Friday, December 28, 2007

My first Christmas!

This is a late post about my very first christmas. My M says that it's a tradition for the dogs to take a peekture with Scuba's christmas tree every year, so there we were, except for Rafv, Chewie and Lolo, who weren't there, of course, since they are not in the peekture, or else they would have been in it. Am I making sense?

Since my big brother herbie is not here, I'm taking over his place. And we even took peektures with Tommy's new baby human brother.

Scuba has got a very nice christmas tree, and he got all our photos on it.

Can you find me and my big brother herbie?

The humans put this furry thing with bells on me and Tommy's neck, so we tried to take it out by strangling each other. First Tommy tried to remove mine.

It didn't work so I tried to remove his instead.

It didn't work too so we decided to take it off at the same time. Look at us trying to take the thing off from different angle.

The other side....

In the end I gave up but Tommy said he will try and take it off on his own.

And on christmas day itself, I finally got to open my christmas presents, but I must take peektures with them wrapped first....

All those in front of me are MINE! Then I got to open them, with my M's help.

I got loads of toy toys! My M threw some of my older ones away and gave me some of the new ones. I wish I could have kept all the old and new ones.

My M kept 2 presents unwrapped coz they are my barkday presents, so I can't open them until tomorrow.

She says that today is my last day as a puppy, and tomorrow I'm a big boy adult. Why can't I be a big boy puppy forever?

Monday, December 24, 2007

First Groom

My M gave me an early christmas present yesterday, but I didn't really like it, coz it was a looong bath, and I don't like baths very much.

She said since I have not bathed for 2 weeks, and it's gonna be christmas but she has no time to bath me this week again, she decided to take me to this pet shop for my very first grooming while she lunch with her friends.

They can't see the shower area from outside, but can you see me being blow dried after the bath?

After that a nice man came to cut my fur. Although he's nice, I still didn't like standing on the tall table and having my butt shaved. I was so scared my legs were shaking on the table, but I still behave myself and did not jump off the table even though I was not leashed at one point when he combed my chest.

Me, good, shaking boi!

By then my M had finished her lunch and came back. A family was standing outside looking at the dogs being groomed and the mother commented that I am a very good boi coz I did not move. My M told her it's my 1st grooming and I'm scared, but the nice lady still say I'm a very good boi.

After that, the nice groomer gave me a prep talk and told me I am very handsome! I believe him because he is a good man. And of course I AM handsome.

Then he said ok! and I jumped off the table.

Then I sat nicely at the side and waited for my M and MM to collect me.

Handsome and fluffy me

See how happy I am to see my long lost M and MM? I was jumping for joy!

And before we left, I had to take a peekture with the front of the shop.

Much as I like the nice man, I hope we don't go back so soon again because I don't like baths.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone! May your presents be filled with toys, food, loads of love and kisses.... and no baths.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Some old photos...

My M was looking at some old photos, and she decided to share some nice peektures of my big brother herbie, some taken by her, some taken by her friends.

This is one of my big brother herbie's first few trips to the bleach. See, he still got a somewhat brown muzzle.

This was taken when they went to Labrador Park (funny but she told me there's no labradors staying there) to take peektures of the sunset. See the sun setting on my big brother herbie's face? And he's still got a brown nose.

This peekture was taken at least 3 years ago when Herbie went to stay with Uncle Chris while my M went on holiday. My M says my big brother always has a very kindly face. I say I want kindly face too, but she says I have a goofy face.

This is a peekture of what my big brother herbie does best, meditating.

This is after a loooong cycling trip. See how tired he is? He had to prop his head up.

A closer look at his tiredness.

This is him trying to sleep. My M says she loves it when his lips are hanging like that. Very unglam, she says.

And my happy brother running at the fields.

And then resting after a tired run... doesn't he look sweeet here?

And very satisfied...

We still miss my big brother herbie a lot. I think he's so great, he'll be a difficult act to follow, but I will try my best to be a good boi as well!

Friday, December 14, 2007

What annoys me?

River tagged me to tell everyone 7 things that annoy me. And I thought and I thought and I thought....

Nothing much really annoys me actually. But if I really, really have to choose, it'll be:

1) Balancing food on my nose. I know how to do it already, can we not do it ALL the time?

2) Same with holding bags in my mouth.

3) Why can't I vigorously scratch myself silly?

4) Why must I wait for dinner to cool before I can eat it?

5) Why can't I go and play with the cats downstairs?

6) And the rats too.....

7) And the snails and the worms?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baking Day

Sunday was baking day. My big brother herbie always says he likes baking days, and now I know why. There's things to eat on baking day!

Firstly, my M baked 2 butter cakes for the humans. It's not that interesting since I don't get to eat it so there's only 2 before and after peekture of the butter cake.



My M says this is the first time her cake came out perfect, because she couldn't get the correct temperature and timing for the oven the last few times she tried baking it.

And now, to the more important stuff. I'm gonna be 1 end of the month, so my M started making cookies for my friends.

Here are the ingredients....

Wholemeal flour, organic rolled oats, olive oil, egg

Steamed minced mutton

which she pureed.... with garlic

Put everything in a bowl and mix into a dough...

I was quite worried when I hear my M says she's not good at baking. I want my friends to have nice, yummy cookies.

Do you think we should buy some cookies, as back up plans?

But luckily everything came out quite all right...

So far, so good...

We had star shaped cookies, coz I'm a STAR!

Twinkle, twinkle little cookies

And we have hearts too, coz we have loads of LUV

I *heart* my cookies

And then they went into the oven...

And came out ready to eat!

My M says I can't eat the nice ones yet, but she gave me the odd sized pieces. I said, ok, as long as I can eat.

Conshentrating on the food

It was yummy! She said she might have to bake another batch this sunday. Yippeeee! Now I luv baking days as well!

Monday, December 10, 2007

New tree in the house!

We have a new tree in the house, and this tree has lots of toy toy! But my M says I can't pee pee on this tree, and I can't play with the toys. I tell her I never pee pee in the house. (M: Never??) I mean, I never pee pee in the house for a long, long time already. So I won't pee pee on this tree coz it's in the house.

No to pee pee

She put the cards that we received around the tree too. Very nice cards to go with very nice tree. My M says the tree is for Christmas, and I can only open my presents on Christmas Day. It's gonna be my very first Christmas! Yeah!

How many more days are there to Christmas now?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bleach Schwimming again!

We went schimming last sunday at the beach, I was so happy to be back there that I jumped into the water.

My M says I look like Super-Dog! Do I?

Tommy also likes jumping into the water, but he doesn't look as Super as me, coz he's not flying.

They throw frisbee into the water, but strangely when I try to flip over the frisbee to pick it up, it sinks, and then I sink too. (M: On land, Helios will flip the frisbee over so that it's easier for him to pick it up. He tried to do this in water as well but his nose ended up poking the frisbee and they both sank)





Tommy is so clever, he can take TWO toys without sinking. See, his head is still dry.

But I got a very wet head.

I don't know why Scuba doesn't like swimming when it's so fun. Aunty S had to drag him into the water.

Look at the tails he made. (M: Trails!!!!)

See, he looks relieved once he's back on land.

Aunty S only made him swim twice, then she gave up and took him for a walk instead. I think he's happier with the walk.

After we showered, the humans went to have lunch. They had Sushi, I had nothing. :(

So I went to look at the sea again, and I ask if I can go play play. They said no, coz I've just showered.

Tommy wanted to jump over but his dad stopped him.

Then the humans had I-Scream for dessert. I had nothing again. :(

I wanna scream too!

But they said I can have cookie if I do funny things on head and nose. So I said, ok for cookie!

I lurve going to the bleah. I hope we can still go in future, because my M said recently there's been people complaining to the papers about dogs at bleaches and eating places.

It didn't help that a few months ago, a husky bit a little girl's ear at the bleach. My M says just because 1 owner can't control her dog, it makes the rest of us looks bad. Apparently the husky was only adopted 2 months ago, and the new owner off leashed it at the beach. My M felt that 2 months is not enough to understand a rehomed dog, or for the dog to accept a new person as an owner. She said she took many, many months with my big brother Herbie before he responded to her commands.

Now we just hope that they don't decide to ban dogs from the bleach, or I'll have no place to schwim.