Friday, January 30, 2009

Eat me?

I don't think babies are a good thing.

Take for my instance, my baby sister. Not only is she NOT feeding me food (or even attempting to throw a toy for me), she is now trying to EAT me! Yes, eat ME! I'm glad that she doesn't have teeth yet, but will I be able to escape once she grows a full set of teefies?

She even made a u-turn to get to me. Look how she was contemplating my toes, deciding how to eat it, then decide to start from my tail first. And listen to how she's screaming in excitement at the thought of eating my tail?

Do you think my M will rescue me from her evil clutches?

Monday, January 12, 2009


My baby sister has finally been upgraded to eating semi-solids.

What a mess!

So I thought I finally got to the stage when babies gets fun (for dogs).

Is anything dropping?

Hey I'm still waiting for my turn... yoo hoo... here~~

But it turns out there was nothing.

Sherylyn: Haha, Helios got cheated!
Helios: I thought you're supposed to drop some!

I thought they say babies throw food on the ground?

Sigh.. maybe next time....

But I still love my baby sis.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sixth sense?

My M seems to think I've got 6th sense, coz I just know when they're coming home from work. Either that or their coming home time happens to coincide near dinnertime.

Proof can be seen in the clip below. I was already waiting at the door when they were still in the lift. They even asked GrandM if I was there the whole day but GrandM said I just started staying near the door slightly before they came home.

Look how excited I am when they got home!!

But I'm a good boy coz I did not to step on my baby sis even with all my excitement.

(M: Somehow Helios always avoided the baby mattress area. He's excited but not clumsy and has never stepped on the baby. But his tail has managed to sweep her across the face tho.. lol)