Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog identification process

This is my very smart baby sister naming all of us! Of couse, although she's smart, she still needed some prompting sometimes.

I think my baby sister can sorta recognise my big brother herbie sometimes. Sometimes when she sees his photo, she will go 'Er-Bie!' but sometimes she just says dog. My M have been trying to tape her saying 'Herbie' but she's not always so cooperative. I wonder how she knows which is my big brother herbie since my M only showed her a few pictures of herbie.

Monday, March 22, 2010


My M got an email from my breeder recently, and it turns out that I'm gonna be promoted soon! Yes, promoted to the status of Uncle!

My litter sister, Spice, will be having her first pups in April! I thought our mum was great by having 7 pups in all but Spice managed to pull an even better one. The vet thinks that she might have 12 pups!! I'll be an uncle to 12 nieces and nephews!

Look at the soon-to-be mother, doesn't she look as boootiful as me?

Gosh, I feel so grown up now!

PS: But I'm not sure my M still calls me a silly boy and thinks of me as a puppy. (M: because you behave like a puppy!!! ) I shall have to make her stop calling me silly or else none of my nephews and nieces are gonna wespect me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Diaper Cake

My M has been busy these few days making a cake for her friend whom she says is going to 'pop' soon. I wonder what is her friend popping. Maybe corn? So that we can have pop-corn?

And the cake she's making looks very strange too. I asked her if I can eat the cake and she says no, coz it's a diaper cake. I asked if she meant to say her friend 'pooped' instead of 'popped' since she needs diapers but she kok my head and called me a silly boy. She said a diaper cake is made up of diapers and baby goodies stuffed inside to resemble a cake.

Then I noticed something VERY interesting on the diaper cake!

A toy-toy!!!

So I asked if I can have the toy if I can't have the cake.

Can I have Mr Tiger please??

But my M said no and proceeded to wrap it up.

I think maybe I'll have to pop too in order to get a diaper cake with toy. Or maybe should I poop instead? Hmmm....

Monday, March 01, 2010

Rated: Not suitable for children

Although this post is not suitable for children, the atrocious act is done by none other than my baby sister, a kid herself!

See, not only is she a dog abuser, she is also a dog molester too!

Look at the proof! Look at what she's trying to do to Scuba!

Besides this, she has also tried to touch his balls and poke his bum! Poor Scuba! I'm so glad that I have my long fur to help cover up my privates, otherwise I think I won't be spared from her molestations as well.

Don't let this seemingly sweet photo from deceiving you. My baby sister is indeed capable of criminal acts!

Dogs who visit us, be warned! Come at your own risk!