Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hit and Run and Birthday Cakes

I was almost involved in a hit and run accident last night, literally. No need to worry for me, I'm not the victim. Actually, I was the one doing the (almost) hitting and running.

Well, what happened was, it was Chili's birthday celebration at the park yesterday, so we were all invited. I was walking off leash, and ambling along the path towards the dog run slowly. My M gave me permission to go off to the gate first but I preferred taking my own sweet time sniffing around..... until.... I heard the Aunties calling my name. They must have missed me, I did not go to the park for 2 days. Doesn't matter, they can wait.... but then, a very soft voice, carried by the wind, reached my ears. I heard Aunty H saying "Herbie, come, there's cake." Woahhhh.... wait a minute! Why did no one tell me there's CAKE??

I dashed off at a run towards the gate and almost knocked down 2 cyclists. Aunty V had to shout out "look out for bicycles!" but I don't care about bicycles, cake's more important!! Luckily I managed to avoid hitting them. For my effort, I was rewarded with an extra slice of cake coz Aunty H said that since I made such an effort to run, I should be rewarded.


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