Monday, December 12, 2005

Photos Photos Photos aka More Funny Things on Head!

This is one major photo-intensive post! My M finally found time to upload the photos after being so busy for the whole weekend!

We were all at Scuba's house because the humans decided they all want dinner. Let me tell you, Scuba is a very, very bad host. He kept falling asleep while we were at his house. Were we such boring company?

Make yourselves at home guys.... ZzzZZzz...

He even tried to continue sleeping as me and Tommy trampled over him. My ears were covered up coz thanks to Tommy's constant licking, I have a new hotspot on my ear. So Uncle J is holding my ear so that Tommy can't get to lick at it.

Can you guys like play somewhere else? I wanna sleeeep...

Aunty R then came up with the bright idea of letting me wear her hat so that my much abused ears can be protected. Aunty R is so smart! She tucked my ears in so that Tommy can't get at them.

kawaii ne.... they say I look like a Japanese dog

Unfortunately, this sparked off another bout of "funny things on head part 4". Aunty V dug out scuba's pair of doggles and I was made to wear them.

Just add another scarf, and I'll be the WW1 flying ace! or... was that snoopy?

Then they decided to change it to an FBI hat.

Sir, suspicious canine spotted!

And then without the hat....

Doncha mess with me

I was not the only one made to wear funny things on head... the rest were not spared either.


Most of us were made to wear this funny thing around our neck and on our head and forced to sit in front of the tree with the lights.

I'm having pre-christmas traumatic nightmare

And we were all dragged screaming and kicking to take group photos. Oh alright! We were not dragged... except for Scuba, who was still attempting to sleep.

Behind the scenes

And the final product was... all of us looking to the side of the camera instead of at the camera. Because we all think Uncle C has gone a bit bonkers. He was standing at the side with this pillow waving it around and telling all of us to stay. Only sleepyhead Scuba was still zoning out in space.

Erm... you guys think we should call 995?

I think Scuba finally expired from all the excitement. He looked quite dead and did not even move a muscle when prodded. I was quite worried for a while, until Rafv, who obviously is very used to Scuba behaving like this, reassured us that he is still very much alive.

Rigor mortis setting in

And remember how I kept saying Uncle C is sadistic? Look what he did to poor scuba! Replaced his family jewels! With bigger, brighter ones somemore!

Jingle balls, jingle balls...

On closer look, doesn't it look like 2 eyes and a nose?

Good day to you, Mr Balls

Scuba finally realised he's got a new set of balls.

I think I see myself in Scuba's balls

And Uncle C and Uncle J next turned their attention to Lolo. First they put her on the rocking horse...

Giddy up, horsie!

Then they made Scuba toy hump her...

Scuba, is that you?

I think forget about 995.... we should call 999 instead.


Anonymous said...

Looks like lotsa fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Herbie looks dashing with doggles, I like the one with FBI hat and Snoopy ... opps i mean Flying ace! :P

Scuba looks erm.... cute. hehe...

Anonymous said...

Herb, I also think you look like snoopy on FBI hat and doggle.. hiak hiak. BTW, scupe told me that he kinda likes it his big balls.. he was quite upset when he can not find big one after a few min later..