Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy 7th Barkday to me!

So sorry for the lack of updates... life has been pretty routine, until now....

I'm official 7 years old today!  But my M celebrated my barkday a day earlier last night and we asked nice Aunty J from Pawlicious to design my barkday cake for me.  Of course part of the reason was because I wanted Milly to be here too.  It's not easy to find a dog that I like who likes me back too.

Look at the pretty cake Aunty J made!

And look, she made a mini-me!  Doesn't it look like me?  She said she had to stalk my M's facebook for my photos to get inspiration.  I've got my own personal stalker now!~ See, she even made my chest furrier because I do have a lot of fur on my chest.

 Check out my puffy chest!

Look how pleased I am with the cake.  The humans had a hard time trying to get me to sit still to take a photo because I kept running around circling the cake or trying to steal licks. Luckily all the other dogs were kept in the kitchen first, otherwise there will be total chaos and I'll be busy pawtecting my cake from thieves.

Of course, we had to do the singing bit too. See how my sister has strategically positioned herself to blow my candles?  Well... I don't mind the blowing part since I can't anyway, as long as she doesn't try to steal my cake.

Stealing pieces of MY cake....
And being fed...

Look how everyone is looking intently at the cake being cut... either that or they were planning plastic surgery for their noses.

Hurry up with the cutting please.... we're all waiting!

I hope you're not planning to eat MY cake.

I had a wonderful time.  Thanks to everyone who came and gave me presents too!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Howl-loween!

It's the scary time of the year and Bully's owner, who have recently opened a pet bakery called Pawlicious selling very yummy and artistic customized cakes, invited us over for a doggie Howl-loween Pawty.

Look at the very authentic skull cake she baked for the humans!

More human food...

And then look at the scary doggie version of the cakes, complete with a gravestone deco.

And the not so frightening looking doggie pizza

Of course, nothing is as scary as the doggie ghouls of Howl-loween!

And I think I should be the scarriest one

My baby brother totally failed at being scary.

Here's all the doggies waiting for the food.

And loitering around the tables...

I hope we didn't spook you too much! I'm still a goofy golden under the ghostly sheet.  And that's my new found best friend, Millie the Miniature Bull Terrier.  Look how lovingly she is gazing at me...


PS: The photos were all taken by Bully's mum.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Home photos

My M thought that since she took home studio photos of my baby sister when she was a kid, she'd better do the same for my baby brother as well.  It's a wonderful Saturday and what better things to do then to take nice photos of us? (M: Actually, there ARE better things to do! Taking photos of kids AND dog is a test of patience!)

ANYWAY!  Let's move on to the pics, shall we?

Here's one with my siblings.  My baby brother kept trying to crawl away so my sister had to hold him back.  You can see he's not quite happy.

He's much happier trying to check out my handsome face.

Stop trying to inspect my teeth!


It was indeed tiring to take photos. I only had a short rest before it was my sister's turn to have her way with me.

Can you spot the similarities between us?

Like I said, it was tiring taking photos.  So me and my sister had a rest after all that posing.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am part of the weekly rollerblading lessons!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Helios the Flycatcher

What is a dog to do when he is bored while waiting for his sister to finish her rollerblading lessons?  Well, catch some flies of course!

Don't tell my M that I managed to catch and eat one.  She's trying to pretend not to know.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Can you see us? We are all resting in our own corners

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waiting for crumbs

Finally the time has come again, the time when babies start on biscuits with wobbly fingers and dropped crumbs and biscuits.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Good Friday at the Beach

It's been almost a year since my last trip to the beach and since last Friday was a holiday, my sister said she hasn't been to the beach for a long time.  My M was hesitating whether she wants to bring us to the beach because of all the stuff she'll have to lug for 2 kids, 2 adults and a dog...  shampoos, towels, drinks, toys etc etc

I told her she can leave the towels and shampoos behind... and the kids too.  I was glad she took my suggestion and decided to leave my baby brother at home and not bring my shower stuff.... until she told me she made an appointment for me with the nearby groomer immediately after the beach trip. =_=''

Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

I was soooooo happy to be at the beach that I made a beeline for the water as soon as I was unleashed.

Here I come!!!!!!

Even though my friends didn't come (Scuba hates the water, Jack and Joey's owner was going for a pedicure...), I had fun all on my own as well.

No one to take my toy!

My sister had fun building her sandcastle while I swam....

Ran after my toy....

Shook myself dry...

And rolled on the sand...

Shall I play with you again?

Or should I just crush you instead?

I was a contented boy....

to be finally back at the beach....

Until it was time for the groomers

Look at my totally dejected face.  It's the only photo my M took of me at the groomers coz after that they went for lunch (without me!!!) while waiting for me to be done.

I'm not sure if one hour at the beach is a good trade off for one hour at the groomer.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost lost

Something exciting happened last night at Scuba's house.... I was almost lost!  But since I am still blogging, I'm sure you realize that I was found too.  Anyway I was lost for like only 30 seconds.

What happened was, we were all ready to leave Scuba's house.  My MM went down to drive the car over first.  They pressed the lift, which was just right outside the main door and were wearing their shoes when they realized they forgot something. (not me obviously)

So my sister went into the house to look, my M carried my baby brother and stood at the door to look, and I was behind her when the lift door opened so I decided to hold the lift for them.  Unfortunately, I forgot I have no hands so the door closed.  My M turned around to see the lift on the way down and asked 'Where's Helios?', only to realize that I was not with them and the next logical thought would be I went down with the lift.

I must say, Aunty V's daily gym visits proved to come to good use as she ran down 6 flights of stairs to the ground floor to get me.  My MM said he saw me looking bewildered at the lift landing but did not dare to call out to me as he was at the car park and he worried that I might run towards him and get run over by a car.

At the same time, I was going around the lift landing looking for everyone because I could hear Aunty V calling my name but I can't see her.  When I finally saw her, I ran to her and got promptly leashed up.  And everyone got a lecture from my MM not not keeping an eye on me.

I was sorry that everyone got nagged because of me.  I pawmise I will try to remember not to run into the lift alone again, and my sister has been tasked to ensure that I do not go into the lift alone.

Safe and sound at home

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New bed

No, I did not get a new bed. I AM the new bed.

Falling asleep on my job

Well, at least one of us is happy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Waiting for my head rub