Thursday, November 29, 2007

My poor dinner

Last night, my poor dinner suffered horribly before it got eaten.

My M made a boo boo over my dinner. She was cooking my dinner, it was boiled pork with carrots. When the soup boiled, she thought she'd better turn the fire off and let my dinner cool before feeding me.

Later my MM called my M to look at the pot.

The pot looks like this after they took out my dinner.

Apparently my blur M turned the knob the wrong way. Instead of turning the fire off, she turned it to the highest.

So my dinner look like this.

That was the last packet of meat, so my M said sorry. I say nevermind, I still eat, charcoal good for tummyaches anyway. (PS: chao tar means burnt in the hokkien dialect)

My M felt bad so when we visited Scuba later, she asked Aunty S to give me 1 chicken breast. That one didn't taste so charcoalie.

I hope I won't get to eat chacoal dinner so soon again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All grown up!

My MM finally decided to throw away my crate, the one I flew here in. He was packing up the room and decided that it's taking too much space. But before they threw it away, they made me go in for remembrance's sake.

When I initially arrived, I could still sleep comfortably in it.

Look how much I've grown! The crate is now uncomfortable for me. I can't even turn around properly and my back is almost touching the roof. Luckily they only made me stay there to take a peekture. I cannot imagine having to sleep in there now.

I'm glad now I have a bigger area to sleep in.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Silly me?

My M is calling me a silly boy again, and I don't know why. She's been going around telling all the aunties how silly I have been. Apparently I was silly because I jumped out of the car.

What happened was, last week, after the car was parked, my M realised that she can't open the door on my side because there was a pillar blocking the door, so she opened the car door on the other side for me. The car owner of the next car happen to be in his car at that time.

But there was a small box blocking my way, and I thought and thought and thought how I should get past that box. And I suddenly have a bright idea, I shall jump OVER that box!

So I took a GIANT leap....

... and banged my head on the other car just as I was landing. It wasn't very painful but there was a loud noise. The other car owner came out to see if we did something to his car, so my M said apologetically, "Sorry, my dog jumped over and knocked into your car." The man smiled wryly and went back into his car.

So because of that I am now a silly boy. But I thought it was a grand idea at that time! Wasn't it?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More on famous me!

Aunty YL sent me an email, she walked by this shop and saw my name!

I have a network media player named after me! Which got my M thinking.... I could have a whole new lifestyle with ME, ME, ME!

If I want to move, I can buy a new house from Helios Realty.

Maybe they will get me Helios Residences right here in Singapore, or maybe I can move to Cyprus and stay at Helios Court Apartments, or instead of just residences and apartments, I can get a whole city, called Helios City!

Helios City

I can decorate my new house with Helios Furniture and Helios Carpet, watch doggie shows on my Helios DVD...

... and sipping my coffee

Or maybe I don't want to move so far away, I can just take a holiday on my very own airplane!

Helios Airways

Unfortunately, I think my airplane crashed somewhere. Maybe a yatch would be safer.

I can even watch seagulls on my Helios binoculars on the way!

And watch the time pass by on my Helios watch...

I could go to Helios Spa & Resort in Bulgaria....

Or to my swanky hotel in France

And I wonder if my restaurant in Japan will deliver my bones worldwide.

If I ever get sick, I can get medicine from my pharmacy

Now, if only I can find a dog toy company called Helios, that'll be pawfect!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Balancing Act

My M says I have now graduated from funny things on head to funny things on nose. Now I have to eat breakfast from my nose. I'm still trying to catch them in mid-air but most of the time I miss. My M says I am a very good boi!

Then she decided I'm so good, I should do a funny things on nose AND head.

Don't I look very serious doing the balancing act? My M says next time she will try bigger things. I wonder if chicken is considered a big thing.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I like running!

I love to run, sometimes when my M brings me down for my toilet break, I get so happy after I peed and pooped that I start running around in frenzied circles.

So over the weekend, my M took peek-tures of me running.

Happy me!

Flying ears!

I know this looks like I caught the frisbee in mid-air, but sadly, I have not reached that stage yet. I was just running and flipping my head as I was running AFTER i got the frisbee. But I'm sure I'll learn to catch it in the air!


And I met up with my brother Casper again. He is very funny, I tell you. Because his humans are not free to bring him to the park, my M took him to the park first. I think it was the first time he went away alone from his family and he was a little worried, so he whined AND growled at the same time in the car. I don't know how he did it, he just went "whine~~~ grrr......"

Anyway, after a little while at the park he started warming up, and we had fun playing.

See, he's so happy that you can't even see his eyes! And notice that we're holding paws?

A lot of people were surprised we're brothers because our color is so differnt. But one couple said they sort of wondered why we have the same expression (that was before my M told them we were brothers).


I hope Casper will visit the park more often with me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Famous me!

I am getting more and more famous, and more and more people are using my name.

After having a condo-minimum named after me, I realised there's a brand of bicycle frame also named after me!

And snowball also said there's a type of therapy named Heliotherapy!

There was even a NASA research project called Helios

Uncle Ndroo pointed out that there's a camera lens called Helios too!

With so many businesses using my name, do you think they should pay me for the use of my name? How about a BIG basket of toys, or 6 months supply of food?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scawie Ronald

2 weeks ago, my M and MM took me out, and I met a scawie, scawie man. He's HUGE and BRIGHT and he just sits there and look at me. He was so scawie that I was crouching down with my tail tucked in. I won't even go near him when the cute girls sitting next to him tried to entice me over.

Big, scawie man

I later found out that he's called Ronald, and a lot of kids like him. Don't they find him scawie? Anyway, my M and MM went back to see Ronald without me on Sunday, and this time he moved!!! My MM said most likely I'll have a heart attack if I see Ronald. This Ronald is evil, he attacks my heart!

Evil Ronald

My M decided I have to overcome my fear of Ronald, so she took me back to see the non-moving Ronald yesterday.

Do I have to stay here with scawie, evil Ronald?

And to make it a more pleasant experience and to make me forget I'm scared, my M indulged me with I-Scream from Ronald's shop. Strange but I wasn't screaming, so why is it called an I-Scream?

I wasn't screaming?

The I-Scream was very nice and I wanted more of it, but there's none left except for the cone.

Can I have MORE?

My M said no, because she's afraid I'll get a tummyache. But she made me balance the cone instead.

After that nice cone from Ronald, I decided he's not so scawie anymore. I'm a brave boi now!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bye Bye, Ginger

Scuba's sister Ginger has gone to live with their dad and my big brother Herbie over at the rainbow bridge. She was suffering from end stage kidney and liver failure, and Scuba's mum had to make her go to sleep after staying a wonderful 11 years with them.

Although Ginger doesn't really like it, she's the only cat that lets me sniff her butt sometimes. I think I will miss her butt.

Well, I guess she'll be having loads of chat with my big brother herbie.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Training Started

Training for 'funny things on head' has started for me. Lessons are random, depends on my M's mood, but it's short. Each lesson is only about 15 seconds.

But 15 seconds feel like 15 years when it's food on my head.

When can I eat it? It's been like YEARS!

My M says she will try funny things on nose next.

If my big brother herbie can do it, so can I!