Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bye-Bye, Silly Car

Thank you for those who asked about me, I am feeling much better now, no more puking.

Anyway, like my big brother said previously, we just changed the car. So now our sillycar is no longer silly.

(Herbie: The model of the car is Celica, not Silly car for crying out loud!)

But before we say bye-bye to the sillycar, we gotta take peek-tures with it, and we went some places for the peek-tures. It was tiring taking those peek-tures, coz we had to...

take peek-tures with the front of the car

take peek-tures with the side of the car

take peek-tures with the doors opened\

take peek-tures with the back of the car and on top

My MM said Herbie can't take peek-tures on top of the car coz he's too heavy. And besides all these, we had to take peek-tures of the car with humans, without humans, doors opened, doors closed, left side, right side etc etc

It was tiring but fun.

I wonder if my MM will let me take peek-tures on top of the new car.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yes, my M has become a criminal, and done the unthinkable, and it's all Helios fault!

The other day she drove us out for an outing and Helios had to puke in the car of all places! My M tried to clean the cushion up but because we've sold this car and getting a new one in a few day's time, my MM had cleared the car of almost everything! So there's no water, no towels, no tissue at all to clean up.

We were in the middle of a park with no shops. So what did my M do? She became a thief! She went to the public toilet and stole a whole roll of toilet paper!

The aftermath

Has anyone ever been arrested for stealing toilet paper? Oh I hope they don't arrest me as her accomplice! And on top of it all, poor me have to travel with the stench for the rest of the journey!

My M did not scold him because she said he looked upset about puking, but if you ask me, he's just upset that he lost his lunch!

It'll be all Helios fault if we all have to go to jail!

(M:Sigh! The things we do for our dogs!)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Photos, Photos

Some of you may have noticed that my banner has been changed to include Helios. My M took us out last week to take a series of photos for the new banner, so I present to you below, our brotherly love.

The day started well enough....

Let's do a good smile for the camera!

... and another one...

... and another one...

... and another one... are we quite done yet? My grin's getting strained.

We're getting bored....

I have to say that immediately after the above photo was taken, Helios started jumping around. Apparently that silly boy went to rest on a pile of ants. My M had to flip him over and pluck out the ants one by one from beneath the fur. He should have stayed on the bench like me. Silly boy!

I hate ants!

Being a model is such tiring business!

I think my M is thinking of bring us out again for another session. Groan.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tagged - 2gether

I've been tagged by Scuba, who got sick of being having no one to tag coz he was too lazy to get his bum down and tag others before they get tagged, and therefore he decided to START his own tag game.

So apparently, his rules are:

1) Picture of you and another dog (or another animal)
2) A funny caption to go with the picture
3) Tag others

So here goes....

A little more to the left please....

Try and look happy or else this will never end

Cats and dogs are supposed to be enemies, so we have to look in opposite directions

Oops! Caught fighting! But we're still friends.

And Scuba went on to tag 10 other dogs! He's making sure we run out of tag-gees!

So now I tag:
Boo Boo and

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Life is unfair

I never knew how unfair life can be, until the arrival of Helios.

Just because he's 'Growing', he gets to eat and eat and eat.... a LOT. Look what my M has been trying to cheat me out of!

A typical brunch. Can you guess which bowl is mine?

The one on the RIGHT! Helios is eating apples, yoghurt AND fish, and a whole bowl full at that. What do I get??? Some miserable pieces of apples, soup from the steamed fish and yoghurt! And they think I can't tell the difference?!!?

And don't let me start about dinner. Look how unfair the portions are!

If you can't see clearly, here's a better view. In case you didn't realise, I get more vegetables than him because I'm supposed to be on a 'DIET'.

See the red line? See the amount he gets that exceeds the red line??!!?

Just because he's growing, he's eating about 1kg of meat a day, and that's not including vegetables! And me? I get a miserly 200g of meat per day.

And from eating all that much, he isn't growing a lot anyway. Helios wants me to post his latest growth update.

Compared to 2 weeks ago, he only gained about 2kg. But he's eaten at least 14kg of meat, where did the rest of the food go?? I tell you, it's a waste of food feeding him that much if he's not going to show some results from the food.

I don't care, I'm a growing boy too and I demand my fair share of food!

(M: Actually, Herbie really can't tell the difference in the amount of food given. Maybe it's because he's a slower eater so they finish at about the same time, or he's only slightly earlier.)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bleach Schwimming

Oh all right! It's Beach Swimming but that little bugger wanted to co-write this piece and he wanted to write the subject title.

Anyway, we went to the beach yesterday, and it was Helios first time at the beach. Of course, as the nice big brother, I must tell him the perils of going to the beach. The forced swimming, the constant exercising, the very, very wet fur.

Herbie: ok... be careful of that huge patch of water in front

EEeeWwww..... look at the scary water!

Helios took my advise to heart and was very wary of the waves. Forgive my M's quacking in the background. I don't know why she's sounding like a duck.

Let's go to the beach!

I make a very good teacher.... until Tommy and Joey came along, which I shall let Helios elaborate on his own later. Luckily, the tide was low yesterday, which accounts for the seaweed along the coast, and also I don't have to swim! Why? Coz even when I have walked a long distance away, the water is still to my belly level, and my M did not want to get herself wet this time, and my MM was overseas, there's no one to drag me into the water!

M, I tried to swim, really! But look how shallow the water is!

So since I don't have to swim, I can spend my morning running on the sand...

Land is so much better!

... and catching up on my forty winks...


... while looking at 2 seals jumping into the sea....

The water was so shallow that those silly water dogs had to bunny hop in the sea before they get to swim.

And poor Scuba, they tried to let him get used to shallow water but he just couldn't understand.

NoooOOOOoooOOOooo WATER!!!!

He got so upset he ran away to hide among the rocks.

I am NOT going downt there!

Just to show you how far away he ran....

Where's Scuba?

Oh all right! He wasn't running away, I was just pulling your legs. His mom thought that the rocks would make a nice photo and made him pose there in exchange for not swimming.

ok, that little bugger is bugging me to let him write the rest of the story.... so here's over to him....

Hello eberyone, I went for my first schwimming at the bleach today, but strangely my color is still the same....

My big brother Herbie was telling me how scawie the bleach is, so we played on the bleach while waiting for the others to arrive. Herbie is so nice and he let me play frog leap on him.

Later Tommy and Joey came and told me it's not true that the sea is scawie, it's just that my big brother don't like schwimming coz he's lazi. So they taught me what to do in the sea.

Tommy: Yup, just grab any toy and swim

Joey: Got your toy? Now follow me!

I like playing with Tommy coz he shares his toys with me

Tommy: When I said 'any toy', MY toys are not included!

Sometimes he lets me have them....

sometimes not....

Joey always has his own toy which I don't dare to take coz Joey scolds

Stay away from MY ball

See how good I am at schwimming now!

But my M said I look very serious when I schwim....

Conshentrating on peddling!

I think I like the bleach, I want to go again soon!


Ok, that's all from that delusional chap, and that's all from us folks. I shall pray that the next bleach.... arghhh! I mean BEACH outing won't be that soon. The humans are saying that they will need to wait for higher tides to go to the beach so that the water will be cleaner with no seaweeds.

Now if I can just distract them whenever they talk about the next high tide.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feeding Fishes

Just some time ago, my MM's brother decided to take us and the family to this park to feed the fishes in the pond. Of course us dogs we more than happy to be out walking at a new park, and the best thing is, they bought a huge loaf of bread to feed us... i mean, the fishes. The bread is most certainly meant for us, right?

Gran, is the bread for us?

But nooo.... they kept throwing the bread to the fishes!

Even the turtles got more bread than us!

our competitors

After a while, I realised that waiting was futile and decided to do my own exploring but silly Helios was ever hopeful. Talk about the optimism of youth!

Look at how he kept looking at my MM's dad while he threw the bread. I tell you, the humans were almost afraid he'll jump into the water to get the bread!

We then went to another pond.. and Helios the Optimistic was still hopeful.

Where did the bread go??

Sooner or later, he'll learn to be as experienced as me. In the meantime, I'll just let him wallow in his optimism.

Helios: Yew have bread for me?

I tell you, this feeding of fishes thing, is a waste of totally good bread!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Natural Rearing

My M recently found this website, Natural Rearing that advocates natural rearing and holistic and alternative care for pets. She found a particular article about feeding quite familiar.

To extract from it's passages:

- Everybody knows that---The digestive system of the modern domesticated dog is much "weaker" than a wild dog’s and that is why modern dogs have to be fed differently to their wild counterparts.

- Everybody knows that—Each meal you feed your dog should be complete and balanced,

- It is impossible without a university education in dog nutrition to be able to successfully feed a dog,

- And of course—the best way to ensure proper nutrition is by feeding only (fill in appropriate brand name) commercial dog food.

I wonder if anyone found the above statements familiar? Yes, it is almost exactly the same thing that the vet told my M!

And my M loved the reply in the site:

"COMMONSENSE—Ask yourself the question…is that the way you design your own meals ? Each of them totally balanced with every conceivable nutrient present that you require ? Of course you don’t. No creature since life began has eaten that way!!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that in nature, a "wild" dog will achieve a balanced diet over a period of time that can range from a few days to a few weeks. Never at each meal and never consistent. The attempt to put all the nutrients a dog requires into one commercial product is responsible for much unnecessary suffering and poor health. It is an insidious way of slowly ensuring a shorter life span for your animal and is guaranteed to sooner or later make your veterinarian a little richer."

My M is not against kibbles, it's just that I can't take them, and she has the time to go marketing and cook for us. She just doesn't like the way the vet was lecturing her, almost like forcing her to listen to his beliefs.

Anyway, thanks to some of your suggestions, my M did change to another vet when she took Helios for his last vaccination. This lady vet (whom I dislike, which I will explain why later), is a lot more receptive. She did recommend dog food as well, but she said it nicely, not in a 'I know better that you' kind of way. She did say that if my M prefers to continue with hcf, maybe she can substitute one of the meals with kibbles so that Helios will still get his nutrients. But my M is still sticking to hcf. With the recent food recall, she can't really trust dog food for now.

And now I shall explain why I dislike this vet. She said I'm a little OVERWEIGHT!!! My M asked her to check if my weight is ok, and she said I'm OVERWEIGHT!! If I had known she was feeling for my ribs, I would have stood up, because gravity will pull my skin and fur down so that my ribs are more visible. But nooooo..... she had to feel for my ribs when I'l all sprawled out on the floor, and the floor is pushing my skin and fur up to surround my ribs.

So my M said I have to go on a diet. And the vet suggested giving me fruits and vegetables as treats instead of biscuits because 'I can't tell the difference!'. Of course I know the difference! I'd prefer to have them all!

I think I shall have to avoid going to the vet in future.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Odd one out

My M took us to the dog run this morning, and Helios had fun with Scuba and two other bull terriers. Scuba had met the other 2 bullies (what a strange nickname!) just last week and his mum found out that they're coming to the park again today.

Anyway, Helios stuck out like a sore thumb, as you can see.

Odd one out

The bullies were engaged in a series of unmentionable acts (unmentionable to puppies anyway) and they decided to engage Helios as well. Well, since the humans didn't even bat an eyelid, who am I to make a hoo ha when they decided to hump Helios.

Look, this is how we play

It resulted into a little of a love triangle, because Scuba was interested in Badger, while Badger was interested in Helios.

Ménage à trois

A schnauzer happened to walk in and got the shock of his life.

When Helios started to run away, Badger ran after him, and Scuba ran after Badger.

Scuba: Wait, I'm not done yet!

Helios got a little irritated, and he actually had the cheek to snap at a bull terrier! And look at how Badger is still leering at Helios.

Helios: Take that!

But after all these, they're still friends....

Butt... butt... butt....

And what was I doing all this time? Well, doing the most important thing of course, which is to beg. Aunty V took a bag ful of treats to the park!

EYE POWER: Can I have some pleeeeeease?