Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where's my sister?

Something very strange happened recently. One day, my M and MM went out with my baby sister...

... and they came back with a baby brother!

I think they traded my baby sister in for a new brother coz my baby sister was pulling out her own hair so much that she became half bald and quite ugly.

Half bald baby sister

I better not shed more fur then I can afford to lose, otherwise they may trade me in for a labrador too!!

Can someone help me find my baby sister?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby's 1st Barkday!

How time flies, my baby sister just had her 1st barkday on Sunday, but the humans celebrated it early for her on Saturday.

Of course, I had to be around to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Like checking out the decorations.

I think the balloons are a little crooked

I wonder if the food's gonna be up to standard...

I must say the cake looks very nice, but I wasn't given any coz it has chocolate, and alcohol in it. :(

The barkday girl was pretty knocked out by the end of the party and actually fell asleep! What a lousy host!

She didn't even wake up when there was a human change.

Luckily I was still going strong, checking out everyone if there's still food left... I mean, if they had a good time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scuba the living backdrop aka Bullying the Bully

Last weekend, my M carted the whole portable backdrop to Scuba's house for a shoot. Scuba, as the host, was the most co-operative. The humans just plonked him in the middle and he didn't even attempt to move away, so he was featured in EVERY photo.

So he had photos taken with Tommy...

with J&J...

and with me!

My M said I have a goofy grin but I thought I just looked handsome.

And since Scuba was being so co-operative, the humans decided to put the babies on him.

Tommy's baby brother so liked being on Scuba that he would climb up on Scuba on his own. There must be something about Scuba's ears coz all the babies seem to like to pull it.

Tickle ears

My baby sister was not very happy to be on Scuba coz she wanted to crawl around but the humans keep putting her back. Look how grouchy she looks!

The humans wanted us to take a group picture but gave up in the end coz we were all too excited to sit still. They said there'll be a round 2.

I hope they don't get the babies to sit on ME.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doggieshoot - Me Behind the Scene

We had a very successful round 2 of photoshoot, collecting a total of $760. Including other personal donations, re-orders and the last round of shoot in June, the total stands at $3080! Thanks to all the doggies and helpers and doners for making this successful!

And here's some 'behind the scene' shots of me... and the rest of the people.

Look at the Men in Black!

Look at what they have to do to get the dog's attention! Uncle Chris will make an excellent dog in my opinion!

My M didn't take any nice pictures of me but luckily Uncle Nicholas was there to save the day! He took nice pictures of me....

trying to be the Big Head Dog....

trying my best trick.... food on the nose!

and of course, me at my natural best... looking handsome!

But my M wants me to take to take what Uncle Nicholas calls, my Casanova Shot.

Getting ready...

Casanova me!

There might be more BTS shots after Uncle Chris sorts thru everything.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's happening?

What are all of them looking at?

Oh... it's bath day for the toys...

PS: My M took this pic of drooly me this morning at the park. And I have grass stuck to my drool too! Strangely all the humans ran away from me. I wonder why...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Drool boy!

Check out drool boy! The boy with drool on the nose!

When I run too much, I tend to drool a lot. The other day at the park, a guy commented to my M that she should bring me to a vet coz I had drool hanging down my lips. He has a non-drool dog (I think it was a small silky/ yorkie type?). My M thought it was quite funny coz he has not seen worse drool cases than mine.

On a separate note, thanks to everyone for the photoshoot support. All slots have been booked!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Charity Doggieshoot - Round 2!

Hey everypup! Due to the good response we had last weekend for the doggieshoot (we collected a total of $2130!), the organisers have decided to do it again next week!

They'll open up Sat 11 Jul for bookings and if there's enough response, they'll do it on Sun 12 Jul as well. However, if there is not enough bookings, the shoot will be cancelled and the money paid will be refunded (unless you still want to donate to Charmaine).

Charges are:
$30 for 1 layout and 2 digital files.
$50 for 2 layouts and 5 digital files

Extra digital file at $10 each
Additional layout at $20 each
Maximum 2 dogs, if you have more than 2 dogs, additional dog at $10 each.

Please note that this is for CHARITY, and ALL proceeds will go to the family. Bookings are confirmed with payment. Changes subject to slot availability. No refunds (except in the case of shoot cancelled due to not enough bookings)

Please email your preferred time slots or any enquiries to

PS: Please feel free to cross-post this to any other dog forums

Here are some sample pics taken over the weekend!

Help spread the word!