Friday, May 30, 2008

Award and fame?

Girlgirl gave me this award, I'm not too sure what it's for but it has the word brillant so it must be good! It's my very first award and I'm so excited!

I'm gonna pass on the award to Maggie & Mitch and the brat pack!

But I have something else to be excited about too! I think I'm going to be a star! Or maybe not a star, but I might get to be on TV! My big brother herbie was on the national papers, and now I get to be on TV (or at least I think I will be, I'm not sure if it's TV or print). My M's friend who works in advertising is looking for a dog to run in an ad they're making, so she asked if my M is ok.

If all goes well, we'll be doing the shoot either this saturday or sunday. But I'm not supposed to post or say anything concrete until they've aired the ad, so that's all I can reveal for now. For all you know, I may only appear for 3 seconds, but My M thought at least it'll be fun!

I'll be getting paid a token sum and my M said it's high time I start earning my own keep. She's already planning to use my salary to pay for my heartworm tablets which she's gonna order soon, and to pay for the meat orders for my dinner.

I wonder if there's gonna be any money left over for a new toy. I think I need a new one.

I need a replacement for dead toy toy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates on the kitty cat

Guess what guys? The kitty cat came to visit me again yesterday! Now I'm very sure he wants to come and play with me. Unfortunately, he came when I was out. My M took me to the park and since my MM was home, she left the wooden door open, with only the gates locked. The cat must have thought I was home and invited himself through the gate to play with me.

After that my MM came to meet us for dinner and locked kitty in the house. When we went home, this time the kitty was in the toilet. I guess he knew I'll have to wash my paws in the toilet and he was trying to surprise me. Oh boy was I surprised when he came out! And I think the humans were surprised too. I wanted to go say hi but my M recalled me to her side and pushed me to the living room while Aunty P scooped up my guest and deposited him outside the door and closed the door on him. I could still hear my guest meowing outside asking to play with me.

I thought it was quite rude of the humans to chase away my visitor. (M: I am not gonna risk having you guys playing a 'chase' game in the house and potentially knock down my stuff!)

So now my MM has told Aunty P to keep the door closed at all times so that kitty can't come in anymore.

It's so unfair. Why can they have friends over but not me?

Monday, May 26, 2008

An Uninvited Guest

Guess what? We had an uninvited guest at home last night, but I didn't get to meet him, unfortunately. What happened was, we came home late after the humans had dinner at my MM's parents house and once I stepped into the house, I was made to go was my paws in the toilet.

And while I was in the toilet, our guest made his appearance. A stray black and white cat crept out from beneath our sofa and was meowing. My M was utterly shocked and immediately closed the door to the kitchen (the toilet I was in was in the kitchen) and told Aunty P not to let me out coz there's a cat in the house. My MM opened the door and shooed the kitty cat away.

The funny thing was, when we were on our way to the lift earlier, my MM asked my M why she did not take the path on the right to the lift landing. Instead, she waited until another family walked past on the left side before we took that path on the left. My M then said it's because there was a stray cat on that side of the bushes for the last few nights and she didn't want me to get attacked.

I guess she never expected that the cat is not downstairs, because it's upstairs right in our house!

You guys must have been thinking, how did the cat get in without me knowing? Well, it was a humid sunday, so my M was in the airconditioned study the whole day and I was snoozing in the room with her. We left the main door opened with the gate locked, so the cat must have snuck in when Aunty P was busy. When I left the room, I was fed dinner and we went out immediately after that.

Well, the cat saga did not end just yet. This morning, a neighbour from another level asked us if we keep cats at home. She said that a cat has been pooping along the corridor around her area for many days and creating a stink and she just wants to check if the cat belongs to anyone. So my M told her we don't have cats, and she believed it's the same cat that snuck into our house.

And since I can't get close to the cat, I did the next best thing this morning. I rolled in cat poop when my M took me down for my early toilet break. I think she didn't really like it coz she scolded me and made Aunty P give me a bath. I don't know why I should bath on Monday when I've already had my bath on Sunday, but I decided it's wiser to keep quiet than to argue.

And that's the long story about the kitty cat. I do hope he comes back again, maybe he wanted to play with me?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Beach again!

We went to the beach last weekend coz Tommy's dad says Tommy has not gone to the beach since his baby brother arrived, which is almost 6 months! (The last time we went to the beach Tommy didn't come coz he just had his bath). I hope when my baby sister arrive I don't have to wait that long to go to the beach.

Anyway, I was the last to arrive, and my M got me a new beach toy, right out of the plastic wrapping. Unfortunately, before I have much chance of playing with it, Tommy got to it first. He even ignored his own rope toy.

Tommy: Who wants old toys when there's a new one?

He got my toy! *sulks*

I tried to complain to my MM but I don't know why he's trying to keep me at arm's length. He kept trying to push me away. Doesn't he like me no more? (M:That's because you SCRATCH him with your nails!)

Me: Tommy took my ball!
MM: Stay away from me!!

Why? Doncha love me anymore??

So I have no choice but to take the rope toy.

I'd rather have my ball...

My ball was so popular that even another GR, whom the humans thought was my big brother herbie look-a-like, took it.

But herbie doesn't like toys!

I'm still not getting my ball back

Tommy was so greedy that he took Joey's ball as well. You can't see from this photo, but Tommy actually has 2 balls in his mouth, Joey's smaller one inside and my big orange one outside.

Gimme back my ball!

So after that Joey kept a very close eye on his ball.... or rather he tried to.

Where did it go again???

So when I finally saw that my new toy (now not that new) was untaken, I leapt at the chance!

My turn finally! I leap...

And leap...

And leap again...

Still not done leaping...

Until I finally got the ball...


Besides all the ball activity, I need to maintain training on my superpowers, so I practised flying again.

I also tried to practice breathing underwater, but I think that's too advanced for me... for now.

And I swam with my eyes close, to train my other supersonic senses.

I wonder if that's the right direction

Of course, my M had fun taking awful photos of me. She was laughing at my running photos, saying that when I bounce up, my eyes are opened...

Nice big eyes

But when I bounce down I have funny droopy eyes...

small beady droopy eyes

And I have beady droopy eyes when I shake as well.

Deformed eyes

But there's this peekture she likes, she says I look so puppyish in here, then I told her I AM still a puppy!

Anyway, after all that swim the humans took us to blow dry and have lunch again (they had lunch, we had nothing).

And I'm glad to say that this time, my tail was not broken. Maybe less posing did help!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More food!!

I went to the vet today for my needles. (M: Vaccination!)

They lifted me up on the cold metal table and I was a little worried. The vet said my hind legs are splayed out and I was a little hunched, so he said might be indicative of hip problems. He also said I'm too skinny. I can afford to put on another 5 kilos.

My M said she's trying to fatten me up. She has increased my food intake but I'm still not putting on much, so nice Mr Vet says feed more! I like that part. But I don't think I got hip problems. My doggie mum and dad are all hip checked so possibility of my having hip problems should be low. My M told the vet maybe coz I'm scared on the examination table and I should be better on the ground but he didn't ask to check me on the ground. Anyway I'm supposed to build up my muscle tone too.

So now my M has decided to feed me TWICE a day instead of once a day. I'll be getting an extra quarter to half a chicken every morning! And she went to the supermarket earlier to buy some wings to feed me immediately!

I think I'm gonna like my new diet!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Aunty P

Our new domestic helper finally arrived on Friday, and I am told she is Aunty P. She's very quiet, maybe she's shy. But she's not scared of me, so although I try very hard to control myself, I finally pokey her butt when my MM was teaching her how to clean the sink.

Erm... it's toy toy who poked you, I was trying to hold him back. Really!

Luckily she's all right, and she even played fetch with me. But one bad thing about her living with us is that she vacuums the floor EVERYDAY! And I don't like the vacuum.

I wonder if I can distract her enough not to vacuum the floor.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Strange granny

On Sunday, I met a strange granny with 2 dogs when my M was on her way to the ATM. Next to the ATM we were heading to, there is a coffeeshop, and while walking towards the ATM, we saw a granny waving at us, not in a 'come over and have a seat' manner, but more of a 'don't come near' manner.

Granny in purple

We were feeling puzzled but since my M needs money for a VERY important matter (she was gonna buy my dinner for the week), we ignored the granny and continued walking. Then we realized why she was trying to wave us away. Her 2 small dogs (which we didn't notice), started barking their heads off at us and everyone turned to look.

It was non-stop barking, and loud too. My M was very happy that I totally ignored the barking dogs but she rolled her eyes when she heard what the granny told her tolds. I think in her bid to make her dogs shut up, the granny was saying 'ok, enough, good, clever.' I don't know what makes her think that praising her dogs will make them shut up, it's more like she's reinforcing their bad behavior.

Well, they were still barking as we left and my M told me that it's the granny's problem she can't control her own dogs, what right does she have to tell us to stay away. And if the market is not in the opposite direction, my M would be very tempted to deliberately walk past the granny.

I think my M is very naughty to think that.

But it'll be FUN!

Friday, May 09, 2008

New addition

No, not my baby sister. But my M was telling me someone else will be coming to stay with us soon. They got a domestic worker to help with the housework and my soon to arrive baby sister and she's coming next week! She's from Indonesia like Aunty S.

My M says now she's finding it difficult to bath me, and my MM gets sneezy nose when he tries, so the new aunty (I haven't figured out her name yet) will be helping to bath me. I told my M that I don't mind no bathing if it's too difficult for her but she told me to dream on. I wonder why she said that when I was trying to show concern for her.

At least the new aunty will be home all day and she can play with me! But my M told me not to poke her butt with my nose, or at least wait until the new aunty starts liking me before I can start poking her butt. Then I ask, why would she not like me? Everyone likes me! Erm... they do, right?

Then my M says some people takes a bit of time to start liking others, so I said ok! I wait for her to like me first, then I'll poke her.

Can I pokey your butt now?

I hope she grows to like me really fast. Like in 10 seconds.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dino Bone

Remember what Joey posted about the HUGE BONE? Well, some time ago I finally got to look at it. It is a BIG, SCARY bone. So big and scary that I don't quite know what to do with it. I suspect it might come back to life and kok me, so I didn't really wanna eat it although all the humans were trying to encourage me.

I think I still prefer smaller bones.