Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No play?

My M is not working today, but instead of entertaining me, she's doing housework! Someone should tell her how to get her priorities right! Look how bored i look!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My yummy V-day dinner

I know this is a late post, but my M was lazy. Anyway it's about my Valentine Day's dinner. I lurrrve V-day, because it is a day of yummy food! (M: It's a day for love, silly!)

It is? I always thought V-day is a day for food, because I get special dinners on that day. Maybe it's a day for love of FOOD!

Anyway, my M cooked again. To be fair, all of us had almost the same basic thing, fish and broccoli... even the baby! But the baby has extra sweet potatoes, my M and MM had tomato soup... but I had extra beef! I'm special because beef is so much better than veges!

Baby food... she got extra sweet potatoes...

The extras....

Tomato soup... made with real tomatoes!

It doesn't look soupy yet coz my M had to puree it.

Strangely, it looked like my baby sister's dinner...

Don't they look the same? And even more strangely, how come my baby sister's food looked so different from my M and MM's food although it's made of the same stuff?

Anyway, I don't really care, coz I get to eat all of them! Yup, my M gave me the leftovers from my baby sister's dinner too. Speaking of which, I've been getting quite a lot of her leftovers recently coz my M tend to cook a bit more. My baby sis is FINALLY becoming a blessing!

Here's my dinner!

And then there is the customary pose before every special meal.

It was indeed yummy... if only my M won't keep taking peektures of me eating.

But good food is never enough... so here's me teaching my baby sister the next lesson in life....

Begging at the dinner table

I wonder when will be the next special dinner day...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Go directly to jail, do not pass Go.

The long arms of the law has finally caught up with my baby sister. She was finally jailed for assaulting me.

I wonder how long the jail term will be.... how long will I be safe from her evil clutches...

She's not gonna come out anytime soon right?

But I fear that it won't be long....

Criminal behind bars... I mean, net...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Escaped lion!

Something frightening happened last week... I saw an escaped lion! And it was dancing! I'm not sure what was worse, the lion being an escapee or that it was dancing.

I was so shocked that I slipped my collar and tried to run away from the big dancing lion but my M called me back so I had to slink back carefully although I very much wanted to run.

This is what the escaped lion looks like:

Doesn't it look frightening?

My M even took a clip of it trying to dance. I don't know why everyone is looking at a dangerous beast dance and some of the bystanders even laughed at me when I tried to run.

My M just laughed at me and said I'm a scaredy cat. She said that if I die one day, the cause of death would most likely be a heart attack, since I get so easily spooked. I think I might have to wear armor in future to protect my heart from evil dancing lions and scawie ronalds attacking it.

I wonder if any authorities are attempting to capture the escaped lion.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Next: ears?

I hope that is not going to be the next target.