Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm 6!

It's finally the last day of the year, and I've just passed my 6th Barkday.  This year, my M had no time to bake my cake herself (actually, she ran out of ideas on what to bake), so as she was googling around, she saw this dog bakery called The Barkery, which was also spreading the cheer of Christmas to shelter dogs by donating proceeds to the shelters as well.  So my M ordered my cake, and ordered another cake for the shelter dogs for Christmas as well.

Since my barkday is very close to Christmas (on the 29 Dec, to be exact), we always celebrate my barkday together with Christmas.  My cake came tied up in a nice blue ribbon.

Of course, I have to do the customary pose with the cake, and now my siblings are joining in too.

And we have to sing the standard Barkday song with the candle.... Forgive my still internet-shy M, who looks like a criminal with a blurred face.

Can we sing faster? The wax's gonna drip on my cake!!

Finally the song is done and the wax.... I mean candle, is removed.

Hurry up, please!

As barkday dog, I get the first lick.  Luckily Jack and Joey were not here this year, or I'll be very stressed with them barking at the side.

I have no idea what my sister is trying to do, imitating me.  I hope she's not gonna eat the whole cake.  Sidenote to baby brother, don't learn from your silly sister and try to eat MY food.

Scuba was getting impatient with all the things the humans made us do before we get to actually eat the cake. I think he wanted to self-serive.

Scuba: No.... I wanted that piece!!

And I FINALLY get to eat my cake.  Forgive my crazed look, it was a VERY long wait, including the time needed to cut the cake.

Hope you guys had a wonderful 2012 (like me) and will have a greater 2013!