Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Line-up

Finally, after all the preparation and the hoo-ha, Christmas has come and gone. I've got lots of presents from all the uncles and aunties, and most of them food! Yummy! Too bad my M is not letting me have them all in one go. She says my tummy is too weak to take too many commercial food, and was complaining about my soft 'output' after eating too much treats. I tried to tell her that my tummy is not weak, it's just processing the food faster so that there's more room for more food.

Anyway, what I had was nothing compared to what the humans got to eat at Christmas. Look at how they indulged themselves? And we dogs only get treats! There were turkey (I think it's a must-have for Christmas), lamb, mashed potatoes, italian rice, chicken pies, pasta and cocktail desserts! I heard that Uncle Chris was supposed to make salad but Aunty Shel informed at the last minute to say he was sick and couldn't make it. Luckily for MM's brother, who is a vegetarian (what? Vegetarian? That's so boring!! I can't imagine life without meat!), his family cooked vegetarian pasta, or else he'll just have to stand there and watch the rest eat. New way of attaining enlightenment I would guess.

Look at the spread!

Look at the HUGE turkey! As usual, the humans over-estimated and there were left overs. Such a waste! We dogs never condone leftovers. If you leave it to us, we'll eat up everything! Even the bones and lick the plates clean so that you do not have to waste time and water and soap to wash them. That's how considerate we are. But of course, humans always think such food are not suitable for us. Luckily, they decided turkey is safe for dogs and I was given quite a bit. I even have left over turkey for dinner for the next few nights, not that I mind leftovers.

Finally, just before midnight, the aunties and M decided that I could open my presents. They say since I'm a dog, the rule for presents only on Christmas does not apply to me. Actually, Aunty V already let me unwrap and eat one of her presents as soon as she arrived(she gave me 2, lovely Aunty V, and Aunty G too). But before I could open them, I have to take a picture with them. What a bummer! I wanted to rip the packages open immediately! There's food in there!

Are we done yet? Can I open them now?

Let's see what I've got:
- Treats from Aunty W & Uncle M
- Milk chews from Aunty VJ
- Roo chews from Aunty Shel
- Treat ball and dried meat from Aunty G (oh NO!! WORK!)
- Shirt from Aunty V (Gucci somemore ok!)
- This sausage looking food from Aunty R and Uncle C
- A brand new bed from M!!

Do I look good in black?

My M specially requested for black shirt to match her wallet. If you ask me, the Gucci shirt does not match my LV leash and collar. I think I need a matching Gucci leash and collar to go with the shirt. Hmm... my birthday's in JANUARY. (hint... hint... HINT!!!)

I'm not gonna move....

My new bed... I's very comfy but I'm still not quite used to it yet. I think it's a bit too soft, and I'm too used to the hard floor. But it's a nice snuggle.... finally, my very own bed!

That's what I call a match!

Doesn't the bed match my fur color? My M chose that color so that my fur won't look so obvious on it when I shed.

And after Christmas, the next big event will be the New Year!

Do they give presents out during the New Year?

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