Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 6 today! My M's gonna celebrate my birthday at the park. Expecting lots of presents. Already Aunty V has given me extra treats when I went to her house today. And Aunty G's baking my cake!

I bet there'll be photos later too.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Finally, it's the Year of the Dog! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Well, no photos this time coz my M was too lazy to lug her camera around. Anyway, last night, I went to Chinatown with Rafv, Tommy and Chewie. Our owners thought that there won't be so much people if we went late, so we drove to Chinatown after midnight. But it turned out there was a huge crush of people, so we only walked around for like 30 minutes before heading home.

It's not too bad, my first time in Chinatown. We scared a few people, but most were surprised at dogs in Chinatown. Rafv even got dragged by a couple to take photos. And a few people came up to pet us, maybe for the luck. By the time I got home, it was like 3:30am, and I had to get up at 10am again to go to my M's parents house for CNY visiting.

Well, nothing much happened, except more begging from me. Managed to sneak a few snacks in... hee hee... I also managed to scare M's niece. I wonder why, since she was ok with me last year, even patting my bum, but this year, she screamed when she saw me. *shrugs* Kids.... so unpredictable.

Luckily I managed some afternoon siesta before heading to mt MM's relative's house, which of course I got fed again. I ate so much these few days that I poo-ed three times instead od the usual once. My M said that I'm 'full of shit'. Wonder what that means.

I think that there are altogether 15 days for the Chinese New Year. Wow, if I get snacks like that for the next 15 days, I'll be a very happy dog! Better go catch up on some beauty sleep now, more visiting tomorrow!

Hope everyone have a wonderful New Year ahead!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pet Education

Ok, for those who wants my paw-tograph, I'll be holding a paw-togragh session tomorrow morning at Holy Innocents. Bring an original copy of my photo (no pirated ones please!) and I will stamp my paw on it.

Oh alright! I'm just joking! I'm not a star so there's no 'Meet the Fans' session. But I'll really be at Holy Innocents tomorrow. My M's bringing me there for a pet education programme. Not the pet being educated, I'm smart enough, I don't have to enrol in school, but to educate the students on responsible pet ownership.

With next year being the Year of the Dog, (Yeah! my year! But... is it still a dog's year if the dog is not born on the year of the dog?)Anyway... I digress. As I was saying, with next year being my year, a lot of people are worried that some people will buy a dog on impulse. Already, my M has heard of some people doing spring cleaning and dumping their dogs out with the old furniture, and buying new dogs. So we're trying to tell others that it's a lot of responsibility to look after a pet. I should know, I myself was given up my my previous 2 owners.

Pet education is not new to me. I've done a short stint a few years ago, educating some primary school children from an after-school care. My M managed to dig out some of my old photos. I know the black line across the eyes make them look like criminals, but as much as a child can be a pain at times, these are perfectly normal kids. I think my M said that we're not supposed to show their faces without their permission.

How much further are we supposed to walk?

Ohhh.... back massage! By so many hands too!

My M said she'll try to bring her camera and take some pictures of the event tomorrow. So there will be more updates soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today... and Tomorrow

Aunty Serene just old me that I got a small mention in today's Today. I wonder who put my link there... heh heh...


Also a small mention in Tomorrow


I wonder what happened to Yesterday.

Anyway, Uncle SW said I'm now famous and wants my paw-tograph. I wonder if I can trade signatures for food.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Cat Attack

Yup, you've read the heading correctly. I was attacked by a cat today as I walked back from the park. For those who do not know, I get along well with cats, in the sense that i want to play with them but they do not want to play with me. I wonder why... there was once long ago that I saw a stray cat, and did my play bow but the cat hissed at me. Well, Aunty V's cats, Pepper and Ginger, don't like to play with me too, but they're fine with me around.

Anyway, today I was just minding my own business, walking with my M along the path at the park leading to the overhead bridge, and at the side of the path were 2 kittens and a mother cat. Well, we had to walk past that path to go home, and at both sides were railings, so we can't climb over. My M even told me, "No going after kitty cats."

Well, I'm such an obedient boy, of course I obeyed. I even walked on the other side of the pavement, but one of the kittens got spooked, and ran right into my path! Of course, the protective mother cat rushed right at me and started hissing and swiping me with her claw. I was so angry at this unprovoked attack that I barked at her to back off but I don't think cats understand dog talk well.

Looking at the diagram below, the blue arrow is where the cats ran. I don't understand, there's such a big patch of grass behind. If the kitten was trying to escape, shouldn't it run AWAY from me instead of INTO my path? Cats... they only think they're smart.

Re-enactment drawing. Forgive the bad drawing... a paw can only do so much with a mouse..

My M was afraid that I'll get scratched, as a cat's claws are so much sharper, that she tried to drag me away, but that cat kept coming at me. Of course, I tried to bite back to defend myself but it's kinda difficult with a collar dragging me away. My M also tried to push the cat away with her leg, but Aunty G said that she has bad hand-eye co-ordination, coz she kept missing the cat. At one point, she managed to drag me about 0.5m away from the cat but it came charging back at me again.

Luckily, a caucasian man ran over and helped pin the cat down. I tell you, it's soooo embarrassing when my M fussed over me to check if I've been scratched. By then, Aunty G, Aunty W, Uncle M and Uncle C have ran back to see what happened (they had left a bit earlier and were at the car park). I think everyone thinks that I lost to the cat, with all the attention that my M was giving to me.

Actually, only Aunty G thought of saving me with Jack and Joey, coz she thought I was fighting with a dog. The park was a bit dark and she was a distance away, so she could not see properly. But when she realised that it's a cat that I'm fighting with, she backed off. Because Big Boss is afraid of cats.... VERY afraid. So he won't be much help in a fight. And Uncle C did not realise that I was the one involved. He just heard some angry barking and being the kpo that he is, he just came back to see the 'show'.

Oh well, I was not the worst for wear, and all the aunties came to cuddle me and scratched my head to make sure I was alright. They forget, I've drawn blood before and am perfectly capable of protecting myself. But of course, I won't pass up a good tummy rub, so I let them coo over me.

The cat was let off with a stern warning. It better not cross my path again or I'll give it a piece of my mind...

Don't cross my path!

...with a back up army of Rafv, Tommy and Scuba of course.... right guys?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mini Me

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I've adopted a mini-me. It's right down at the bottom of the page.... scroll all the way down. My M couldn't squeeze it on the side bar on the right, so it's all the way down. Feed mini-me when you're free!

Yup, that's me and mini-me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rafv & I

You know, I think Rafv likes me, although he tries not to show it, and sometimes even make fun of me.

Why do I say that? Well, with the rain coming back again, there's nothing much interesting happening these few days. I've been going to Aunty V's house the last 2 nights to play with my friends. Rafv is a very dominant dog, and he doesn't like other dogs, especially large, male ones to growl at him, make eyes at him, hump him or bump him. If you ask me, he's so uptight sometimes that he can be quite a pain in the behind. His daddy and mummy have to constantly look out for strange male dogs or schnauzers. I don't know why but Rafv just hates schnauzers. Maybe it's the beard or something.

BUT, he lets me get away with most things. I can play with him, and even make growling noises at play and he's ok. The other day, when I was eating my raw hide, he came too close and I showed him my teeth. I'm not sure if he saw it but he did not get upset. That is STRANGE coming from Rafv. And last night, my M kept putting my paw on Rafv's head, and he totally ignored it. For a moment I was afraid he'll get upset and chomp off my paw. And my M (I don't know what hidden agenda she has, putting me through such tests) poked Rafv's mouth with my paw! Well, still no reaction from him.

We're the best of friends! With fake Scuba too!

So my conclusion is.... he likes me.....

Hmm... I hope he's not gay. Rafv, your're straight, right? *worried*

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Hangout

Hey guys! I've just found a great new place to hang out! You know, I was supposed to go CNY shopping on Saturday evening but my M heard that the place we were supposed to go had not very good reviews. Apparently there were not much stalls and dogs had to be carried. Well, the last time my M carried me, she strained her back, so I don't think she's gonna carry me AND shop at the same time.

Anyway, the humans decided to try out a new place for dinner. They (and us) get sick of going to the same old places everytime. There's not much eating place we dogs can go, especially when we usually go out in such a big group.

Aunty G remembered this place called 'BottleTree Village' (what a funny name!) which serves food in outdoor setting. My M called up to confirm they allow dogs and made reservations. I think it's quite far away as it took quite long for us to reach there. The place was BIG! and we could smell the sea air. Tommy kept looking towards the sea, I think he wanted to go swim.

BottleTree Village

The food seems quite nice too (I don't really know, they did not give me any food, but my M and the aunties mentioned it) and the night breeze cooling. The humans said they will go back again.

Something funny about the waiters there... I think they have never seen us dogs before. They were standing in a group behind us and kept talking about us. Maybe we're too handsome *smirk* so they can't help but look at us.

Hope the next time rafv and Scuba could join us.

Friday, January 13, 2006


It's been a WWW... Wet Wet Week. Nothing much has been happening except rain and more rain. It's been raining since Sunday, and everyday I hope that 'Today will be a better day'. No such luck tho. I'm getting bored to tears at home. Luckily I still get to meet up with my friends the beginning of the week.

With no park, our owners have resorted to taking us for long walks after the rain has stopped at night. Aunty G said that the walks have been good for Joey's nails, they've been filed down quite nicely by the concrete, so that she need not cut them as much. I hope my M hears her. Her nail cutting skills are quite horrendous. I count myself lucky if I don't get blood half the time.

My M has been telling me to look forward to the weekend. I think they're going to bring us dogs for Chinese New Year Shopping on saturday. That's sounds like a great idea! Actually, anything sounds like a great idea after no park for one week.

I heard that they sell food there.... now excuse me while I go brush up on my begging skills... *sniggers*

Please... can I have some?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Doggy Day Care

My MM just came home and picked me up to go somewhere. He told me that he is bringing me to Aunty V's house. Seems that Aunty V felt that it's a rainy day, we dogs are bored alone at home, so why not I go over to her house to play with Scuba? Anyway the humans are going over to her place tonight for century egg and lean meat porridge. Sounds yummy, I wonder if Aunty S will cook an extra portion for me.

When I went there, Scuba has gone out with Aunty S for his toilet break. Unfortunately, I heard my MM asking Aunty V about my dinner arrangements. Darn! And I was hoping they won't say anything so that I can have 2 dinners again.

Oh, I heard the door opening! I think AUnty S is back with Scuba!! Hi Scuba yes I'm here now please excuse me for a moment while I go beg Aunty S for scraps.

Wow I love coming to Scuba's house! Got better stuff to eat! Aunty S and Aunty V just gave me yoghurt and a pork bone!

Please excuse me while I munch....

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bed Bed

Let me formally introduce you to my new bed, he's called Bed Bed. At least that's what my M calls it when she wants me on it. As it's a rainy Saturday, my M couldn't, or rather, was too lazy to go out and take pictures, so she dragged poor me and poor Bed Bed into the 'studio' for a shoot.

What? More pictures again?

I thought I was big, but Bed Bed is bigger. I could roll around on him without falling out. And controlled tests have shown that it can fit a MBT and a GR nicely.

Surrounded by Bed Bed

Although Bed Bed is very cushy and soft, I don't think I'm too used to it yet. I'll sleep on it but by the middle of the night, I start missing the floor. I don't want the floor to think that I don't like it anymore after getting Bed Bed so I try to spend some time with it as well.

Sunken in...

I hope the rain will stop soon so that my M can stop torturing me with her 'lightening', so that she can bring me to a dry park, so that we can go out. But I think that this is the rainy season, aw shucks!

What?! More rain??

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time Flies

A year has past, and I'll soon be another year older. Just to remind you guys, my birthday's on 31 Jan, so get your presents ready!

Actually, 31 Jan is not really my birthday. I don't really know the date I was born. It's kind of hard to keep track of the day and month and year when you're just a day old pup you know. My M adopted me about 3 years ago, but she was told I'm 18 months old when actually I'm much older than that. Oh well, I can't help having the perpetual puppy look.

Me about 2 years ago, don't I look good for my age!

Anyway, my second owner only had me for a week before deciding to give me up. She claims that she's afraid that I will accidentally scratch her kids when I jump. Phish! It's her loss and my gain! I'm such a gentle dog that I even let the neighbour's kid poke my ears and pull my tail! I'll never hurt a kid. My 2nd owner did not ask my first owner about my age. Actually, I don't think she knows much about dogs. I was only given a 15 min walk the whole week I was there, and I was bathed everyday! All those shampoo gave me bad fur days, and my fur became as dry as hay.

My M took me to the vet for a check up after adopting me and the vet guessed my age to be about 3 years old then. So to make things easy to remember, my M decided that my birthday shall be on 31 Jan. So after 3 years with her, I am soon going to be 6! Or so she hopes. She's praying that I'm not older than 6. Anyway, the numbers game doesn't really bother me, as long as there's food.

Last year was great, Aunty G baked me a birthday cake, and treats for all my friends as well. I heard that my M is going to ask Aunty G to bake my cake this year again. I wonder if I can ask Aunty G to bake me a 25kg cake. Imagine that.... a cake as heavy as me.... how heavenly~~
(M: No way you're getting a 25kg cake. Imagine the tummyache you're gonna have once you eat that up! And who'll be the one cleaning up after you?)

Oh shucks... you can never blame a dog for wishing right? Maybe if I just whisper very softly into Aunty G's ears, my M will never find out.

Yummy cake!

As with tradition, the birthday dog gets first lick.

Shall I attack from here.... or here?

As usual, most of my presents were food. I wonder what will I get this year. Maybe I shall have a wish list:

- a 25kg birthday cake
- No to Tommy's old rope toy!
- Or to new rope toys
- New leash and collar to match my Gucci top
- Or new LV top to match my leash and collar
- Dried treats
- Food
- Food
- Food
- Food
- And so on and so forth...

Ok guys, so you know what I want now. Why are you still sitting in front of your computer! Go SHOPPING!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beach Boys!

It was another public holiday (public holidays? Aren't everyday a holiday?) on Monday so our owners all decided to pack us off to the beach. So off to sentosa we went, early in the morning. My M and MM almost could not wake up. I was supposed to meet my friends at 9am but they were still asleep at 8:15am!! Luckily my M managed to wake up in time, but not without complaining that I woke her up at 4am to poo. Actually, I woke her up to remind her to go to the beach but since she brought me down for toilet, I might as well carry on with my business right?

Anyway, it started to drizzle a bit on our way there, and I was worried for a while. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we arrived. I had fun frolicking in the sand and even attempted to go into the water. Actually I only wanted to play with Tommy but he keeps going into the water so swim so I had no choice but to follow him in. Jack and Joey won't play with me and Scuba was too busy worrying about the waves to play.

I've got sand in my nose!

Running after Tommy

Scuba later managed to find a stick and was busy playing with it. Actually, I don't think 'stick' is the correct word. That thing is more like a branch!

Blowing his own trumpet

He was so happy with his find that he went a bit crazy, running and jumping around for joy.

Erm... anything think we should call a doc?

Maybe Rafv thinks he has gone too crazy and decided to calm him down.... but stuffing his head in his mouth. That's a mighty weird way of quieting someone down.

I wonder if the head fits....

Maybe if I try to fit in from this angle...

But the plan worked. Scuba did quiet down. I think he was traumatised. We later saw blood on him and we thought Rafv had bitten him accidentally, but it turned out that clumsy Rafv bit his own lips in excitement.

Poor Scuba was later dragged into the water by Uncle M to swim. He thought without Aunty S around, no one would make him swim, but he was wrong... *sniggers*

Muscle Man with.... Muscle Dog!

Me? I can't be bothered to save him. Was having too much fun with Tommy's rope toy. I think I should not have shown so much enthusiasm in chewing the rope. I heard Aunty W said that since I like the rope toy so much, she has decided to wash it and give it to me as my birthday present. Darn!

I wonder if ice cream tastes like this.

After a long morning, the humans decided to call it a day. Scuba, Jack and Joey went home first while me, Rafv and Tommy went for a shower. We were 3 miserable, wet dogs. Funny how Tommy has no qualms about jumping into the sea but can look sad while showering.

Drenched and Dripping

Rafv was totally disgruntled at looking so unglam. He looks so funny with a fluffy head and wet body! Hiak hiak hiak!

Quit looking at me, will'ya.

As for me, I tried to sneak away to avoid being rinsed but was unsuccessful.

Stealth mode.... ON!

By the time we finished showering, the humans decided to take us for a long walk to dry off, so off we went to Siloso Beach. The grass was so nice there that we were all made to take a group photo.

Rafv, your're supposed to smile for the camera, not doze off!

The humans decided to have Ben & Jerrys after the long walk. I tried my best to beg for a spoonful but they all ignored me! And my M made me pose next to the B&J sign. So near to the ice cream, and yet so far. Sigh!

They went to Sentosa for ice cream and all I got was this lousy photo!

Uncle M then met up with his friends for volleyball. I was so tired that I almost dozed off on my M's lap. What was I doing in her lap? Well, she did not want me lying on the sand after my bath so decided to make me her lap dog.

By the time we reached home, it was already 4pm. One whole day at the beach! Everyone was so tired that we had a nap. And my M and MM even let me climb up onto the sofa bed with them and we snuggled in the cool aircon for our power naps.

What a wonderful day. There should be more public holidays like this!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It's 2006! Happy New Year!!

Well, because New Year's Eve is such a special occasion, I've got lots of food that day. I accompanied my M to the market while she bought fish and pork and chicken and vegetables... but alas, not all were for me. However, she did buy me a pork bone to chew. She thinks my teeth are starting to get dirty and it's time to clean up.

Look at the size of the bone!

While letting me chew the bones, she started preparing the meat for the steamboat on New Year's Day. The bits and pieces of meat were added to my dinner, so I had chicken, pork, fish and pork pancreas, as well as kai lan for dinner. I wasn't too bothered about what she was doing coz I was too busy with my bone.

Don't mind the bloody paws, I'm just enjoying my bone.

It was raining again in the afternoon so no dog run again. But we're all going to Aunty V's house for bbq. Too bad dogs are not allowed in the bbq area, so I couldn't beg. We dogs were left in the house with Aunty S while the rest of the humans went for the bbq downstairs.

I did not tell Aunty S that I've already been fed a scrumptious dinner, so she gave me dinner again. Tee hee hee... I got 2 dinners in one night. However, I think I ate too much. My M and Aunty G commented that I looked bloated. And indeed, my tummy was feeling a bit queer. I had a bit of the runs as well from too much food. My M says serves me right for being so greedy.

Nevermind, all in all, I thought it was a good end to a fantastic 2005. I wonder what 2006 will bring me. More food perhaps?