Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Roaring Year of the Tiger! I hope everyone's year started Puurfectly! At least mine was not too bad. My M and MM brought me visiting on the first and second day of the Lunar New Year and I got to perform my parlor tricks (ie: food on nose). The kids were extremely impressed and I got quite a bit of cookies. I would have gotten more if my M was not there to control the amount *pout*.

Well, we didn't manage to take any photos coz my M didn't bring her camera and I was too busy checking out the new houses and trying to avoid the babies. My M says I finally knows what it feels like to be stalked because one of the nephews, who is only a month older than my baby sis, was totally fascinated with me and kept following me all night. I had to be constantly on the move because I think he was trying to steal my toy.

My M's gonna have a pawty at home this saturday so hopefully there'll be more food! Maybe she'll remember to take photos too!

(M: And there's gonna be another baby too!)

Oh no! I hope this baby won't stalk me like the other one does. I have soooo many toys to pawtect!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Dog abuse - after thoughts

Well, a reader of my blog commented on my earlier posting that he/she was appalled that my M allowed my baby sister to hit me with a book.

There are somethings I need to clarify on my M's behalf.

Firstly, that was only a portion of the video recording. Prior to that being recorded, my baby sister was actually patting me, that's why my M took out the video to film us. Then my baby sister changed her mind and decided to bully me.

Secondly, what makes the reader think that my M did not scold or discipline my baby sister? It was precisely why the video was cut off at the end coz my M stopped taping to reprimand her when she refused to heed the earlier warnings. Or maybe I should ask my M to continue taping the evidence of her disciplining my baby sister to show to the world that she did not just sit back and let me be bullied.

Thirdly, I can choose to walk away and my baby sister will not be able to reach me since she is confined in the playpen. I was not made to stay there. Actually, if I am really very much in pain, I would have walked away.

Those who follow my blog will know that there are posts showing when me and my baby sister really love each other. And babies being babies, sometimes they do not know their own strength or what they do might be wrong. But don't worry, I'm still very much loved, and my baby sister does get stopped when she gets a bit overboard.

Just don't get so uptight and jump to conclusions, ok?