Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr Unpopular

I was at the park last week, and I really, really wanted to play. But the only 2 other dogs at the park only played with each other and totally ignored me, even when I attempted to come in between them.

Why won't they play with me? And my M even called me the 3rd party between them.

(M: It was really amusing, because Helios keep trying to butt in between the other 2 dogs and you can see he really wanted to be 'in' but was at a loss on how to join in. So he just charged in between them, or just stood really close and looked. The 2 dogs will then take their play somewhere else or ignore him, and Helios had to run after them again to butt in.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here's a belated Chinese New Year wish to everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy going around visiting and doing parlour tricks for my dose of treats.

Together with my baby sister, we managed to sneak in quite a lot of snacks among ourselves. Too bad my M will be travelling tomorrow so there's no more visiting for us this weekend. :(