Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's faster than a speeding bullet....

It's Helios!

My M was out of town for a working trip for 4 days and I bunked in with Scuba when she wasn't around. Boy, was I glad when my family finally came to pick me up!

My M always called me her 'One-dog welcoming party'. I'm sorry you only get to see my butt in most of the video. I think I was moving too fast for my M to video so she just decided to focus on one spot and waited til I zoom into view.

I hope she felt that I gave a warm enough welcome... I was zooming for almost 5 minutes!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Just a typical day showing how my baby sister and I like to disturb each other.

She doesn't like being licked on the face, and I don't really like being scrunched in the face. So we see who gives up first.

I win this round!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


... for my early morning rubba....

a.k.a morning wake up call... at the same time my tail would be thumping against the bed and the baby cot, enough to make my M stop lazing on the bed.

(M: Luckily, like Herbie, Helios doesn't wake me up from my sleep. He'll only do this when he knows that I'm actually awake but still lazing in bed.)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's the time of the year where we celebrate all mothers and since my mum is far away in Oz, I will celebrate the day with my baby sister and my M.

And it just so happens that my baby sister's new childcare centre was organising a mothers' day celebration right next to my regular dog run yesterday morning! So right after my weekly run at the park, we popped over the fence (almost literally!)to join the kids pawty.

See the dog run?

The dogs were all on the other side so you can't see any of them in the above picture.

Anyway, I was quite the star at the pawty and a lot of kids came up to touch me ot take peektures with me. I even managed to get myself a full body massage!

A little to the right please!

And then there was food! I was kinda hoping that once again, my baby sister will share her yummies with me.

Helios: Do I get a bite?
Sherylyn: Do I want to give Helios a bite?

I thought my wish would be answered when my M told my baby sister to 'Go and sit WITH Helios'.

Which is what I thought she would do...

But apparently my baby sister didn't want to get her pants dirty so she quietly did this instead...

Not only was she not sharing her yummies with me, she's sitting ON me and EATING her yummies!

I think she's still not very good with her vocab, since she can mistake 'sit WITH Helios' with 'sit ON Helios'.

I hope this new childcare teach her better english next time. The important words being 'give', 'share' and 'offer', best used before the word 'Helios'.

Anyway, here's wishing all mums a Happy Mother's Day! (including my mum in OZ!)