Monday, December 29, 2008

Belated christmas post and Happy Barkday to ME!

It's a VERY special day today, coz I'm now officially TWO!

But I celebrated my barkday with my friends earlier, on christmas eve, since the humans were also having a gathering then. My M made me a barkday cake to share with my friends, made with wholesome goodies!

*warning: loads of photos of my cake in progress!*

Fried with healthy olive oil

my minced chicken!

Even my MM helped... for like 2 minutes!

Is it ready?

The we added carrots and garlic

Some honey.... coz I'm sweeeeet

And an egg and flour

this is so exciting!

Mix 'em up and put in a tray for baking

The cake 'icing', which is actually cheese

the 'iced' cake

My name! And I'm 2!

But I can't eat it yet...

We have to go Scuba's house for the x'mas pawty and take the annual 'dogs with tree (and now babies) photo'.

Then I finally get to eat my cake. Or rather, I have to pose with it again. All my friends were kept away so that the humans can take my peekture in peace. Unfortunately, there was no more fridge space coz it's filled with human goodies so my cake was left outside and the words on my cake started bleeding.

me posing with bleeding cake

Me having the first lick at bleeding cake

Then we all got to eat the cake! Look at me chomping!


And on Christmas day, I get to open my presents! But as usual, I have to pose AGAIN!

Are we quite done yet?


Thanks to everyone for the lovely presents!!

And last night, my M cooked me a YUMMY dinner as an early barkday dinner. I got a whole piece of steak!

I want it medium-well please!

My yummy dinner!

The other part is a mix of veges, prawns, scallops, fish and some mussels. (actually leftovers from the human dinner but coz it's only cooked with herbs and no salt, I get to eat some).

My medium-well steak!

Yummy! I ate all the beef first

But I don't really like veges, and I think I'm not a mussel fan as well.

But overall, it was a very good dinner!

My M says that I'm an even BIGGER boy now coz I'm 2, so I shouldn't be so silly anymore.... but... I never thought I was silly. Was I?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Last week, my MM's brother, Uncle CH brought me out to play freeze-bee. My M said she wanted to come along to take some peektures too so the 3 of us went out for an hour of fun.

But that's not the oops part.

So I waited for the freeze-bee to land...

But that's not the oops part.

I flipped over the freeze-bee with my nose...

Bit it's still not the oops part yet.

I ran with the freeze-bee...

Still no oopsie yet although my M says I look rabbit... I thought I'm a dog?
(M: Rabid! Not Rabbit!)

Then I posed nicely with my freeze-bee...

But still no oops.

Actually the oops has got nothing to do with my freeze-bee! I'm sure I tricked you into thinking I did a oopsie with the freeze-bee! Ha ha ha!

What happened was, I think I need glasses. It was a VERY big field, and there was only Uncle CH, my M, me, and a couple with a westie. So I ran to sniff noses with the westie. As I was busy sniffing butts... I mean, noses, Uncle CH told my M that he's gonna walk further down. So he walked far far away.

So after doing my social thingy, I wanted to look for uncle CH to play more freeze-bee, and there I saw him... far far away! So I ran FULL SPEED AHEAD towards Uncle CH.

In the faint distant, I could hear my M shouting something but I can't catch what she said coz I was running so fast the wind was buzzing in my ears. I think I also heard Uncle CH shouting for me so I ran even faster. I think Uncle CH wanted to play catching with me coz he started running as well.

As soon as I caught up with Uncle CH, I jumped up at him twice. OOOOOPS! THAT is NOT Uncle CH?!!?! Where IS Uncle CH??? So I turned around and I saw Uncle CH far far away again and I ran at him FULL SPEED AHEAD!

It turned out that unknown to me, at that time while I was buzy sniffing butts, I mean, noses... a teenage boy joined the picture and he walked past us.

And later my M called me a stupid boy and started telling everyone how silly I've been.

(M: What happened was, Helios just saw a 'lone' figure walking and he assumed that it's my brother-in-law. So he started running. I was shouting "Helios! Wrong Person!!!" But I don't think he understood. My brother-in-law was also shouting Helios name in a bid to make him switch directions.

The teenage boy was actually just walking when he turned around when he heard us shout only to see a big dog running at him in full speed. Then he started running as well. Unfortunately, 2 legs cannot be faster than 4 and Helios caught up with him. Helios has ha habit of jumping on my brother-in-law to play and after 2 jumps, I think he realised he got the wrong person and he turned back.

The couple with the westie, were initially wondering if my dog was going for the kill coz they were asking each other what's happening. Until they they heard me shouting 'wrong person!', then they started laughing quietly... and laughing... and repeating 'wrong person' to each other.

Luckily we did not get a complain from the boy for letting our dog run after him. He continued walking on his way and we quickly made our escape soon after.

And THAT is my oopsie.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lesson 3

Baby: What's the next lesson?

Lesson 3: Drool is gooood....

The more you drool, the more likely you get fed. Because the humans want to stop the drool from coming.

And my baby sister is learning fast!

At this rate I'll be running out of things to teach her soon!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Lesson 2

And this is how you play with a long toy.

I think either my baby sister will have to grow a bigger mouth or use a smaller toy.