Friday, March 25, 2011

Another baby sister?

I was at Scuba's house yesterday, and all the aunties were asking me if I'd like to have another baby sister. Isn't ONE baby sister enough to torture me already? Why do I need another?

Instrument of torture

Then Aunty G said if I wanted a CANINE baby sister. Now that's a whole different story altogether. With 2 dogs against 1 baby, we'll win 8 paws down!

It turns out that there might be a 7 month old female GR up for adoption and my M and MM are thinking of popping down for a look. My M in particularly, would like to see if it's my big brother Herbie reincarnated since the psychic had told her Herbie might be reborn anytime after July 2010. So counting the months, it's a possiblity this 7 month old could be Herbie. But my M was wondering, can Herbie get reincarnated as a GIRL? Anyway, Aunty G said that Herbie gets mistaken for a girl all the time anyway when he was alive.

So if the 'feeling' is right, I may get a new sister!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help the animals of the Japan Tsunami/ Earthquake

While help has been directed to helping the poor Japanese people affected by the terrible disaster from all over the world, we must not forget our furry friends as well. They must be equally lost, scared and displaced.

Here is a touching video of a dog who refuses to leave his canine friend.

Here is an English translation of the voiceover exchange between the two reporters in the clip (translation courtesy of Toshiyuki Kitamura):

We are in Arahama area. Looks like there is a dog. There is a dog. He looks tired and dirty. He must have been caught in the tsunami. He looks very dirty.

He has a collar. He must be someone's pet. He has a silver collar. He is shaking. He seems very afraid.

Oh, there is another dog. I wonder if he is dead.


Right there. There is another dog right next to the one sitting down. He is not moving. I wonder. I wonder if he is alright.

The dog is protecting him.

Yes. He is protecting the dog. That is why he did not want us to approach them. He was trying to keep us at bay.

I can't watch this. This is a very difficult to watch.

Oh. Look. He is moving. He is alive. I am so happy to see that he is alive.

Yes! Yes! He is alive.

He looks to be weakened. We need to them to be rescued soon. We really want them rescued soon.

Oh good. He's getting up.

It is amazing how they survived the tremendous earthquake and tsunami. It's just amazing that they survived through this all.

These two dogs were lucky to be rescued, but there are many more out there needing help.

Worldvets is a international veterinary aid organization providing ongoing veterinary programs in 28 countries worldwide as well as disaster response for animals. They are now collecting donations for medication for the animals in Japan. Please help to donate, no amount is too small.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest JD

New responsibility added to my job description:


Will that mean a pay increase as well?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Terrorizing Pepper

Me and my baby sis.... we make a good tag team.

But I don't think Pepper shares the same view as us.

I don't know why I'm so unpopular with dogs AND cats. I don't like some dogs, but I LOVE cats. They should love me back, doncha think?

My M says it's got something to do with my 'lack of respect for personal space' when I was trying to climb on her and stick my nose in her face. I wonder what she meant...