Monday, May 29, 2006

Bony Day

It's a day for bones! Thanks to Aunty V who gave me 3 large bones. My M decided to give me one as she felt that my teeth were getting dirty. To thank Aunty V for the bones, I have recorded a clip on how to chew bones. This is for dogs like Scuba who are afraid of getting their paws dirty. Finger, or paw licking good food, like bones, or durians, have to be eaten with hands, or in our case, paws.

If you turn up the volume a little, you might even hear me crunching them.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Art of Begging

I have recently attained a new level in the Art of Begging. It worked so well that even Aunty W, who seldom feed me from the table, could not resist it. I have decided to share my new found ability with my fellow friends.

Note: this tutorial is only suitable for large dogs. Small dogs will find difficulty in executing this move due to height constraints.

Step 1:
Sit next to intented target. For beginners, look for humans with weak will power, it usually works better.

Step 2:
Plonk your head down on their lap and look up at them with big adoring eyes. It helps that my head level is just right at the human's thigh level when they are seated. Do not pant, smile or drool. Just look at them and make your eyes as big as possible. Dogs like Scuba with beady eyes can skip the last step. If possible, squeeze out a few tears.

Step 3:
Wait for humans to feed you.

This is what you should look like.

Please, can you feed me?

Aunty W, on seeing this look on me the other day, made this comment, "This kind of face cannot don't feed leh."

Mission accomplished.

My M has started to call this my Ultimate Begging Look.

With Aunty W defeated, next on the list would be Aunty G. I think the day that I can make her feed me from the table, would be the day I attain nirvana. I shall have to think very hard on how to attain the next level of begging.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I love durians!

The humans had a durian session last night. Silly Tommy turned his nose up at such a wonderful fruit. He don't know what he's missing. Me? I was busy grabbing all the pieces that I can. Look at me frantically trying to lick everything off.

Yummy yummy

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Menage A Trois?

Strangely, Tommy has recently rekindled his excitement over me. He keeps trying to ask me to play, to the extent that he would even skip his dinner. Why would I say that? Well, when my M was dog sitting Tommy the other day, she tried to feed him his dinner. To keep ME away from HIS dinner, my M kept me out of my own kitchen. Anyway Tommy was not interested in his dinner at all, he kept pacing up and down trying to get out and play with me. What a silly dog, to give up dinner. I, for one, would NEVER do that.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is about my visit to Aunty V's house last night. Aunty V was dogsitting Tommy when I went over. And strangely, Scuba has taken a liking to Tommy. As soon as I came in, Tommy made a beeline for me, and Scuba made a beeline for him. So there we were, 3 dogs, in a hump.... literally.

That would be 50kg on me

The humans thought it was so funny that they were trying to take pictures instead of grabbing those 2 heavyweights off my breaking back. And to make sure that they get the picture from all angles, they even made Tommy and Scuba re-enact the humping scene. Perverted humans!

Now, how about from this angle?

I think I need to see a physiotherapist... or a chiropracter.... or sinseh.... or...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Raja Udang?

Something was not quite right when my M and MM came home yesterday. Instead of the usualy head scratch, jumping up and rubba rubba, all I got was a customary pat on the head. Could they still be unhappy with my diarrhoea episode? After patting me, both of them rushed straight to the fish tank.

What's so interesting about the fish tank? The fishes only swim everyday. And after eavesdropping on their conversation, I realised, that the prawns have given birth and there's lots of tiny prawns in the tank, which the fishes are happily gobbling up. My M was even asking my MM if there's a way to save the baby prawns. And they also realised that there are a lot of prawns with eggs in them (my M just bought a lot of prawns to add to the tank).

Oh darn! I can imagine that they will be looking out for baby prawns for the next few days. Will my position as the favourite pet in the house be ursurped by some prawns!? Will I have to bow to them next time? Oh dear!

Maybe I should think positive thoughts. With so many prawns, maybe some will end up being my dinner. Yeah... that's a better idea. My own dinner farm, right in the house. Now shall I have it as tempura or drunken?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not for the faint hearted

Warning..... this post is graphically disturbing. Do not continue if you have a queasy tummy.

I repeat, do not continue if you have a queasy tummy.

I have a welcoming gift for my M and MM when they came home from work yesterday. Not that I can help giving it to them. It must have been something I ate, not too sure what. I've got diarrhoea again. And there's no papers (as usual). And since so many were asking for photo evidence the last time I had a tummy ache, my MM decided to oblige you all by posting up a picture of a very sorry me and my 'gift'.

I'm sooooo sorry

I put on my sorriest (is there such a word) look once my M and MM came back and slunk down so low, looking sorrowful, hoping that they won't scold me. Well, at least this time there was less spatter on the wall. Erm... if that's any consolation.

Aunty G was saying that luckily I didn't do it on the carpet, coz according to her, Jack likes to have his diarrhoea on a carpet. Must be some kind of fetish.

To play safe, my M has spread newspapers in the kitchen today before she went to work. I hope my tummy gets better. I only got 2 biscuits this morning because of my weak tummy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New portfolio

A new portfolio has just been added to my job description. Besides being the resident garbage bin (a job I totally love!), I am now the official foot rest as well.

My MM has recently found that I make a very good footrest, so good that last night, he had to drag me from where I resting to right under his feet just so that he can put his feet up. Although I wasn't too ecstatic with the new job, but at least I'm glad that my MM doesn't have stinky feet.

I wonder, with the new job, will there be a pay (read: food) increment?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

*sniff sniff*

Just to let you guys know that I'm still alive. My M's been having the sniffles the whole weekend, so there's nothing interesting going on for me as well. As you guys know, my social life is entirely dependant on her. Sigh...

Spent the last 2 days sleeping. Well, at least I got to sleep on the sofa bed with her today. And I had half the bed coz my MM was not in. My M complains that I take up too much space on the sofabed, and three is a crowd. I can't help it if you guys bought such a small bed. Imagine, it's already so crowded with three, what would happen when the puppy comes along? Let me tell you, I'm not gonna sleep on the floor so that the puppy can be on the bed.

My bed.... MINE!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Supersonic Nose

The humans have recently started saying that I have supersonic nose, on top of my perfect hearing.

What happened was that I was following Aunty HS around very closely at the park the other day, and kept sitting in front of her coz I was so sure she was hiding some food in her pocket. However, Aunty HS kept trying to lie to me that she's got no food. But would I be deterred by mere words? NoooooOOooo.... I persevered and kept following. Until she had no choice but to empty her pockets just to let me see there's no food. But still, nothing escape my nose. I KNOW there's food somewhere and I continued following her. Aunty HS was saying that I've become a stalker.

Well, my M asked her if she used to keep some food in that pocket, but Aunty HS can't remember. She tried digging her pockets again and viola! Stuck in the very smallest crevice of her pocket was..... ta dah.... a 0.5x0.5cm piece of treat!

Aunty HS and the rest of the humans were so amazed that I could actually sniff out that small piece of food. When Sugar saw Aunty HS holding it, I think she wanted the treat as well, but luckily Aunty HS said that I should have it since I discovered it.

Once again, this proves that when it comes to food, I leave no stone... I mean pocket unturned.

I 'nose' there's food here somewhere!

On a side note, when the humans regaled Aunty HS with the story of my perfect hearing, Aunty HS suddenly remembered that she herself had witnessed my very good hearing at Chili's birthday, the details which were recounted here.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Get well soon, Joey

Right as I type now, Joey is recovering from his surgery. He's got a split molar and the tooth got to be extracted. Ouch! I wonder if that meant no hard food for the next few days.

Poor Joey, so young (younger than me at least) and already losing his teeth. Hmm... I wonder if I will get to eat his bones since now he's one tooth less to chew. Get well soon Joey! And let me know if you need help with your food. I've still got all my teeth intact, I can help you to, erm, you know.... chew them into small bite size pieces so that it's easier for you to eat them. I promise not to accidentally swallow your dinner... erm... cross my paws.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Purrrfect hearing

Aunty W was marvelling at my very good hearing last night. Well, she was training Tommy at the other end of the field, far far away, and was using treats. Silly Aunty W, she must have thought that I won't know if she goes far away, but unknown to her, I have supersonic ears when it comes to food. I can even hear a crisp bag open a mile away.

Needless to say, I bounded towards her immediately when I hear food. Some of my M's friends actually expressed surprise that I run, coz I'm quite laid back everytime they see me. To set the record straight, yes I do run, very quickly, when food is concerned.

Is there food right ahead?!

I think I have better hearing than cats. Or, are cats supposed to have good hearing?

Better than me? Phish!

Well, at least good hearing goes to show I'm not getting that old yet.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For adoption!

No no... not me. Although I knew you wish I was up for adoption. My M's helping to spread the news of these 2 lovely dogs who are looking for a forever home. They may not be purebred, but they'll be as loyal and faithful as any purebred dog. They may not be young, but hey, you can still teach an old dog new tricks! I was adopted when I was 3 anyway, and look at me now, turning around in circles for food!

So if anyone has in their big hearts to adopt these lovely dogs (please note they may not be HDB approved size), please call 97615787 for viewing or info.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Saved by Tommy

No, not us being saved by Tommy, but the humans. Seeing how often Tommy logs onto the PC, I guess his story would never be told if I did not do it for him.

On Sunday night, all the humans went for dinner and a late KTV, and me and Tommy spent the evening with Scuba. Well, Aunty S went to bed and by the time our owners and Aunty V came back to pick us up, it was about 1am in the morning. Unfortunately, Aunty V just changed the lock to her door, and forgot to put the new key in her keyring.

So there were the humans, outside the door, and us dogs, inside the door. Scuba was fast asleep by then, as was Aunty S, so she could not hear the doorbell or the phone ring. The humans hit onto the bright idea of asking Tommy to speak. So through the wooden door, we could hear them whisper 'Tommy, speak!'. Of course, Tommy obliged by barking. But there was no noise from Aunty S's room. The humans were just thinking maybe if they give the command 'Tommy, go to Aunty S's room and speak', Tommy might really do so.

Luckily, by then Aunty S had woken up and opened the door for the humans, and we were reunited with our owners. The humans all praised Tommy and said maybe next time they can teach him to call individual humans.

Well, you may be thinking what was I doing then? I was at the side looking on, I mean, since Tommy is so eager to do the job, no point me making so much noise as well right. However, my M doesn't think too highly of me. She said that if I was the only dog in there, we'll never get into the house. Well, it's not my fault if you can't hear my whines.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's go to the Beach!

We had another outing to the beach yesterday morning, and it was such a hot, hot day! Even non-water dogs like me and Jack voluntarily went to the water to wet our bums to keep cool. Unfortunately, my M did not manage to grab a pic of Jack getting his butt soaked, coz he did it before we arrived. By the time we reached the beach, Jack is back to his usual pose, which is to sit on the sand with a stern look. Well, I guess a big boss does have to keep up appearances. No use letting us see his non-glamourous, wet bum look.

Buzz off!

With the last few evenings raining heavily, it was a good day for us dogs to be out, and even Chili and Sugar made a rare appearance! Don't they look like some advertisement couple running side by side?

Sugar: I wonder if there's any chance some movie director will be here

I didn't know it, but Chili was afraid of swimming as well. Like me, he'll only voluntarily wade up to chest deep water.

It's chest deep already, not going any further!

Sugar, on the other hand, was enjoying her swim. She's one fearless dog, I tell you.

I'm not scared of water!

Unlikes Scuba, who simply hates swimming. He was looking towards the beach in apprehension even as the humans were having breakfast by the beach. Scuba will scramble off once he reaches land after his forced swim. What a disgrace to his name. Scuba, you're supposed to love water for god's sake! You're Scuba, as in diving.... geddit? You're not supposed to have this perpetual panic stricken look everytime you're in water!

Help! Where is land??????

As for me, although I do not like swimming as well, I still manage to maintain a dignified, if not resigned look.

Being carried out to the execution ground... note the dignified look... SIGH!

Aunty S was having a whale of a time carrying me out to the sea to swim. I lost count of the number of trips I had to make back to shore.

Slowly paddling my way back

And you can see how glad I am to be standing on my feet again.

Ahhh.... land!

I was even made to try out Scuba's life jacket and forced to swim even more! I look like a handbag with that life jacket, and Aunty S found it so much easier to drag me into the water with the very convenient handle.

Arghh... sun in my eyes!

Unlike the water dogs Joey and Tommy, who are actually HAPPY to be in water.

Anyone wanna join me for a swim? Anyone? Anyone?

And Joey is always going after his ball. I don't know why my M bother to take his picture. It's always him with a ball in the mouth. I tell her, just use any of the old photos and Joey won't even be able to tell the difference.

Same dog, same pose, same ball.. just a different day

Speaking of pictures, I don't know why my M likes to take such unflattering shots of us shaking water off. All those loose lips and big floppy ears captured on the camera! Totally unglam! She said it's because we looked so funny. Those humans, having their jokes on our expense! Humph!

I think Tommy needs a lip tuck

Look at me, swinging my fur. Some shampoo ad huh?

And Tommy was definitely having lots of fun frolicking in the sand and running up and down the beach. He was alternating between soaking in the water and having his back scratch on the sand.

Itchy itch itch

I can do a better running pose than Chili and Sugar

It was a very tiring morning, after the beach we had to endure a bath. Scuba slept immediately during the ride home, and I heard Tommy had a power nap in the afternoon as well.

I was so tired that I cuddled up to my M and MM while they took their afternoon nap on the sofa bed. My M complained that I took up too much space on the bed and she had a hard time finding a spot to sleep. Well, you can't blame a tired dog, afterall, they were the ones who forced me to swim!