Tuesday, July 12, 2011

K9 Cafe

Just two weeks ago, my MM took all of us to the K9 cafe for brunch. Or rather, they had brunch and I had the scraps. Something is wrong here. If it's a canine (K9) cafe, why are THEY getting food and I'm getting scraps? Isn't the cafe meant for me?

Anyway, I almost fell asleep waiting for the food to arrive. At least the humans had ice cream float while they waited.


I tried to check out the progress in the kitchen but the door was closed.


Finally the food arrived but I had to wait for my baby sister to start eating first.

Hurry up!

And of course she had to tempt me...

This is pepperoni...

As if I didn't know that's pepperoni, and anyway, I don't care what that is!

Just feed me already!

Well, in the end, I did manage to get a few pieces of pizza, and fries.

Contented tummies

I also made some new friends...

BC: What's this thing on you?

BC: Erm, you do know there's something on your back?
Me: Yeah... that's my baby sister.

Maybe I can try to get more food the next time we go back.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

ASD Tea Pawty

On saturday, my M attended the Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) Tea Party held at Klapsons hotel. It's a boutique hotel in Singapore and it was a rare chance for me to actually step into a hotel. Or maybe not, coz we weren't allowed into the main lobby area, but took a lift direct to the open bar area on the top floor. But at least I managed to take a photo with the hotel signage.

The event is to raise fund for Treasures, a 3 legged dog involved in a hit and run accident.

I was supposed to hitch a ride with Jack & Joey but Aunty G was caught in a bad traffic jam so we came on our own. But I kept looking out at the stairs to see when they will arrive.

I was looking at the stairs, not the chef....

I was really looking at the stairs, and I;m NOT salivating!!

I finally got to meet Homer as well. But I didn't really like him at first coz he's got bigger balls.... I mean, paws than me. And I don't really like big strange intact male dogs. But he was too busy checking out 2 bootiful labs sitting next to us.

Homer sniffing lab butt

I said bootiful coz I was attracted to them too.

Me sniffing lab butt

The bootiful labs... they were actually meant to serve as guide dogs but they failed their tests and so were adopted by this family.

Save us from the butt sniffers please!

Well, in the end I got used to homer and we even managed to take a few photos together, but I don't have the pictures to show you coz it was Homer's mum who took the photos.

There were a few contests, Homer won the largest dog contest and I won the best coat for long coat contest.

And here's me with my cookie 'medal'.

Posing proudly with my best coat

Strangely, a lot of humans took photos of me wearing my medal and even more strangely, a lot of dogs were looking at me hungrily when I was wearing my cookie medal.

I wonder why....

It was an fun day and I got loads of goodies in the goodie bag. I hope we get to go to another one soon!