Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jack's Birthday

My apologies for the total lack of updates recently, I'm still very much alive, just that nothing interesting has been going on in my life, except that it was Jack's Barkday last week and we had cake for the next 3 days coz the humans bought too much. My M took a video of my baby sister singing the barkday song and me hovering in the background waiting for a bite. Other than that, we've got a new live-in housekeeper recently, so I'm having company at home during the day. So far this new housekeeper seems quite good, just that she never handled dogs before and was really, really careful with me, to the point that she's always keeping me on a tight leash. I blame it on my M warning her that I have a tendency to pull and sometimes fight with other dominant male dogs. My M decided not to tell her to loosen up, as her keeping me on a tight leash is better than me taking her unawares and pulling and slipping the leash out of her fingers. Hopefully she'll learn how to handle me soon and find out that I'm not that much of a danger to the public and give me a looser rein.