Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is that me??

My M and MM went out for dinner the other day at this restaurant called Big O, and on one of the walls of this restaurant, there were lots and lots of doggie pictures.

As my M was glancing at those pictures, she did a double take, coz my picture was up there!! She wondered how did my picture get up there so she took another look, and another, and another, and then she decided to go up to my picture and take an even closer look.

Can you find me?

And then she realised that it's not me. But it certainly does look like me, right? She later found out from one of the waitress that the dog belongs to a friend of the owner.

Maybe it's my long lost twin.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not talking

We're not talking to each other right now....


Did we manage to trick you? Don't worry, we're still best buddies.

And we love each other...

My M and MM took us to the Botanics Garden to take nice peektures. The last time I was here, my big brother herbie was still with us and I took lots of nice peektures with him. Now that he's not here anymore, my baby sister is taking over his place.

If you'd notice, the chair is the very same one I sat on with my big brother herbie.

Maybe I'll post more nice peektures once my lazy M is done with sorting them.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Freud needs a new home!

My M just got an email from one of my readers, Jo, asking to help publicize Freud's plight.

Freud is a 3 years old black mongrel whom Jo has rescued about 4 months ago from his very irresponsible previous owner who neglected him by locking him in the balcony for over a year with no walks and no attention. He was severely malnourished. I can never ever imagine a life with no walks and no attention. My M calls me the 'attention-seeking boy' and I think I'll just die if no one loves me.

Anyway, Jo has managed to fatten Freud up a little, but as she already has a dog and cat at home, her family is not keen to foster Freud, so poor Freud has been staying in the boarding place for the last 4 months.

Well, I guess a boarding place is better than his previous home, but it's not as good as a proper home and it's not a long term solution. So Jo would like to find Freud a new home, or if a foster for now until he finds his furever home. She says that Freud is very sweet, takes easily to people and very very smart. (But I still think I'm smarter, although my M calls me silly)

Here's what freud looks like:

So if any of you can help, drop me a mail.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Fishy Friends

I realise now that my baby sister is a cat too, like me! But I still don't know why I'm a cat when I'm obviously a dog. My M calls me the scardey cat, and now my baby sister is the copy cat. There sure are a lot of cat names around.

Maybe we're called cats coz we both like fishies. I've heard that cats like fishes.

Everytime I pass by the fishies' home, I like to pay them a visit. I will pull my M towards them so that I can say hi. But I think fishes are not very friendly coz they usually ignores me.

Visiting the fishes!

And look, even my baby sister is fascinated with fishes! And she's got bigger fishy friends than me. *pout*