Saturday, March 31, 2007

More work for me

Well, Helios toilet training isn't going as smoothly as my M had hoped. Apparently that little guy has got a BIG bladder and he could hold his pee for at least 4-5 hours if he wants to. Every half hour or so after meals and waking up, my M will bring him to the toilet and keep him in there for 5 minutes in the hope that he will pee, but instead he ended up napping or playing instead. So she has to carry him back into either the room or the crate because she's afraid he will pee enroute. He does have a habit of peeing like 5 seconds after being let out of the toilet when it's been hours since his last pee.

So my inept M has to get ME to help toilet train Helios. She decided to fill him with water. She'll cook extra soup for our meals so that he can slurp it all up. I think it's such a waste to use all that soup for toilet training purposes. I could have made better use for them.

Anyway, she'll then pen him in the toilet and start playing with him to make him excited enough to pee. Of course, she's always not good enough so she had to ask me to play with Helios to make HIM excited enough to pee.

So there were the 3 of us, in a tiny toilet, horsing around with my M making weird squealing noises. And she calls ME a pig! HA!

I am glad to say that because of moi, Helios peed like 30 seconds after we started playing. And my M got so excited she was praising him like crazy, jumping up and down, clapping, waving her arms in the air and squealed some more. I don't see she ever getting that excited about ME peeing. It's just pee, what's the big deal?

My M now thinks it's a swell idea to lock us 3 in the toilet everytime she thinks Helios bladder might be full. I think I'll have to spend my time working and entertaining one big and one little loony instead of having my beauty sleep.

Sigh, I hope I'm gonna get paid for all this.

My bladder's burstin'

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome Pack

Being the nice big brother that I am, I have decided to let Helios have his own little space when he wants to write anything, and I'm sure he has lots to say and people to thank... so... here's the little kiddo


Ello... Helios here... I wanna thank eberybody for welcoming me here. I'm getting used to my new surroundings here. Aunty G and Aunty W even gave me presents to welcome me. But I don't like Aunty G's wrapping, it makes a lot of loud noise. But I like what is inside the wrapping.

Loud wrapper

My M opened up the wrapping for me because I don't wanna go near it.

and this is what I got.... the white furry bone bone is from Aunty W.

I like the furry bone bone

And the other toys as well. I like big orange ball from Aunty G.

And I like the family photo. Herbie says that my M doesn't want her face to be on internet, so we made it blurry. I think if I lick the photo enough it will become blurry.

And I got scolded by Herbie this morning. He was chewing on chew hoof and I want to chew too, so I want to take from him, then his muzzle twitch. I thought his muzzle was itching so I ignored him, so I continue to go near, then he got angry and scolded me. I think I don't want to go near Herbie when he is chewing.

(M: Herbie is very food possessive. I was sitting there and I saw his muzzle twitching but I didn't want to stop him because I wanted Helios to learn not to disturb Herbie when he's eating. Sometimes it's good to have an older dog teach the young ones some manners.

That's all I have to say for now... because I am very sleepy now.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pee Report... and others

As of this morning, we have a very clean kitchen, because my M was mopping it at 5am, thanks to Helios who decided that the kicthen is the toilet instead of the toilet is the toilet.

He pee-ed about 5 times in the kitchen, and once on the carpet in ths study room. My M can't catch him before he squat down and by the time she scooped him up in mid pee, he'd already emptied his bladder or the pee all went back in. So when she deposited him on the papers, he just sat there wagging his tail looking jolly happy.

So my M let him out, and 2 seconds later he pee-ed another puddle on the kitchen floor again. I tell you, he sure has a lot of pee for a small dog!

And while in the crate last night, he was fidgeting, turning around, thumping his tail and I can't get a good night's sleep. Doesn't help that the crate took up a huge portion of the floor which used to be MY sleeping area too. So my M woke up at 4am because she was afraid he'll wet his bed, and because of all the thumping.

Well, after all the excitement and early wake up call, I'm glad to say that Mr Helios is finally resting.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On site news report! And pictures added!

Helios has arrived, with his brother Casper this evening at 7pm. This is the latest news report fresh from the oven!

To add on: Latest pictures!

Helios is a very active little boy, and very hungry too! He wolfed down all his dinner, not leaving even a single kibble behind. And he kept wanting to play as well. So far he seems to be adapting well. Here's some pictures for now...

Chewing on a new toy, with a resigned me

Playing with my MM's hairy leg

Adoption Drive

For those of you who are looking to adopt a dog, (not me! I'm not for adoption even tho Helios is coming!) please support the Daevy Adoption Drive. Details here:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Single Dog

It's my last day in a single dog family, my last night in a single dog household. Helios will arrive tomorrow.

But I'm sure I'll still be equally loved. I just hope that he doesn't disturb me too much from my beauty sleep, and take away my portion of treats!

Counting down the hours now....

Thursday, March 22, 2007


In anticipation of the arrival of Helios and the chaos (read: destroyed home) that would follow, my M went to the departmental store and bought a babygate that was on promotion. She was thinking that Helios can be kept away in the kitchen if she has to run out for errands, thus minimising any potential damage.


Something funny happened after my M bought the gate and was on the way home. A lady ran up to my M and asked if the gate is for dogs and where did my M get it and the price. Of course my M shared the information with her, but not without wondering why the lady naturally assumed that it'll be for dogs and not babies. And she's not the only one who made this assumption, as I shall explain further later.

Anyway, back to the gate. I don't know if my M was dumb, (she'd rather put the blame on the manufacturer's instructions), but she can't get the gate to stay put. She thought that it might be a lousy gate since it's on promotion, so she took it back to the store again for an exchange.

The very nice salesgirl there told my M that it's impossible that the gate would be so flimsy as they have tested it before, and proceeded to show my M how to fix it. It turned out that my lousy M had tried to fix it the wrong way all this while. AND the salesgirl also asked if the gate is for dogs. Why didn't anyone think that my M may have a baby at home?? (M: Ahem, because I look too young to be a mother? Hiak hiak hiak...)

Oh Puh-leeeze!

Anyway, my M insisted that it's not her fault. She followed the instructions and this is what it said:


Note point 2, which said while holding the gate with the locking bar toward you, lift the locking bar and slide the locking pin into the slot that matches the opening size.

This is what the locking bar and pin looks like:

So this is what my M did, not too sure if you can see it clearly in the video.

She 'lifted' the locking bar, slide the pin into the slot and with just a push, the whole thing toppled.

When in fact she should be doing this:

Which is to totally unclasp and lift the wooden bar up.

In the end, because of her stupidity, I mean the manufacturer's stupidity, she had to make a wasted trip to the store and make a fool out of herself. And the cost of the babygate, which was $29.90, is now $45 after including the return cab fares for the 2 trips.

My only wish now is that if the babygate is made to keep Helios in the kitchen, then I want to be locked in there with him.

I'm separated from all those food!

Will someone please let me into the kitchen?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Flight Delay

Sad to say, that Helios will not be coming on 23 March as expected. Apparently the flight that he was supposed to be taking will now be transporting dry ice on 23 March, and because dry ice is toxic to animals (it gives out carbon dioxide), the airplane can't transport animals. So it'll be another 4 more days before he can fly over.

My M is now hoping that something will happen to the dry ice so that the airline need not transport it anymore.

Can someone make it melt?

Friday, March 16, 2007

New bowls!

Well, with the impending arrival of Helios, my M had to get a new bowl for him, and she decided to upgrade my current bowl to a bigger sized one as well! I guess bigger sized means more food! (M: Fat hope! Bigger sized means you won't be sloshing your soup all over the mat)

Darn! Anyway, she decided to paint our bowls. I think my bowl is nicer than Helios. :รพ

So here's the bowls... and don't think my M drew this on her own. She copied the picture of the dog from some comin books and did some background changes, like added the bed and the bones, the house, the ball.... the 'easier' things to draw.

Mine.... dreaming of food...

Helios... she can't decide if he loves food or toys

Which bowl do you think is nicer?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Counting Down

It'll be another 10 days or so before Helios arrives. It seems that my baby brother is quite a character. May I quote the breeder:

"Yes he is a thinker, always thinking of what mischief he can get up to!!! He loves food and toys "

Now what else can I do that's fun?

"The pups have been have a training session each day. Sometimes it is lead training and other times it is grooming. Mr Helios can throw an bit of a tantrum if he doesn't want to do something and sulks! He is getting better. All the puppies are doing with the lead training sessions is learning to walk on the lead without jumping up and down and squealing (which sometimes Helios still does!!). "

Pouty boy

"They were VERY naughty last night :) Helios was the first one caught but the other three were naughtier! We planted a lemon tree in the dog yard a few months ago and to protect it while it is young it has four steel posts and wire around it. Last night when I went over to put them away for the night there was Helios sitting inside the wire and the other three running around teasing him. I got him out and told him he was naughty and went into the shed to wash their dishes and get thier bedtime biscuit. When I came out Helios was sitting by the shed door being a good boy and the other three had got under the wire and were setting about destroying the tree. They were told off and put to bed."

The trouble makers...

Looking for more trouble?

Actually, the humans have been saying that Helios look like Tommy when he's looking serious.
This is the closest 'serious' picture I have of Tommy:

Do they look alike?

The humans have already started making fun of me by saying that the next time we go out together, strangers are going to think that Tommy is the Dad, I'm the Mum and Helios is the baby. Grrr....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pawsitively Divine!

Aunty S (of the grumoy Ewan, not the usual Aunty S) told my M about her friend who's doing Canine massage therapy and my M agreed to let me try it out, so off we went to visit Aunty Zoe at her house.

Aunty Zoe is a certified canine massage practitioner who learnt her skill from Petmassage Institute and has used her magic touch on dogs while she was in california. Now that she's moved back to Singapore, I get to benefit from it. Hiak hiak hiak...

Apparently the massage is like acupressure, good for enhancing circulation, relaxation, pain relief and also helps injured dogs heal both physically and emotionally! There's even specialised massage for dogs with respiratory problems or hip dysplasia!

Aunty Zoe found out from my M about my medical history, ie: if I have any health problems before commencing. I'm sooooo glad tho that I am a VERY healthy boy so I just went for the relaxation massage.

Aunty Zoe massaged my head....


my eyes....


my paws....


My gums.... just a sidenote, Aunty Zoe said that I have good teeth for a dog my age *wriggles in joy*


My ears.... can you tell that I'm almost chilling out by now?


It was totally relaxing, so much so that I didn't want it to end.

If I pretend to fall asleep, will they just continue the massage?

Even Benny, Aunty Zoe's corgi, tried his paws at massaging me.

A little to the left please...

He was so good I told him he should be Aunty Zoe's full time assistant! I think Benny was quite surprised that I think he's good. Hee Hee

I think Benny's pretty happy with me being pretty happy, so we just chilled out after the session.


If anyone would like to find out more about Aunty Zoe's wonderful massage, there's more information at her webbie on Pawsitive Sensations.

I think I shall go bug my M to make my next appointment. With the arrival of Helios, I really do think I need loads of massage to help me relax.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beach Again

ok, so the photos are finally sorted.... so here it goes...

On this trip, my M and MM decided to go into the water as well, so they decided to try luring me into swimming voluntarily. Well, I don't like swimming, but I don't mind standing in the water as long as my paws can still touch the ground. The waves were big and the tide was high that day.

So I just stood there initially...

Feet touching ground, water at a respectable height

But then the tide started getting higher....

Water getting into my eyes!

Feet still touching ground, but I'm gonna drown soon

Just as I decided to turn around and save myself...

Better leave before I drown

They did a most despicable thing!

Dried treats!

I told them to bring it nearer for me, but they wouldn't hear of it.

I... can't.... reach....

And I was getting nervous because I felt a pair of eyes behind eyeing MY treat.

Joey: Are you gonna eat it or not?

Joey: I'm coming to get it if you don't want it!

Joey: Hurry up, make up your mind!

In the end, my MM gave up and gave me the treat. I thought I had won, until... he decided to carry me out into the sea.

Save ME!!!

Why do they have to do this EVERY time?

Well, Joey, after realising that there's no food for him, went back to playing ball.

^#&@%*( wasted my time for the treat!

Tornado Joey launching off!

And we had a few rare guests that day as well! Chewie and Lolo! Because their dad is very busy, so we seldom see them in the mornings. They usually join us for night outings so my M has very little pictures of them.

Chewie: I can finally see the Beach, during the day!

Lolo: I just caught a fish from the sea!

As for Rafv, he was initially happily swimming in the water, until a great big wave spooked him off.

I love swimming... dum di dum dum

Just as he reached dry land and was about to shake himself dry, a mini tsunami crashed into him from above.

Incoming wave!

and after that huge wave, he refused to swim. He'll brake everytime he gets near to the water.

Woah!!!! That was close!

But he really, really wanted Lolo's fish, so he ventured into the water, but only up to chest level.

Here... fishie fishie fishie...

And waited for fishie to drift into his mouth.


I sort of suspect Rafv will soon be joining the anti-swimming club.

Speaking of anti-swimming, Scuba was not let off as well.

Don't make me swimmmmmmmm

The humans tried luring him with his favourte plastic bag toy, but he refused to take the bait.

What do I look like? Mr Stupid?

After what happened the last time at the beach, Uncle M did not want to become Mr Unpopular again, so my MM volunteered to carry Scuba in.

Not again!

The bad news is, Aunty V wanted my M to take a nice shot of Scuba swimming, but just as he was dragged out into the sea, my M realised that her memory card is full, and had to run back to the bag to get a new one. So Scuba had to be dragged back to the sea again.

Why is this always happening to me?

Of course, he was much, much happier once he got onto dry land.

Better run away before I get caught again!

Tommy, as usual, was having fun frolicking in the water.




Tommy even got a brand new toy that day, but don't ask Aunty W how much she got it for. I think she got cheated and paid a higher price... hiak hiak hiak

I want that NEW toy!

Say, Tommy looks really skinny like that. Maybe I should wet my fur and lengthen myself so that everyone will think that I'm thin and start feeding me more.

*sings* Got a new toy, a new toy, a new toy

Oh, and my M has a thing about taking photos of unglam shaking dogs. So to conclude this post, here's us waving/ shaking goodbye~~

PS: In case anyone of you noticed, there's no pictures of Jack, because, Jack was doing what he was doing on every trip to the beach, which is just to sit there and look grumpy.