Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My first Birthday Card

I just received my very first birthday card from Fufu! Thanks Fufu! There's even a drawing of me and Fufu as well!

It's gonna be my birthday tomorrow and Aunty V said that she'll bake me a birthday cake as my present! And my M just went to the supermarket this morning to buy stuff to cook. I hope I get to help out in the kitchen tomorrow.

I love birthdays, especially when they're my own!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Beach outing... photo intensive!

My apologies for the slow update. My M took a lot of photos recently and didn't have the time to edit and sort through them.

Anyway, we went to the beach again on Sunday, and although it wasn't really sunny, at least it didn't rain. Poor Rafv can't come coz his dad said he just had his bath.

I had quite a good time at the beach, if you minus out the fact that I was again forced to swim. My M asked Uncle M to carry me out for a swim, and Tommy isn't helping by leading the way.

Tommy: This way, dad!

I was made to paddle my own way back slowly.

I hate swimming

They even tried to lure me into swimming with one tiny, miserable piece of muffin.

Is the muffin worth the swim? Hmm...

In the end I decided that the 1"x1" piece of muffin is not worth me expanding my effort to swim. The calories burned would have far exceeded the calories that goes in.

Nah... let's wait for a bigger piece

Other than the enforced swim, I was having a good time...





...and playing with Tommy

Not everyone was having a good time tho. Although Scuba was looking forward to the trip to the beach, but I think he got more than he bargained for. He thought that with his Mum in Hong Kong, no one would make him swim, and there'll be more food for him. Unfortunately, this time the humans only brought enough food for themselves (selfish humans!), and he was STILL made to swim. Tommy, as usual, was not helpful at all.

Scuba: I changed my mind! I don't want the beach anymore!

Why do I have to swim? *gargle*

After a few trips being dragged into the water by Uncle M (who was not a very popular human that day, as you shall soon see...), Scuba spent the rest of the morning sulking on land.


And here's the evidence of Mr Unpopular being given the cold shoulder, even after he offered his friendship...

Uncle M: We're still friends?
Scuba: *ponders*.... nah...

There was a slight hitch to the beginning of Joey's day. Aunty G walked all the way to the beach before she realised she left the all important thing in the car... Joey's ball. So she had to walk back and take it while Joey looks longingly towards the sea.

Joey: She's taking hell of a long time to walk back

So my kind MM, being the one holding their leash, decided to lead him into water first. But Jack resisted.

Jack: Get me away from the water!

In the end, this is how Jack spent the rest of the morning...

I wanna go hoooome....

Tommy, as usual, was having fun with his rope toy, until he got sick of it...

I need a new toy...

and saw....

a new toy!

I don't know what is it with Joey's ball. All ball loving dogs seem to have this thing about his balls. They'd rather play with his balls then their own. Erm... in case you're wondering, balls as in toy ball, because Joey doesn't have any balls of his own... erm... you know... erm...

Anyway! As I was saying, Tommy was eyeing Joey's ball.

Tommy: Say... you have a nice ball...
Joey: Get your own ball!

Joey: Go away!
Tommy: But.. I thought we're friends! Friends share!

Joey: Come back, you ^%@#*%#@ ball stealer! Go play with your own rope toy!

And so after Joey managed to find his ball back, he decided to bury it so that no one but him can find it.

Must find a good hiding place

Press the sand down so that it won't look so newly dug

Well, I'm not too sure about the ending to the ball saga. But we did end the outing with a trip to the nearby petstore.

Unfortunately, my M did not buy me anything because she forsee that I will be getting lots of food as my birthday presents this week. And actually, I saw Aunty S and Aunty W buying my presents.... hiak hiak hiak

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More poor dogs for adoption!

My M just received a forwarded email from her friend's friend, which says:

"Currently there are four dogs which I am rescuing from the breeder farm

Urgently need them to be adopted otherwise the breeder might put them to sleep.pls call me if you want to adopt any of these dogs otherwise pls pass to your friends or colleague who are interested."

I don't have any further information about the dogs other than the above. Here's their pics:

Rhodesian Ridgeback




I don't know how anyone can be so cruel as to put to sleep healthy dogs just because they are no longer of any 'value' to the human. Look at their eyes, such sadness and dejection!

Anyone who can help adopt, please contact this lady, Irene at irene_lim168@yahoo.com.sg.

*Update: Only the 2 JRTs are up for adoption now. The %^@(^%#@ breeder changed his mind and wants to keep the other 2 for breeding. The JRTs are about 1-2 years old.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Are humans evil?

If this is a debate question, my answer would be a resounding YES!

This is a fine example of how eeeeeevil humans can be, making sport of nice, innocent creatures like us, building their happiness on our misery.

Look at how they were toying with my emotions. I tell you, staying in this family will leave you mentally scarred.

On another note, the egg yolk was yummy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sun... what??

After my last post about what Helios is, the breeder recently sent more pictures. Helios finally opened his eyes, not that it helped to determine his breed.

That's him and his brother, and most likely his brother will be coming to Singapore to live with a friend of my M.


Look at those squished up face and raisin eyes, and the huge furrow between the brows! It boggles the mind what kind of dogs they might be.

Anyway, because Helios (the real god, not the dog) is the greek god of the SUN, the breeder came up with some suggestions on the pedigree name: Sun Legend, Sun Dragon, Sun Catcher and Sun Dancer. My M was deciding between Sun Dragon and Sun Catcher, but decided in the end to choose Sun Dragon, because both M and MM are Dragons.

Uncle J said that Sun Dragon sounds very 'beng'. I hope he don't grow up to be a little beng.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Petgamart and a new home for Rocky please!

My M took me to a quite newly opened petstore the other day, and guess what I saw there? A pony!


Oh wait, it's not a pony. It's the store based great dane. Oh boy, I feel so small standing next to it, and I can't imagine how Jack and Joey would feel. No wonder Jack kept growling to make sure the great dane stayed away when he came too near. Don't think it'll be a nice feeling being squashed by gigantic paws.

And can you imagine the neckache the dane would get from sniffing chihuahua's butts?

Crick in the neck

And here's a short clip of us playing, or rather me attempting to play.

And of course, no trip to the petstore goes without me checking out the food.

Can I have one of this... and this... and that...

Unfortunately, my M said that since I have diarrhoea when I eat kibbles, I can't buy any. Darn!


On another note, is anyone interested in a labrador? Lovely Rocky is up for adoption. Here's his details:

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 4 yrs

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Good with Children: No info

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with other animals: No info

Dog's Temperament: Friendly, good natured

Dog's Problems: NIL

Ideal Owner: Any, as long as is responsible

Ideal Home: Landed/ Condo - HDB need NOT apply

Other information:
- understands basic command like, sit, stay, handshake.
Be carefull when you use the command "rea aady... GO!" . He will gets very very Ready and run to fetch whatever you throw or to another mate which is at the far end. Just grab the collar firm when you say "ready" and let go as "GO!" is let out from your mouth.
- likes to swim a lot.
If you bring him to walk along the sea side, you may notice he keeps walking towards the sea if he can hear the wave. He is a very Good Swimmer. he can pop his head into the water looking for his toy.


Interested parties please contact this lady galsatan@gmail.com
She would like to reinforce that Rocky is VERY affectionate.

So if you think YOU are the one for Rocky, what are you waiting for? He's waiting for someone to give all his love to!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is Helios?

I'm not sure if my M is really getting another golden retriever. The photos I've seen, Helios don't look like a golden at all.

Aunty V said he looks like a shar-pei.

Who needs wrinkle cream!

I think he looks like a pug.

Baby Boo Boo?

So, what really is Helios?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Glorious Day

It was a glorious day for an outing, so the humans decided to have a picnic and at the same time, let us dogs play. Unfortunately, Jack & Joey's HC had to work so they couldn't come.

Tommy was having fun running after his ball and frisbee.


Freaky Lips!!!!

As usual, we were made to take group photo.

Scuba, was still asleep. You might not be able to tell from the photo above, but the one below should illustrate very clearly what I mean.

Yeah, after all of us ran off, he was still sitting there, in dreamland.... that is, until he found a new calling as SUPER-Scuba, with his own cape as well!

Off to save the day!

As for me, I was having fun running around...


and playing with Rafv, basically minding my own business...

until THEY thought I would look nice in a hat... so I was made to wear Aunty R,s har, and evil Uncle C suggested playing the white straw basket next to me. And the humans all went, "aw... herbie is so pretty!" *groan*


That's not the worse, they decided to make me a present. As in, I became a present, not making a present for me.

Can you please unwrap me?

Oh well, I wonder if Helios will regret coming into this family in future, what with the torture and all.

Helios, don't say that I didn't warn you!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hide n Where?

We went to the new house the other day to 'inspect' the renovation work, but ended up playing hide and seek instead. Remember I once said that I was bad at hide and seek? Well, here's the video proof.

You'll have to watch this clip with your head tilted. I don't know why but my M forgot to flip her phone around to take this clip.... and notice the small look of surprise at the end when I found my M.

And this is another example. I took a total of 4 minutes to find my M, who was hiding behind the door next to me all this time!

Now I wonder if she's hiding down there?

Yeah, I'm a bad seeker.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Here's wishing all a very happy new year, with joy and health and wealth, food, treats, hugs, kisses, toys in the brand new year!

Now can someone tell me where the party is? I seem to have lost my way.