Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Belated post on Birthday Party

Oh well, time to stop wallowing in self pity over my hotspots and think happy thoughts.

The happiest thought recently is Scuba, Rafv and Chewie just celebrated their birthdays at Sentosa. In case anyone's curious, they're turning 3,4 and 5 respectively.

From the days I have been staying over at Scuba's house, I know that they have been busy baking, baking and baking.... the Birthday cakes and goody bags for us! Look at our very own 'Doggie Bento Set', which even comes with a football whistle. The whistle must have been rafv the FIFA mascot's idea, since it's now the World Cup fever and all.

Doggie Bento!

The bento became my breakfast for the last few days. There were cookies in the shapes of their names and ages, some dried liver, lungs and who knows what other delicious stuff!


Here are the Birthday Boys with their cakes. Of course, as tradition goes, birthday dogs get the first bite. Poor Scuba kept wanting to eat his cake but his Mommy made him sit still for a picture first. Look at him look at the cake!

I'll get you.... sooner or later

Chewie on the other hand, can't even be bothered to pose for photos!

What photos? Let me get that first!

Rafv was the most co-operative. Look at him grinning away. I think he loves his cake, apparently he almost ate half of it by himself!

I 'heart' my cake!

So now the next party to look forward to will be Tommy's birthday. I wonder what will be on the menu....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hot Dog?

Aunty V said that I'm a hot dog, not the sexy hot, or even the sausage hot dog, but a hotspot hot dog. I'm having hotspots again, and it's quite bad this time. So bad that my M is almost tearing her hair, and my fur off.

I've gotten hotspots on my head ever since Tommy licked me so voraciously the other day. I guess the wet saliva (I think toxic saliva) and the friction caused my head to have hotspots, but I don't know why my tail feels itchy as well, so I kept biting it at night. Aunty V tried to stop me when she hears me biting but I secretly chewed a bit more when she was sound asleep.

Which resulted in this.....

and more unglam nicknames. My M has started calling me Rotten Tail in addition to Ugly Head. And because of the hotspot on my tail, which covered about half of my tail, she was contemplating shaving off my glorious furry tail, which was the envy of many a Golden owner. I've never said this, but many GR owners lurrrrve my fluffy tail. Look at the photo below, isn't it fluffy?

Squirrel tail!

However, shaving off the tail means it will take MONTHS to grow back, maybe even up to a year! So, when Aunty S told my M that she actually used clothes peg to pin my fur together so that it won't stick to the wound, my M hit on this brillant (or so she thinks, I personally feel that it's stupid) idea of tying the fur on my tail.

Look at the end product! I look so stupid! How can I ever hold my head high, or my tail high, with that kind of a fur-style on me!

And the worse thing is, I think they're gonna put the lampshade on me tomorrow coz it's a working day and there's no one at home to supervise me to make sure I don't chew on my wounds.

Oh well, at least the good thing about this is, Aunty S was quite sad that she did not notice my hotspots when I was under her care, so Aunty V said that she should feed me more as an apology. So I've been getting extra cuddles and snacks... tee hee hee...

Always look for the silver lining in the clouds.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's party time!

Well, after spening a night on my own bed, I was back to stay at Scuba's house last night. Nah, my M and MM are not going away on another trip, it's just that they'll be busy the whole of today, and do you know what day is it today? It's the day that Scuba, Rafv and Chewie are gonna celebrate their birthday party together this evening at Sentosa!

There's lots of baking going on. Aunty V and Aunty S already made a batch of cookies and cake yesterday, and there's more today! I hope there'll be lots of rejects that I can eat first. It's a busy, busy day for me today coz I have to guard the kitchen.

I'll be following Scuba to Sentosa first coz my poor M had to work late and can only join us later. Finally, there'll be no one taking pictures of unglam me shaking water or being dragged into the sea.

I've got my presents prepared and I'm ready to party!

Friday, June 23, 2006

And.... we're back online!

My M and MM's finally back after a week away. Do I miss them? Sure I do! I was so happy to see them at the park yesterday, where they picked me up, but I don't understand why Tommy seems even more happy than me. He kept nudging himself between my M and me for a rubba as well.

Just some quick updates. My M said I've put on weight, and Aunty G agrees with her. Darn! I don't feel any fatter. I hope she doesn't put me on a diet. I'm now used to having countless snacks in between meals at Scuba's house.

There were NO presents for me!! They only managed to find 2 petshops, and they all sell stuff for itsy bitsy teeny weeny dogs. Everything seems to be XXXXS size compared to me. I bet they're so small even Joey might find it difficult to fit in. Don't Japanese love big dogs? Why aren't there stuff for big macho dogs like us? Aunty R loves Rafv, and she's jap. Must ask her to tell my M where to buy big dog stuff in Japan next time.

Anyway, life's back to routinely normal now, ie: no extra food. As much as I missed them, I hope they decide to go on another trip soon. I'm getting hungry....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Pause in transmission

There will be a pause in the regular updates of this blog.

Because my M and MM are going away on a holiday (which I'm not invited, humph!)

BUT, I'll be going to Aunty S's Fattening Camp (a.k.a. Scuba's house)

I'll be too busy harassing Aunty S to feed me to bother about writing my blog (Food's more important)

Let's see how much of my waist is left after one week. Hiak hiak hiak.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Am I a good dog?

Why do I ask this question? There's a chinese saying that goes '好狗不挡路', which literally means that a good dog does not block the path of others. My M has been repeating this phrase to me quite often these days, because, well, I happen to block a lot of things... a lot.

I have this habit of lying down right in the middle of the pavement, or path, to rest. And I don't curl myself up, I like to spread out, taking as much space as I can. I also like to sleep right in the middle of the sofa-bed (when I'm allowed access), thus squeezing my M and MM out of the way. I like to take up 2/3 of the entire car back seat. Many a times I've squeezed out humans, and even Jack (the grouchy dog) and Joey in the back seat. There was even once that Joey ended up on the floor of the car because there's no more space for him on the seat.

So, am I still a good dog?

Friday, June 09, 2006


My M and MM are going on a holiday next week, and I'll be staying with Scuba again! I love staying with Scuba, there's always lots of food, and now with Scuba on a strict diet, Aunty S has no one else to feed, but ME! MuahahAHAHAH! The last time my M and MM went on holiday, I put on weight at Scuba's house.

They'll be away for a week, and although I'll miss them, I hope they come back with presents for me. The last time they went to Europe, they bought me a Louis Vuitton Leash. Not that I'm complaining, but food might have been better.

That's a pic of me with the collar and leash. The reason I'm looking so disgruntled is because my M has been waving the food at me for the longest of time but does not allow me to eat it.

When can I stop posing for food?

Speaking of the leash, I overheard my M telling the aunties how she bought it. They were at the LV boutique in Florence, Italy and my M approached a sales staff to ask for 'dog collar and leash'. I guess it's not a commonly asked for item coz the staff appeared puzzled. And with my M not knowing how to speak italian, she used the universal language for dog. My M went 'erm... woof?'

Apparently the staff do not understand dog talk, coz she still appeared puzzled. Luckily for my quick thinking MM, he told my M to show the staff her handphone. My pictures are in the phone and when the staff saw a handsome picture of yours truly, she went 'Ahhh...'

So to cut a long story short, they came home with this:

Since this time they're going to Japan, Aunty G said that there's lots of petshops there, so maybe they can buy something for me. Aunty G also reminded my M that 'Inu' is 'Dog' in Japanese, so that she need not go 'woof woof' towards the sales staff.

Oh well, if all else fails, there's always my gorgeous photo.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I love baking!

Not me baking... but the humans. Coz hopefully I get to eat the 'rejects'. I was staying over at Scuba's house on Saturday and Aunty V and Aunty S were making dog cookies in preparation for Scuba's birthday. I don't know why they started so early when Scuba's birthday is only at the end of the month. Maybe it's just in case that the cookies don't turn out well and they can try again. But I'm not complaining, more baking means more food for me!

Me and Scuba were literally supervising the baking of the cookies, hanging around the kitchen to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and to make sure that the kitchen floor stays clean. Hygiene is extremely important in a kitchen, and we were ready to sweep up any dropped food.

Aunty V and Aunty S made alphabet cookies... and look at all the 'h' ... for herbie!

h is for herbie, handsome, hilarious, humble...

Of course there's more than h... I've got all the letters for my name!


All my friends got the sample of their names too. Come to think of it, I get the most, coz my name has 6 letters. Poor Jack and Joey, they only get 4 biscuits each! *sniggers*

I wonder if I can change my name to Herbielotsoflettersinmyname.... hmmm...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nothing can come between us

I've a newfound partner, or rather, competitor, in my quest for food. Scuba has been putting on weight and Aunty S decided to put him on a strict diet, so he's like forever hungry now. He has now joined me more often in begging for food, mainly looking for every opportunity to go into the kitchen.

We have decided, nothing can come between us and food, not even balls bouncing on our heads.

Partners in crime

Speaking of which, can someone call the SPCA? We're getting abused here. I wonder who's the lousy cameraman, did not even manage to shoot the abuser in action as proof. By the way, what I meant as abuse, is not because a ball was thrown on our heads, it's because THAT ball was bounced on our head. That ball is Tommy's newest toy, and he's been holding it in his mouth, soaking it with his saliva the whole day. It's wet and icky, and it's being bounced on our heads... that in my opinion, is traumatic, and therefore constitutes as abuse.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Interview me!

I’ve been recently interviewed by this local pet website, and the good news (at least for me) is that they’re gonna send me freebies, which includes food! I hope it’s not going to be kibbles coz I’m very sure my M will be donating the kibbles away, since I am ‘allergic’ to most, if not all brands of kibbles.

They are now offering free membership, and I think members can get discounts at certain online and offline pet stores. Check out their webbie for more details!

Hmm, I wonder if I will get commission for this. Some drumsticks would be nice…