Monday, June 30, 2008

Clark Quay

My MM went on a howliday last friday and since my M is not working that day and she has the use of the car, she said that we should have some bonding time while she is still mobile.

So off we went to Clark Quay, which is a place with lots of tired people I think, because there are loads of Restaurants for people to rest in.

But funnily, I don't see a lot of tired people. My M says coz it's a Friday afternoon, and the restaurants are mostly opened for the dinner crowd. It makes sense coz I like to rest at night too!

We walked for a while and my M got hungry so she had lunch at a Jap restaurant. The people were very nice to let her eat there. Because in Singapore, pets are actually not allowed at human eating places, but because it was before the lunch time crowd, and with my M being so fat, they gave her an outside seat at a corner.

Our corner

She ordered a beef and foie gras set lunch, which she said was yummy. Sadly I didn't get to eat any. They even gave her sand to play with together with the meal! (M: It's not for play! It's to time the food, and when the sand in the hourglass runs out, you can open the lid to the food)

The sand

The covered yummies

The cooked food

And after that, because the weather was so hot, we got tira-missing-me I-Scream! (M: Not missing you, it's Tiramisu!)

Is that Tira?

Now I know why my M is fat, coz she ate most of Tira, and I got only 3 tiny spoonful and the empty cone. But it's better than nothing.

See the size of the tiny spoon?

After all the yummies we went for a short walk, and I found this place with leaked pipes, because water is shooting up from the ground! I tried to stop the water from coming out and got all wet. And my M didn't try to help at all. I was initially a little worried because there's just too many water shoots and there's only one me!

So many of them!

Lemme see if it's yummy first

Stopping the water


After a while, I realised that my efforts were futile. So if I can't beat them, I'll join them. So I decided to have FUN instead! Some tourists who walked past had fun looking at me having fun too and they took peektures of me playing and laughed when I went after the water.

Yippee run!

I ran....


And had so much fun that I went home a wet, tired, but happy dog!

Happy me!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Foto me?

Well, last week was my M's burpday, so my MM got for her as a burpday prezzie, a family studio portrait session. Actually, I think my MM was forced to pay, but I'm not supposed to know about it. My M thought that my big brother herbie had studio family peektures taken when they got married, so I should get one too. I mean the studio part, not the getting married again part.

ANyway, my M also wanted to take some peektures while she's still fat. I ask her why she want to take fat peektures, when people usually take thin peektures, or is she doing an ad like me, but for the 'before' and 'after' slimming ad? She kok my head and said she's not fat. I don't know about you, but that certainly looks fat to me.

We went to this studio where this nice Aunty Wai Peng took peektures for us. She even said I'm a very good boy!

Our family photo

Me trying to kiss my MM

I think all those peekture taking was very tiring coz my M decided to sleep, and use me as a pillow.

Then nice Aunty Wai Peng asked my M if she wants individual photos of me, and of course she said yes!

So we have nice peekture of me...

sitting nicely...

Catching balls...

SUPER-dog me still catching balls...

Holding pwetty flower...

It was so much fun, I wonder when my M will go back and take the 'after' peektures.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that go 'woof' in the night

Last night, my M and MM went to bed at around 11pm. As they were drifting off to sleep, I thought it's too early to be sleeping so I just stood up and started to bark. It was only 1 bark but it woke them up. Thinking it's something outside, they opened the bedroom door and I went out and barked once again.

My M looked at the clock and it as 12:10am. My MM went to the living room but found nothing out of the ordinary. So while he was checking the house, I went to take my toy and did my butt dance with my M. After making sure everything was all right, we all went back to bed, with me happy that everyone was woken up and I got my toy.

(M: I don't know why Helios suddenly started barking in the middle of the night when he has never done it before and he's never really a barky dog. And it doesn't help that he was barking so close to MIDNIGHT! I was wondering just as I was falling asleep if he saw 'something' that we didn't. And I ended up dreaming that we have a 'spirit' in the house that night, no thanks to stupid Helios. grrr.... )

Saturday, June 14, 2008

When no more....

... doesn't really mean no more.

No more?

But there's still crumbs left!

Monday, June 09, 2008

But I don't bite!

My M was a little irritated with this lady who has a chihuahua, whom she passed by at a park. What happened was, we were on the way to the dog run, and this lady with a chihuahua in her arms saw us walking past.

So she said to her CHH: 'Look, big dog.' In a sing song way, much like how a mother would point out to a kid to look at that dog.

My M heard that so she smiled at the lady just as we passed them. As we continued walking, she heard the lady continue in a cooing fasion to her CHH: 'But you can't play with him coz he will bite.'

My M was a little pissed, but I was pulling her towards the dog run so that I can play and she's not in a confrontational mood that morning, so she did not turn around to correct the lady.

Sometimes, my M will encounter owners with small dogs who will immediately scoop up their dogs protectively once they see me. I wasn't even charging or pulling, and it's obvious that my M is in control of me. Am I really that scary?

There was another incident when we passed by a father with his kids and his son just said very loudly, 'Wow a big dog!' and the father immediately smiled and said, 'Ya, big dog will bite you.' My MM immediately turned around and told them, 'No, THIS dog doesn't bite.' I heart my MM for standing up for me!

Why do people always think big dogs bite? There are big dogs who don't bite, and there are small dogs who bite all the time.

(M: I also hate it when parents sometimes use my dog to 'discipline' their kids. There were times when I was walking Herbie and there'll be a parent(s) with a screaming kid and when they see us, they'll tell the kid 'If you cry somemore, that dog will come and bite you.'. If they're still within earshot, I will just say loudly, 'He doesn't bite!'. It's their problem they can't take their kids in hand, but leave me and my dogs out of it!)

Monday, June 02, 2008


I finally went for the advert shoot on Saturday! However, I cannot reveal too much until the ad has been aired, but what I can say is that it's not a TV or print ad. It will be available in the internet and also the store's videos. I'll post up a link as soon as they air it, which I think is around mid-june.

Ohh.... I can't wait!

Or rather, I can wait, because I realise shooting an ad is all about waiting. I spent about 15 min shooting the actual thing, but 3 hours waiting. Partly because of bad weather, it was raining and we had to wait for the rain to stop. Unfortunately, the rain didn't stop so we had to change location.

So since I can't post all the pictures yet, I guess I can post this of a very bored me waiting.

When will it be my turn?