Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Bed-Bed

My M got me a new bed bed the same day she threw my old bed bed away. Actually, it's a single foldable mattress for humans. She didn't want a single mattress coz the length will stick out too much if placed on the floor, so she went looking for a foldable one, which looks like this:

When she told the salesman that she doesn't want a too long bed, he asked if it was meant for a baby cot. My M didn't correct him, nor did she tell him that it actually gonna be meant for dogs when he started telling her that the bed has 'orthopaedic' qualities. I'm glad it has orthopaedic qualities coz it'll be very good for my old bones.

And she folded the bed so that only 2/3 is unfolded, and it fitted perfectly next to her bed!

I just hope Helios keeps THIS bed clean.

Don't you dare P's on the new bed or I'll kick you out of it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bye-Bye, Bed Bed

After being with me for more than a year and a half, bed bed is gonna go.

All thanks to Helios. Ever since he came, he has done the three unimaginable P's to bed bed: pooped, puked and pee-ed. He played too much after his dinner last night that he puked on bed bed again, and my M thinks that bed bed is too stinko to be saved.

I'll miss my bed bed.

Now, when will I be getting a new bed? And make sure Helios doesn't P's on it again!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


This is a belated post.... I had wanted to post it but then I had the problem with blogger and later our tummies. Speaking of tummies, we're both ok now. My M is very happy she doesn't have to come home to landmines any more, and my MM is happy he doesn't have to mop the floor too. All the aunties agreed that I've recovered coz I've started begging again. As for Helios, no one could tell he was sick coz he was, and still is running and hopping all over the place.

Anyway, back to this belated post....

Sometime ago, Fei's human made a pledge to donate some money to a local charity, and she roped in other dog bloggers to make the pledge too. So my M decided to donate to Animal Lovers League.

She thought it's a worthy affair, so she will try to donate more regularly to other dog organizations as well.

Maybe I should start donating too. Do they accept chicken wings as donations?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recovered.... or so my M thought...

Thank you everyone for the concern! I've recovered and back to my begging self again. My tummy's no longer churning and my meals are back to their normal size. And my M is heaving a sigh of relief.... or so she thinks... because....

Helios is now having diarrhoea! Yes, my M says we're taking turns to drive her crazy. She woke up this morning to a small puddle on the floor. Helios still have not learnt how to wake my M up to bring him to toilet. So he got no breakfast.

And when my MM came back today, he found another puddle in the kitchen. He thought it was me because I couldn't be bothered to greet him, so he thought I was still sick. Only when they checked my very clean butt did they realise that it's the hopping and twisting Helios who had a tummyache. Seriously, he doesn't even look sick! Well, at least not as sick as me.

Aunty G said that I may have passed on my illness to Helios. She thinks that Helios might have gotten some bacteria from my poop when I had my accidents at home a few days ago. Well, go ahead, blame me for everything! If you ask me, it's because Helios is WEAK. Humph!

One thing to note, our floor has been very clean the last few days. At least something good came out of the diarrhoea. :P

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feeling sick

My apologies for the lack of update for the whole week. Somehow, I could not log into blogger at all for the week, and only managed to log in yesterday.

Anyway, I'm not in much mood for blogging because I was sick. For those with sensitive stomachs, you may want to skip this graphical post.

I think I ate something bad, and on Thursday after work, my M and MM came home to find this:

Initially they thought it was Helios, coz he was having soft poo in the morning, so they withheld his dinner (lucky me!) and fed me only. It was only after I've eaten that they realised that the one with the diarrhoea was me, the evidence being my poop-stained butt. But it was too late! I had my dinner! But it didn't stay in there for long... as you shall know later.

Luckily, they had just bought a whole new 12 rolls of kitchen towels. I think the needed that, coz they used up about a whole roll to clean up the floor. And my MM nad to mop the floor twice after that as well.

And on Thursday night, I woke my M at 12am, 2am and 4am to bring me to the grass coz my tummy was churning. And I puked out my dinner at 4am, and they were still in whole pieces. And I had another round at 6.30am, which is my usualy toilet break time for weekdays. My M felt that it was dangerous leaving me alone at home, so they dropped my at Scuba's house before they left for work so that Aunty S can look after me during the day.

And on Saturday, during our housewarming, I pooped right in the kitchen. There were so many guests that my M didn't notice that I had to go, and I had no choice but to make a statement. You should see how all the guests suddenly evacuated from the kitchen. Luckily my M did not scold me at all coz she knows I was sick. So being sick does have it's priviledges.

And I pooped again at home last night when my M and MM went out to watch Harry Potter. They came home at 2am to clean up the living room again, and luckily (for them), it was only one small puddle.

BUT! Being sick also means I get less to eat. To rest my tummy, my M only gave me chicken broth in the morning, and in the evenings, more chicken broth and a miserable half piece of chicken breast. She even had the cheek to say that this is a good time for me to lose weight coz I'm supposed to be on a diet!

I'm getting a little better now (cross paws), and there's no accidents at home today. I hope I get better soon because I'm missing my full meals!

Sick, sick me

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Growing up

I was a big boi the last time, now I'm an even bigger boi! I'm almost catching up with my big brother herbie!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Beach... again!

We went to the beach again on sunday.

*warning* peek-ture... arghhh, I mean PICTURES intensive post!

Here's Mr Otter-boy making a splash... literally. I don't know why he has to go and create such a spash, and blinding himself with the water droplets in the process.

Splash! again.... and again...

He was swimming so badly that on several occasions, he had to use my MM as a buoy. My MM was complaining of being scratched on his back. I bet he appreciates a non-swimming dog (read: me) now.

Helios: Help! I'm drowning!

After some practise, he finally improved. At least he doesn't spash as much.

But he will start splashing again once he gets excited about his toy.

He also had a little struggle with Tommy over who would be getting the toy.

But he won in the end. I think Tommy gave in to him.

And he tried to bury his 'bone' once he got to shore.

As for Scuba, he was being dragged into the water.... as usual...

Jack was still sitting on the sand looking grouchy... as usual...

Joey was still playing with his ball... as usual...

But at least he was doing something else as well... rolling in the sand

What about me then? I was in my zen mode... being one with the sea...

Yes, I even told my M to make the sea looks more blue and 'zen-ny'. In my meditative state, I can see the future in my mind... and strangely, it seems edible.


Until I was rudely awaken from my zen-like state... to find myself being dragged out to sea.... AGAIN!

You're not supposed to disturb a Master in meditation!
I don't wanna GooOOoooOoooo...

I was finally released after a few stuggles, and as I swam back, I said a prayer...

Please don't let her drag me back again!

Even Helios was not spared from such a fate.

So we made our way back together...

Remember where Scuba hid during our last beach outing? Well, I decided to join him there once I reach shore.

Me: Are you sure they can't get us from here?
Scuba: I'm pawsitive!

Luckily, the humans finally decided to call it a day, and we showered. Scuba, Jack and Joey went home but our humans and Tommy's humans decided to go for lunch, and on the way, they found this place which they call the huge hair-dryer. So we were made to stay around to blow dry.

(M: It's actually an air vent, where the air is sucked in from the car park and blown out in the open for ventilation. Because the car park is relatively empty and underground, there's no exhaust smell, and the air is actually quite cooling.

Look at all our flying fur...

And a close up just to show you how strong the wind is, note my butt...

We tried to run around a bit to air-dry as well.

And when the humans finally had lunch, I thought we'll get a share as well, but NoooOooo... we had to stay under the table with no food!

Even when we put on our most pathetic faces, the humans remained unmoved.

See, even Helios tried to tell them that he's fainting of hunger!

Mind power: Food!

But they say that the food is unhealthy for us. I wonder, if it's so unhealthy, why are THEY eating it?

Of course, after the meals, they made us walk a bit more and when they saw a nice patch of grass, they had to make us pose for pictures. And we had to pretend to be happy.

On a side note, when this picture was taken, there was a whole bunch of gawkers looking at us take photos. I wonder... have they never seen a doggie model shoot before? Hmm.. or maybe they wanted our pawtograph.

And finally, we were allowed to leave after a hard day's work! Can you see how happy we were to leave?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hide & Seek

My M likes to play hide and seek with me. She will hide my toy toy, and I will seek it. And I'm a good boi coz I keep looking til I find it. And I don't take other toys even if they're lying on the floor if it's not the toy I'm supposed to find.

Here is me finding toy toy.

But my M thot it's too e-zee so she made me find again. Ginger was not very helpful.

My M says I can be a good civil defence dog like joey but she is too lazy to bring me after hearing Aunty G telling her that the humans have to climb into holes and get real dirty sometimes as well. I don't mind dirty, but my M seyz she dowanna wash a dirty car and a dirty dog every weekend.

Maybe I will ask Aunty G if she will bring me instead.