Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picking up girls

Yup, here I am, picking up a girl. Actually it's my baby sister, and she gets excited when she sees me at the window when I pick her up.

And she also likes me to say goodbye to her friends with her at the same window when we leave. I get so popular that her friends will sometimes ask where I am when I am not there to pick her.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My baby sister hugging me before she goes to childcare.

Funnily, that's the same thing she does when she tries to lift me up or ride me like a horse.

Now I'm starting to wonder if that really was just an innocent hug...

Monday, April 04, 2011

Foot Fetish II

Apparently, not only do I have a foot fetish, I only have a fetish for certain feet, as my M found out recently.

Look how I rejected my M's feet in favor of my MM's feet? A few times she tried to interrupt my licking frenzy by stuffing her feet in my face but I moved away.

To console herself, my M has declared that my MM's feet are more 'stinkoooo', that's why I like it more. And now she refuses to let me lick her after I've been near my M's feet.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Baby Sofa

Before I start on my post, just an update on the GR that my M and MM went to see. They decided not to adopt her, mainly because my M did not feel any 'connection' with the GR (in other words, she's doesn't feel like Herbie). My M commented that she behaves more like me instead of like my big brother herbie. Apparently she's a scardey cat like me, although I still think we're dogs. My M was hoping for a stoic dog like my zen-like big brother Herbie, not another cat.

Anyway, she's still on the look out for my big brother.

On another note, my M was transferring files from the handycam to the PC last night and came across some old videos she took of me and my baby sister.

So here's sharing one of the with you guys...

Some things never change. For the record, I am STILL a baby (or rather, toddler) sofa. And now my baby sister has started attempting to ride on me. She will hitch her leg up over my back while I'm still standing as if she's mounting a horse. So far my M has been successful in stopping her but I wonder how long my good luck will last.

Is there a doggie chiropracter around? I might need one in the near future.