw. My M thought that I would stop rubbing it in since my nose is already raw but I proved to her that I determined to get my smell on it at all costs, so I continued rubbing my face in the next day as well. My M was surprised at the splotches of blood on the brand new car seat cover and also at my high threshold of pain. In the end, she decided to flip the cover on its underside so I won't be able to get the zip.

The culprit

So now we just have to wait for my nose to heal.

My poor nose

(M: The nose is taking some time to heal because Helios is STILL rubbing his face in the cover and with his nose already raw, the wound gets 'refreshed' everytime he rubs his face, even though he's now rubbing on cloth instead of zip. And he always does it when everyone is already strapped at the front of the car and no one can get him to stop him. Maybe he will have to be banned from car rides until his nose heals :P)

Oh no! I hope my M is not seriously thinking of banning me from car rides!
(On a side note, my M was hinting to my MM that now that we have so much space at the back and there's only one dog, we should fully utilise the extra space. I wonder what that means...)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm sor-wie....

I did a very bad thing the other day. Although I knew I wasn't supposed to do it and it wasn't really an emergency, I went ahead and did it.

I pooped at home.

I'm outside trained, so there's no papers at home for me to do my business, so unless I'm having a stomach upset, I won't poop at home. But those 2 days, I kept distracted by the cats when I went for my toilet break that I forgot to poop. I was so busy trying to get them to play that I just went for a quick pee and went to look for the kitty cats.

So on day 3, I decided I had to go... at home. And my M was angwee with me when she came home and saw the non-diarrhoea poop. I wonder if it might have been better if it's diarhoea poop? (M: Of course not! Poop at home is no good, doesn't matter if you're having a tummy upset or not. But at least there's no scolding if it's truly a tummy upset)

Look how sor-wie I am. I tried to give her my ball as a token of apology but I don't think she really wanted it.

I blame the cats.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where's my dog run?

I went to my weekly weekend dog run last sunday and to my horror, this is what I saw!

Do you notice anything strange about the picture below? Make a guess...

My dog run is fenceless! I had to sniff both sides of the poles to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Oh the horror! Where am I supposed to find my friends? What will happen to my social life in future!

I was about to get ready to collaspe from apoplexy when my M reassured me that the dog run will be back. Apparently there's a huge upgrading of the whole park and the dog run is slated to be moved a short distance away. The workers had to remove the fences to put it at the new run.

If you see the picture below, the new dog run will be right behind the white fencing.

I was so relieved that my dog run will still be here. It seems that the new run is supposed to be ready by the end of this week. I hope that the workers will be done with it soon. I'm missing my friends already!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Play with me!

Anyone can tell me how to make Pepper play with me? He ignores me even as I prance about, sniff him or whine. He even hisses at me! But that didn't stop me from trying.

Sorry for the bad light, but we were in a corner of the room and there wasn't much light.

Even Scuba couldn't give me any help. So, any bright ideas?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Daydreams, interrupted.