Friday, April 24, 2009

Play with me!

Me trying my best to get Joey to play with me, but I wasn't quite successful. I think he's more interested in cleaning my I have dirty ears?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Bye, Wreck!

How time flies! Soon after I arrived, my MM got rid of our Silly Car and bought a Wreck instead. I don't know why he would want to buy a wreck but luckily, we survived driving around in the wreck for almost 2 years.

(M: It's a WRX, pronounced REX! Not a Wreck!)

So on the last day of Wreck's life with us, my M decided to take photos of us together. Since my big brother Herbie is no longer around, his reincarnate (aka my baby sister) took his place.

We decided to go on one last drive with Wreck.
(PS: It's also my first and last time on the seat of the front passenger seat. My usual spot is at the back seat, or the floor of the front passanger area if the car is crowded.)

Helios: Are you sure this is safe?
Sherylyn: Tighten your seatbelt!

My baby sis seems to be quite the driver. She got all the steps right.

Let me check the rear.

Everything seems to be going smoothly...

Looking good!

Boy, was I glad to reach the end of the journey still in one piece!

Finally arrived at destination!

But strangely, how come we seemed to have ended up at the same place where we started?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally! Back to the Beach!

We finally went back to the beach again, after a break of almost 9 months! Boy was I soooo happy to be back!

Look at happy me!

I finally get a chance to play with my special floating beach ball...

MY ball!

But it did not remain mine for long... because Tommy took it... as usual..


...which he then proceed to roll over it...

But it's ok, because this time, I got HIS toy! And it's a brand new one which Aunty W just opened from the packaging!

I even made a face at him while he was not looking.

Nyah nyah nyah

Speaking of new toy, Aunty W said that they forgot to bring back Tommy's bag after they showered him at the beach. Inside were his towel, shampoo, his NEW toy and another UNOPENED toy! Some other lucky dog must have picked up his treasure. Maybe it's karma that he lost his new toys because he took mine. I must try to remember not to take other dog's toys if I want to keep my own toys then.

(M: I don't think you can stop yourself from stealing toys too.....)

Poor Scuba was once again dragged into the sea...


He was so distressed that I swam out to check out what's happening

Once he got back to shore he got a bit crazy and started jumping around. Maybe he's trying to prevent himself from being caught again.

Joey was as usual too busy swimming to care about the rest of us.

And on this trip, my baby sister, Tommy's baby brother and Aunty G's niece came along as well. So for once Jack had something else to check out besides looking stern and bored on land.

Speaking of my baby sister, it's her first time to the beach!

The humans were wondering if my baby sister is my big brother Herbie reincarnated. Coz she's almost like my big brother Herbie.

She likes the sand....

... like my big brother Herbie

She doesn't like the water...

... like my big brother Herbie

She got buried in sand...

... like my big brother Herbie

and most importantly....

She BEGS....

... like my big brother Herbie

(notice that she's the only baby staring at the food? Aunty W even said she tried to put her paw on Aunty W's lap to ask for food.)

So... is she my big brother Herbie?


Maybe she is, because my big brother Herbie gets mistaken for a girl quite often anyway.


In any case, it doesn't really matter as long as I get to have fun on the beach!

yippee to swimming!

Monday, April 13, 2009

ESP me

My M is still constantly amazed that I know when they reach home.

So here is more proof of ESP me! I'm already waiting at the door AND wagging my tail while they are still inside the lift!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

How to get rid of the baby

Almost everytime my baby sister is removed from her cell, I mean, playpen, she makes a beeline for me... or my toy.

(PS: Anyone feels that the initial background music from the TV suited the scene VERY perfectly?)

But I've finally found out the secret to getting rid of the baby!

A tongue bath will do the trick!

Oh clever me!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Plant killer

My M calls me the plant killer. She suspects that I've caused the death and replacement of several plants downstairs.

The thing is, I run when I'm happy and excited, and sometimes I jump over the bushes/ plants but there are times when I just plow through them or I don't jump high enough.

I hope that no one else finds out that I killed the plants. Maybe I could say that the cats did it?


(M: Actually I don't think it was totally Helios fault for killing the plants, because at the areas where we didn't let him run, the plants were flattened as well. Although I did think he helped to 'hasten' the demise of the plants near his area.)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Medical compensation?

Something has been bugging my M since this morning, and I'm sorta the source of it. The thing is, I got into a fight this morning.

Some dogs were barking at another dog outside the gate and I was standing there being the busybody (I wasn't barking) to check out what's happening. The next thing I knew, I was caught in a fight with one of the barking dogs (Miniature Schnauzer).

(M: One thing I know about Helios is that he's timid. Sometimes he might growl in fear when he sense a dominant big dog but he doesn't start the fight. Usually it's the other dog who will start the attack and Helios will fight back but he usually loses/ gets pinned down.)

Back to the fight this morning, the MS owner tried to stop the fight by throwing himself between us and Aunty M managed to grab me twice and pulled me away a tiny bit but the MS came charging back. It was only the 3rd grab that the MS's owner managed to grab him while Aunty M caught me.

The MS was ok, I got a slight cut on my tongue which most likely it's where I bit myself, but the owner of the MS got a wound on his arm about 2cm long which might require stitches.

(M: I felt quite bad and wondered if I should offer to pay for his medical, but then I wasn't sure if it was Helios who bit him, and I'm quite sure Helios didn't start the fight. His MS seems a little dominant as he was involved in a 'quarrel' with another MS earlier (no actual fight, just lots of sounds). The owner didn't say anything much, he was more concerned about his dog, and mentioned that his wound looks bad. I did say I'm sorry but I just stopped at that.)

It was only after he left that another eye witness said that most likely Helios bit him when he was grabbing Helios from the behind and Helios might have turned and snapped.

So now my M is wondering if she should have offered to pay for his medical bill, but would it have amounted to admitting that I was in the wrong?

(M: I feel bad that he got wounded but I don't think that it's entirely Helios fault that the fight started, especially when the MS kept coming back after they were separated.)

What do you think my M should have done?