Tuesday, June 26, 2007

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

I met up with my brother Casper at the park on sunday! As in my very own litter brother! And he came with his big brother Reby and big sister Pebbles as well! And we took a family peek-ture.

We are family!
L-R: Reby, Casper, Pebbles, ME!, Herbie

We had fun playing with each other!

And I make him run after me!

My M says I bullie him, coz I sat on him, but Casper says I ain't heavy. And it's true! I am lighter than him!

We also took brotherly peek-tures together to send to our breeder.

My M says we should try to meet up more often. Yay! I can't wait to play with my brother again!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wrongly accused

Poor me! I have been wrongly accused.... TWICE!... for something that I didn't do.

My M came home last week to find the floor cloth in the living room, with bits torn off. She immediately picked it up and went 'WHO chewed THIS?'. Helios, that clueless boy was still wriggling his fat butt with a toy in his mouth, oblivious to the danger we were in, while I, having recognise that tone of voice, crouched down submissively.

And my M, the great sherlock (NOT!) went 'Ah hah! Herbie! Bad, bad boy!'

Woah... wait a minute here, I'm not the one who chewed it, why was I being scolded? And the worse thing was, the same thing happened again later in the week and I got scolded AGAIN!

(M: Well, it wasn't totally MY fault! Remember the rug incident? You have a fetish for floor rugs!

It was only until this morning that my name was cleared. My M went to the room, and when she came out later, she found me still lying in the same position where she left me, but Helios was RIGHT NEXT TO THE CRIME SCENE! The cloth was outside again, but although she didn't catch him in the act, he got a piece of thread sticking out of his mouth.

The culprit

See his guilty face? See the tattered pieces of cloth on the floor!!!

My M should know by now I'm always the angel of the family!

Very sad, accused, angel

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My New House!

I think I'm gonna get a new house! Or I think it's a new building! People have been telling my M that they saw a new condo-minimum that's named after me!!!

Helios Residences

Here's what they say about MY new house

"The upcoming freehold development (with a maximum height of 20-storey and approximately 80 units) is strategically sited along Cairnhill Road, next to The Light at Cairnhill - another Wing Tai's luxurious development. It is just a mere five-minute walk away from Orchard Road - Singapore's main shopping and entertainment belt where residents can shop to their heart's content at major shopping centres such as Ngee Ann City, The Paragon and Wisma Atria.

Residents of this prime development not only enjoy the privilege of a prestigious address but also the convenience of nearby amenities and facilities as well as the tranquility and privacy of an esteemed residence."

Look, they even have a schwimming pool! And no one can tell me that I can't schwim in there coz it's Helios Schwimming Pool!

I can't wait to move to my new house!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


My big brother Herbie says it's my M's burpday today, so last night all of us went out to a restaurant for dinner. But I think that restaurant is only for resting, becoz Herbie was resting there, and we didn't get our dinner there.

RESTaurant.... for resting

Our M and MM kept looking at this board, maybe they're thinking of what bed to choose.

The Board

But in the end they did not rest at all. Maybe the restaurant felt bad they can't find a nice bed so they fed them instead.

They got a tea-ra-miss-you. I don't know who is tea-ra and why would she miss us.
(Herbie: Tiramisu!!!!!)

Miss me?

and they got a warm chocolate cake with ice cream, which my M says we can't eat coz it's poisonous. Maybe she's lying, coz she didn't die when she ate it.


I think the cake was not warm enough, because the restaurent gave them a free one that comes with a warmer. But maybe my M thinks it was too hot becoz she blew off the fire that warms the cake.

Hot cake!

Maybe Herbie and me should have told them we didn't like the floor as well. Then we can get some food as well.

I donch like the floor, can I have food?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was almost blinded last night, and to top it off, it was my M who almost blinded me!

What happened was, we were at the park and my M was alternating between scratching my head and throwing the ball for Helios to fetch. On one throw, I happened to inch forward just as she was swinging her arm back for a throw and she ended up giving me a blow to the head instead!


Unfortunately, her nails happened to scratch my eyes. I was so in pain and shock that I jumped up, turned around and ran a few steps away. Aunty G even heard me growl in shock. I wasn't even sure if I was growling, or it could be a grunt. But it definitely was PAINFUL! My left eye was tearing and I kept blinking my left eye and for a moment, I can't really open it.

Of course my M apologised profusely and hugged me, but she was laughing about it as well! Humph! She should have shown me more concern, like feeding me more to keep my mind off the trauma!

Can I change my M? It's dangerous living with such a clumsy owner....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Boi!

I am a good boi, but I dunno why my big brother Herbie says I bully him. I even let Herbie eat my dinner if he wants to.

(M: What happened was, during dinnertime one day, I noticed that Helios was eating very slowly, so I let him take his time and went to another room. After a while, I decided to check in on them and realised Herbie was eating from Helios bowl, and that silly pup was just standing at the side looking at him. I turned to look at the toilet and saw a pile of poop.

Apparently Helios ate halfway, went to poop, and when he came back Herbie has taken over his bowl. I think Herbie managed to eat at least 1/3 of the contents.)

I'm also a very good boi becoz I don't go out of the house even if the door is opened until my M says it's ok.

(M: I trained Helios in the very first week that he came not to dash out of the house until I release him. I've heard too many cases of dogs running out of opened doors and getting lost so I'm not taking that chance with him. It helps that Herbie doesn't do that so he learned very quickly.)

See, I don't run out!

So, I really, really, really am a very good boi!

And I've grown bigger as well!

I am now a GOOD boi and a BIG boi!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Poor me! See how badly I'm being bullied right now? Soon I'll be right at the bottom of the pecking order, not that I'm not at the bottom already!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This is a post about Sundays on a Tuesday. Hmm... I hope I am making cents.

(Herbie: Sense! Sense! Sense!!!!)

I love Sundays

becoz I get to chew on bone bone for breakfast!

but I hate getting my paws dirty so I chew like this!

My big brother herbie doesn't mind his paws getting dirty so he chew like this. Look at his bloody paws!!

And he's got powderful jaws! You can hear him go crunch and crack in the background!

But I also hate sundays becoz I gotta bath. I no like bathing.

Miserable us!

But I like sundays again because we get to go to the park to air dry!

We play to air-dry... I look fur-rocious, ya?

sometimes herbie look fur-rocious

then sometimes I look fur-rocious again

then he look fur-rocious again

We take turns being fur-rocious

Sometimes I run to air-dry

But herbie prefers to meditate to air-dry. Look, he is willing his fur to dry up!

It works all the time but it takes a long time to work. So sometimes he falls asleep while meditating.

(Herbie: I was not! I'm at the next level of erm... meditation! My soul actually left my body at this point in time!)

My big brother herbie is very smart. He can meditate anywhere! Nothing can disturb him being ONE with the universe he says, except food, because spiritual beings need food to sus-stain too. I want to be like herbie when I grow up too!

So now I practise hard on Yoga

Herbie says this is called 'Digging a hole' position. I told you he's smart!

(Herbie: It's soooo easy to trick young punks nowadays!)

So that's my sunday mornings. What do you do on sundays?

Monday, June 04, 2007

7 things about me

Well, I've been tagged a long time ago by Huskee but I never got around to doing the tag coz... wel... there's nothing much that others don't know about me.

So after days of taxing my brain, here's my list:

1) I seldom fart. That's true! I almost never fart. My M never appreciates this about me until the arrival of Helios, who farts.... a LOT.

2) I fight. Sometimes, rarely. The humans call me the 'Silent Killer', coz I'm usually so placid, but when I do fight, I draw blood sometimes, although I do try to give in to smaller or younger dogs by scaring them instead. Note: I only fight when provoked, and it takes a lot to provoke me.

3) I like to rubba my back on the grass. My M hates that, especially after a recent bath, so she'll stop me from rubba-ing, BUT, if I am at play and rubba-ing, she lets me get away with it. So I flip myself over every chance I get, so sometimes, I'm flipping over even before the other dog gets to me.

Sometimes I forget that the other dog has gone away and I'll still be rubba-ing my back.

Oh dear, I've been attacked! I'm FLIPPING.....

4) Speaking of rubba, I prefer butt scratches rather than head scratches. Sometimes I will subtly move my butt closer to the human's hands when they are trying to scratch my head

5) As much as I'm a greed, I will take raw vegetables only if they're coated with a little 'meat sauce'.

6) I like to 'de-spike' spikey rubber balls. But I'm usually not successful.

7) I don't mind being humped by friends, or smaller dogs, or females. Big strange male dogs become friends after I play with them 3-4 times, so they will go into the 'allowed to hump' category. Other than that, I show my displeasure.

And as a bonus, one thing you won't know about Helios.

Sometimes he wags his tail even when asleep. You will hear his tail go thumping on the floor, but he'll be asleep.

I don't think I will be tagging anyone else, since most have already been tagged.