Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spring Cleaning?

Is it spring already? Coz my M and MM have been so busy cleaning the house the last 2 days. Well, 2 nights ago, someone came to our house and demonstrated with this machine, and they bought it. I don't like this machine, which they say is a vacumn cleaner, coz after they bought it they started cleaning the carpet, sofa, their bed, my bed and even me! It's noisy and it blows and suck in air at the same time

My MM said that it's my fault that he had to buy such an expensive vacumn, but my M has been going around telling everyone how she likes the machine, coz it sucks out all my fur from the carpet. I can't help it if my fur gets stuck to the carpet.

Anyway, she even took a photo to show how much fur has been taken out. Her old vacumn can't even clean this well. This is what happened to the water from cleaning just the carpet.


My M claims that the water is dirty from the cleaning, and the ugly mess of thing is my fur. I deny that accusation! It's not my fur, my fur's not that yucky! Will someone go tell them to stop accusing me of dirtying the house when it's their own want that makes them buy the vacumn? Now everytime they clean the house they go, "Herbie it's all your fault"

Poor me.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surfer Dudes

Warning, this is gonna be one of those extremely graphic intense post again.

It's a wonderful day and we're back at the beach again. Aunty W said that she suggested going to the beach again coz Tommy had not bathed for a month and it's about time he takes a shower. No wonder Tommy's starting to smell weird recently.

My M went to the market early in the morning to buy breakfast to bring to the beach, and she almost forgot me! Looking at the diagram below, I am the brown X, made to do a down stay while my M, the blue X, went to buy food at the stall. The round circles are tables, and the little black dots are a group of aunties who will come into the picture later.

Scene re-enactment

My M, after buying her food, was so busy thinking about what to buy next, that she walked away without collecting poor me, who was still lying there obediently. It was only when she almost reached the ends of the stall (red arrow) that she remembered me (!!!) and walked back. And I think the aunties knew, coz they smiled at my M and said 'you forgot about him ah?'

What a start to my day!

Anyway, back to the beach. Joey was as usual extremely busy with his ball, and Jack was as usual sitting on the beach with a grumpy face. I keep telling my M, don't waste time taking their photos, it's the same pose everytime. Just take any old photo and change the date. If you don't believe me, just go to my M's photo gallery and look at their beach photos.

Same pose

Same pose again!

As for me, I was initially happily chewing my coconut, hoping that there might be some juice or meat left.

Where's the darn meat??!

Until Tommy went fetching and he brought this back.....

Look what I found!

I thought life would be safe without crazy Uncle C around, but I was wrong.... the humans decided that Scuba needs a lesson on surfing. And not the internet-blogging kind.

Surfer Scuba!

Is the term surfer scuba an oxymoron? Since scuba divers are supposed to be underwater but surfers are above the water?

Scuba apparently, was really trying to stay ABOVE water. For a dog named Scuba, he sure hates the water. So Tommy decided to go out to the rescue.

Hang on there, bud!

Don't worry, we're reaching land soon!

And would I be so naive as to think that with the rescue of Scuba, it will be the end of the story? Of course not, coz poor me is next in line!


Look at my totally disgruntled face, did they think it was funny?

Urgh.... can someone get me out of here?

Boy was I glad when they finally let me off and swim back to land. Look how happy I was once my paws touched the ground. What a contrast to the gloomy faced me in the first picture.

Land ahoy!

And what was Tommy doing after getting me and Scuba into trouble? Happily running around with his rope toy and getting all sandy!

La di da~~

Call me Sandy

And of course, before we all leave, we had to take a group picture.

Say cheese!

And right after all the magic shot was taken, we all ran back to our owners. Scuba looks half awake here. He was complaining that usually wakes up at 9-10am but this morning he got dragged out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7am and dragged to the beach and forced to swim.


I am sooo, sooo tired from this morning's activity that I think I will need the whole day to recuperate. Excuse me while I take my nap.

Wake me up only when it's dinner time

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Parking woes

Uncle M got a parking fine the other day when Tommy came to our house. Luckily, he wrote in an appeal and the fine was waived.

However, I think he should do this the next time:

Totally confuse the parking lady so that she won't know if she has to give you a ticket or not.

My M saw this car with a whole dashboard of parking coupons. What an ingenious driver!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged again, and by 2 other doggie friends, no less!

This time I'm supposed to come out with 5 things that make a good doggie friend.

A good doggie friend:
1) Always share his toys (I would too if I have toys)
2) Will help his friends eat up the food that they don't like
3) Console his friend after a fight
4) Humped, and be humped
5) Welcome his friends to his home anytime

I don't know who else to tag, everyone else seemed to have been tagged, or double tagged (anyone got triple-tagged?).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bon Appetit!

I went to Paris last night and came back.

Oh all right, not really Paris, but I can always pretend right? It was my M and MM's anniversary and they went to this little french place and had dinner al fresco. We all pretended we were on the streets of Paris eating and looking at the traffic. And I was supposed to be 'Fifi', I think it's a common french doggie name?

I don't mind being Fifi for the night, because I get to nibble at french cuisine as well! My M was feeling generous so she gave me a bite of everything, and later, big bites of the main course she can't finish.

Look at what I ate! Forgive the blurry pictures, they forgot to bring their cameras and had to use their handphones.

Pan Fried Foie Gras

I know, I know, it's very cruel to the goose, but I've never, ever tried it before, and others are raving about it, so I just gotta try it. I'll apologise to the next geese I meet for eating his friend.


My MM said I should not be given escargots. He's worried that I'll develop a taste for them and start digging for snails the next time we go for walkies.

And the main course....

Lamb Shank

Duck De Confit?

Look at that duck swinging right in front of me! I was made to sit and salivate while they try to take not too blurry photos with lousy camera phones.

Duck hypnotism...

I wonder if I can convince them that everyday should be an anniversary, then I can have french food everyday!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The almost no dinner

I almost had no dinner tonight.... again. I really don't understand why there's always some boo boo or another regarding such a simple thing as my dinner. This time it's my M's fault. She bought pork from the supermarket for my dinner tonight, and she did not put it in the fridge! It was left in the car while she had dinner, coz she thought the meat won't spoil from one hour in the car.

Well, she is VERY wrong! After cooking my dinner this morning, she thought it smelt kinda weird, and my MM affirmed that my dinner STINKS! And with only half an hour to go before she has to leave for work, there is no time for her to buy more meat at the market.

The thought of going to Scuba's house again for dinner did cross my mind, but my M was hoping that we need not impose on him. Luckily, she managed to dig out a piece of chicken breast from the freezer. Thank god for microwave, so that she can defrost the meat in time and cook my dinner.

So the moral of the story is, meat spoils very easily. And always keep a spare breast in the freezer (no pun intended).

Belly Belly Happy

With reference to Rafv's musing about Mickey's sleeping habit, my M found evidence of me doing the same thing.

Belly, Belly Comfortable

I like sleeping like that, but my M is blaming me for putting paw prints on the wall. Note the marks circled in red.

Belly, Belly Dirty

Oh well, why can't she pretend that it's the hollywood wall, I mean, walk of fame. Just put some stars there and I'll even autograph the wall.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wine and Cheese Party II

The humans really know how to enjoy life. They've been having wine and cheese party almost every night for the last few nights, not that I'm complaining, since we dogs get to eat the cheese as well.

But I must commend them for the ever increasing fine selection of cheese. Look at what we had last night!

10 different kinds of cheese, grapes, celery, carrots, assorted biscuits and bread! Sounds like a meal in itself!

I can't remember all the names of the cheese, but they're generally:

1. Have to ask Aunty V, forgot what cheese it is, but Uncle C calls it the cartoon cheese, coz it's got holes like the cheese in tom & jerry cartoons
2. Camembert
3. French Brie - My M's favourite
4. Port Cheese?
5. Apricot Cheese
6. Mexican Cheese - but the humans call it the otah cheese, coz it looks like otah
7. Matured Cheddar
8. Blue Cheese
9. Smoked Cheese - the humans call it the ham cheese, coz it looks like ham *duh*
10. Boursin Herb Cheese

Don't ask me what I like best, coz I love them all! *licks*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't call me if you don't want me

Humans are funny people. Well, just the night before, when my M took me down for my toilet break, there was a family standing at the void deck, waiting for who knows what. Usually I'm unleashed when I go for my toilet break, so there I was, sniffing the grass, and I heard the family commenting how cute I was. Since I'm off leashed, my M will usually keep a look out for people around us, and if she sees anyone, she'll make sure I either stay away from them or she'll recall me to her side, in case the stranger is afraid of dogs.

Well, this group of family, besides being charmed by my looks, their teenage kids also started making welcoming noises like 'tsk tsk', you know, how you'll usually call a pet. And my M thought they should like dogs so she did not attempt to recall me.

Now what does a dog do when he's called? Like any other obedient dog, I went over of course! And like any other strange humans, the kids started screaming. Of course my M called me back immediately. Mind you, I wasn't even running. I just jumped over a low hedge and was trotting over. Luckily, the kids's saner dad told them not to scream and that I won't bite.

My M almost wanted to roll her eyes at the kids. And this is not the first time something like this happened. The last time, it was an adult who went 'tsk tsk tsk' at me, and when I went over, she screamed as well.

Don't they get it that, if you don't want a dog coming to you, then don't make encouraging noises at it!

Did someone call?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wine & Cheese Party!

We had a wine and cheese party on Saturday, or rather, the humans had the wine and cheese, and we dogs just begged for whatever scraps.

What're we waiting for?

Well, the humans, after a very satisfying dinner, suddenly had a craving for wine and cheese, so Uncle M, Aunty W, Aunty V and Aunty S went to Cold Storage at 9pm just to buy this...

Say Cheese!

while my M and MM went home to get the wine. We had a selection of blue cheese, french brie, pepper boursin and smoked herb cheese. Of course, the humans had to make us take a picture with temptation right in front of us.

Can we eat now?

Forgive the blurry picture, we can't help but moooove in anticipation.

The humans can't finish all the cheese, so they're saving it for tomorrow. If I had my way, I'll have gladly finished it up for them. Oh well, I can always beg again tomorrow.

Can't wait.... hiak hiak hiak