Monday, August 31, 2009

Wet Wet Weekend

It was a rainy weekend, in fact it was wet, wet, week. So with it being so wet, my M can't bring me out to the park. So we took pictures with my baby sister and I played ball along the corridor.

Resting with my ball and baby sis

And my baby sister tried to run me down when I wasn't looking. Don't they give driving licenses out for this kind of thing? I think she seriously need one.

Bad driver...

But it's ok, I still love her, coz she loves me too...

.... but only after checking that my ears were clean (they were, in case you want to know)

And I can't go to the park again next weekend coz my M will be out of town.

I'll miss my weekend park.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Customized Collar

A lot of people has been asking my M recently where she got my customized collar from. Actually, since my big brother herbie's days, we've been wearing customized collars. All our fabric collars have our names sewn on it.

Our names!

And because my M doesn't like the sounds of clinking tags, we don't wear dog tags, but she had her phone number sewn on the inside of our collar so that if we every get lost, which is unlikely, there's still a contact number.

I hope the founder will look on the inside for the number!

Anyway, the collars are normal collars bought from any petshops, but she took the collars when she went on howliday to Bangkok, Thailand and got the names and numbers sewn at this shop called Seven Sisters located at the 6th floor of Mah Boon Kong (sp?). It's very cheap for the sewing to be done there and you can choose the fonts and colors of the thread.

But for those who are not going to MBK, maybe you can check with the local Beach Road army shops to see if they can sew the names. My M reckons that if they can sew names on the army uniforms, they should have no problem sewing collars.

So now you know where to get your personalized collars as well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My successor

Hey guys! It's been a looong time since I was away and while over at the rainbow bridge, I pondered long and hard as to who should take over my place as the Kitchen God and King of Begging.

Of course, Helios is one of the obvious choice, but I've realised that now there's a competitor to that position, who is none other than our baby sister!

The humans have been wondering if our baby sister is me reincarnated since we both share similar traits (begging and sleeping) but I must make it clear that much as I love my family, I won't want to come back as a human. Humans have to study, take exams, work, earn money... all those stressful things. I'd rather come back as a dog and just eat, sleep and play all day.

Actually, I might be coming back. My M was speaking to a friend's aunt who was a psychic and my M asked in passing if she sense dogs. So I managed to pass a message to her. Anway that's another story.

Back to my successor. Why do I say that my baby sister can be a candidate as well? Well, look at the photos below and tell me if you spot any similarities.

Then: Me and Tommy...waiting outside the kitchen....

Now: The potential successors.... still waiting outside the kitchen...

Then: Waiting to be fed...

Now: Still waiting to be fed...

And this video....

So now you understand why I say my baby sister can be my successor as well?

Now all she has to learn is to plonk her head on the human's lap.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long lost friend - Found!

I just found my long lost friend, Oscar! We used to play together a lot at the park, but he had to move to a far away place called Dubai a year ago coz his dad was sent there.

I think Oscar had enough of the sand in Dubai so he made his dad come back here. I'm not sure what's wrong with the sand in Dubai, I thought sand always comes together with the sea, and that would mean swimming?

Anyway, after 1 year away, Oscar's back! The first few times at the park we were a little awkward with each other so we didn't really play but yesterday, we got our groove back!

We started playing like old days...

And he even has his boxer gang with him. I was seriously outnumbered...

But it didn't matter coz we all had fun!

I'm so glad I now have a friend to play with at the park.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Growling baby

My M thought it was quite funny that my baby sister, I mean my baby brother... was making growling noises when I played with Scuba. I think she's a copycat, coz I sometimes growl a little when I play.

Maybe when she's a little older we can be a tag team!