Sunday, April 29, 2007

SKC Dog Show

Well, it was the dog show today, and Helios was entered into the baby puppy class. So early this morning, Aunty V came to pick us up. That silly Helios was so rude as to SIT on our very kind host Scuba!

Helios: This car cushion feels different...

Anyway, Scuba was very nice and decided to move to the foot of the car so that Helios can have the seat. I hope he said thanks to Scuba.

After we reached the dog show and a slight wait, it was Helios turn.


My M even had time to make scrunchee faces with Helios. Talk about being professional!

Now you see me... now you don't!

Unfortunately, Helios did not win anything, and I can only attribute it to my blur M. It's her first time showing, and instead of keeping a note of what the guy did in front of her, she was busy chatting instead. So she ended up making a boo boo of herself. Here's the proof:

After running with Helios, she thought she had to go back where she came from, then realised it's wrong, so she thought she had to leave the ring, until she saw the guy who was in front of her standing at one side. So she ran back to join the 'queue'.

Of course, after the show she did some shopping, and a few people even recognised me from my blog! Thanks to all of you who came to say hi!

We were so tired after a whole afternoon at the show that we slept all the way home.


Friday, April 27, 2007

New Dining Table

I've got a new dining table! Well, my M has been feeding me on a raised area because she felt that it would be better on my neck and back if I don't have to bend down to eat. Previously she placed my food bowl on an inverted show rack she bought from ikea, which worked perfectly well.

But she made me a new food bowl, which was higher than my older metal bowl, so I have to raise my head instead to eat. And now with the arrival of Helios, she'll need a longer table as well. So she had a new dining table custom made for us.

Dining table

Look, it's so long that it can hold 3 bowls! And it even has a cabinet at the bottom to keep our supplements and stuff.

Of course, Helios is too short to use the table now, so he'll have to wait until he grows some legs before he gets to use it. In the meantime, I'll have the sole use of the table.

I wonder if that will mean I will have sole use of the food as well...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Younger Days

It seems that many of my friends are posting photos of themselves when they are younger. Well, as my M was clearing her old room for the big move the other day, she found some old photos of me. She almost couldn't recognise me in the photo, but obviously she knows it's me, because back then, I still had my brown muzzle. That's right, I don't always have a white muzzle.

My M said she's so used to seeing me with my white muzzle now that I almost look like another dog in the photos. Sigh... those were the days, when I was still young and handsome....

Of course, now I am MATURED and handsome.

My M didn't have a scanner so she took a photo of the photo. Sounds weird, but here it is. Note that the photo was taken almost 4 years ago, which means I was 3 years old then.

I just had a bath, so my fur looks even darker than it is.
Yummy bone

Chinese New Year 4 years ago
On 'guard' duty

Wasn't I a handsome young dog then?

Friday, April 20, 2007

10 Dogs in a Row!

We went for a picnic last Sunday, but I couldn't blog about it because something went wrong with my M's computer.

So here's the long awaited photos...

Helios was the star of the day as my M wanted to take lots of pictures as he is growing up. So she made him play fetch....

But he decided other dog's toys seem more interesting, although he couldn't quite keep up with them...

Helios: I'll get it when my legs get longer!

Joey: Your legs are longer than mine but you still can't get it... ngak ngak ngak

Lolo: Are you getting the ball?
Helios: What ball? Don't see anything.

Scuba was so happy that there's no need for him to swim that he jumped for joy.

Scuba: No swimming! Yippee!

As for me, I was teaching Helios the art of begging.

Just look hopeful

Even Huskee joined us and exercised a bit.

And he finally got to see the 'behind the scenes of group dog photos'. It took all of us at least 5 minutes to get the shot.

behind the scene: crew and models getting ready

Why did the group picture take that long? Because....

...Rafv kept wanting to run back to the shade

I need shade!

... Tommy kept wanting to go back to play
I need more play!

... Huskee kept wanting to run back to his humans
I want my Daddeeeee

While Helios, Lolo and Chewie kept fidgeting. What I'm trying to say is, I'm one of the best behaved dogs in the group.

So this is the final result.

L-R: Chewie, Scuba, Lolo, Tommy, Helios, Me, Joey, Jack (f), Rafv (b), Huskee

Actually, that's not really the final result. My M had to do some 'cheating' with photoshop. This should have been the final result... with such a huge gap in the middle that we could have squeezed an 11th dog, if we had one.

Rafv: My imaginary friend's next to me!

I was so good that I only ran off after the group photo's taken.

I'm a good boy!

I think the humans are planning a beach trip next. I wonder if they'll attempt a group photo in the water. That will be Scuba's biggest nightmare!

Friday, April 13, 2007

CopyCat.... erm... Dog

I like to follow what my big brother Herbie does....

He like to sleep belly up, so I like to sleep belly up too

Belly, Belly Happy

From another ankle....
(Herbie: He means angle.....)

We all sleep curled up on bed bed

We all sit for tweets

And use hooman thighs as pillows during car wides

Herbie says I'm a copycat, but I thot we're dogs?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Having fun!

Just a videoclip of me and Helios playing. My M said we sounded like grunting pigs. I beg to differ.... HELIOS sounds like a grunting pig. I don't make such awful noises.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wine and Cheese Pawty

The humans had another wine and cheese pawty a few days ago, and it was Helios first time attending such a pawty. So we made him take pictures with the cheese. He looked a little bewildered initially on what the fuss was all about.

Helios: Why must we take photos before we eat?

Well, he soon got the hang of things. In order to eat, we have to pose and let the humans take nice pictures of us.

Say Cheese!

The red box is actually red wine, in a box! It comes with a little nozzle tap for pouring the wine. It's the first time my M has seen wine in a box.

The Spread

Helios seem to like the cheese pretty much. But then again, there's nothing that the little thing won't eat.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Glamour Shots

My M decided to take some 'studio' pictures of me and Helios, before he grows up so yesterday, she started to set up the 'backdrop', which is actually a big piece of cloth taped to the wall. That silly Helios went to pee on the 'backdrop' instead and got punished, and our shot was delayed while he was having a time out.

Unfortunately, Helios is not very co-operative in taking pictures. Now I totally understand how Ms Sunshade felt when Stinky kept messing up her pictures.

Instead of looking at the camera, he was either...



looking away

See how resigned I look, while waiting for everything to be ok? I got so bored that I settled down to sleep while Helios kept wondering why my M kept saying 'Stay.... stay...."

Wake me when this is over

In the end, my M gave up and just made do with a picture of a very bored looking me, and a very perplexed looking Helios.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New House

Well, the new house is finally on the last stage of renovation, so on Sunday, my M and MM sought the help of Aunty S and Scuba to help clean the house. Actually, only Aunty S helped clean the house. Scuba only made it messier by leaving bloodstains all over the floor.

Scuba has this very bad habit of chewing his own paws, and sometimes he chew so hard that it bleeds. And that silly boy felt no pain at a bloody paw but once the humans punish him by pinching his ears, he screams bloody murder. Talk about tolerance to pain!

Evidence of a bloody mess.... literally

Besides spending time chewing his paws, Scuba spent the remaining of the time admiring himself....

or zoning out.... although I think he prefers calling it trancing, or mediating in front of the pool. Sounds more mystical I guess.... either that or he's praying that no one's brining him swimming.


As for me and Helios, we were initially minding our own business in the kitchen.

Sleeping... I mean, minding our own business

Until my MM decided to use the vacuum cleaner to blow dry me AND purify the air at the same time. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone. And that little kiddo thought that the wind was too strong and decided to use ME to block it out instead. Well, there's only so many months that I can block it for him, once he gets bigger, he's on his own.

Hair dryer

It was tiring supervising the work of the humans. As you can see, we were 3 very tired dogs after that.

Are you guys done with the cleaning yet?