Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween today, and we had some pictures with costumes taken a few days ago. Unfortunately, the selection of costumes is quite limited, so we had to share. In fact, there's only 2, or rather, only 1 since the pumpkin 'hat' is actually a basket.

Here's Rafv trying to act cute.

kawaii ne~~

And Tommy with the pumpkin headband. Tommy kept wanting to play with the headband because he thought it was a ball.

Where did the ball go?

Tommy proved to be too fidgety to take a proper photo with the costumes, so lucky him was spared from more humiliating poses. Well, his demonic eyes could still pass as a costume I guess.

Somehow I feel uneasy...

Remember the basket Rafv was holding in his mouth? Guess where it ended up?

This reminds me of fufu

And just as I thought that things could not get any worse...

Who turned off the lights?

Oh.. and before I forget, I must thank Aunty V for the delicious pumpkin bake!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chicken Mash Bake

It's baking day today! My M had some extra chicken and doesn't know quite what to do with it, so she decided to improvise and bake. Let me tell you that this is a totally experimental baking. My M has never been quite good in baking, and everything she makes got to have a recipe, but this time she decided to just mix whatever she can find in the kitchen.

So we have...

Wholemeal flour, eggs and garlic

minced chicken

Mix them all up with eggs, honey and the chicken broth used for boiling the chicken

Unfortunately, the aftermath of all these is... dishes to wash! My M hates washing. Well, I would have gladly washed up all the bowls for her if only she'd let me. There's no better way of cleaning a bowl than licking it clean. Apparently we don't share the same views on that.


After baking it, this is the completed product.


Of course, with this being a totally experimental recipe, I must ensure that it meets doggie hygiene standards before I let my friends try it.

Quality check!

(M: What doggie hygiene standards? Dogs don't have any hygiene standards at all!! You guys eat things from the ground!)

Ahem, I would like to say that it's not true dogs don't have hygiene standards. I'll not eat a 3 day old mouldy bread (QC failed), but a 3 hours old sunbaked chicken bone on the floor will certainly pass any doggie QC tests. So there! We DO have hygiene standards after all.

All right, I better stop blogging now and get on with my job. Please pray that i won't get the runs after eating those yummilicious stuff.

This one passed, this passed as well, passed... passed... munch

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Secondary Pets

It seems like everyone else have other friends not of the canine family. Scuba now has his feline sisters as well as Diving the fish, Jaffe has feline sisters as well, Jay has Joy the Guinea Pig, and Ms Sunshade has Georgie the wabbit.... and so on and so forth...

So, I've decided to introduce the other members of my family! Since Scuba has his Diving, then I'm gonna name my fishes, or rather my MM's fishes, after names of herbs, because I'm HERBie.... geddit? Geddit? HERB-IE. Ok, so my M says I'm corny, but corns are yummy!

So here's Mint, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley... or wait, or is that Mint? Or Thyme? Which one is Parsley? Arghh... they all look quite the same! Nevermind, erm... here's introducing the Herbs Family.

Which one is which?

Besides the fishes, we have snails in the tank as well.

Creepy & Crawly

And we have prawns too...

Introducing.... Fritters... *licks*

Unfortunately, it's kind of difficult to hold a decent conversation with them, because although we stay in the same place, we're of a different level.

Me: Erm... guys... I can't really see you from here, can you move closer?
Fishes: But we're stuck here, literally!

Oh well, at least it's a good excuse for me to sleep on the sofa if my M ever wonders why I'm up there.

I fell asleep while talking to the fishes! Really!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ginger: Say, can you come closer? I'm getting a neck ache talking to you like that.

Herbie: But I'm too lazy to move

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Project JK

My M received an email from one of her ex-colleagues recently. Apparently, Aunty J and her friends are now trying to help strays and control their population by sterilisation. A short write up from Aunty J below:

"Project JK originates from our Jalan Kayu area where one of our stray feeders tend to - we've started since March to sterilise as many strays as we can. Along the way, we rescue/treat the injured, sick ones, rehome some of the pups though I must emphasise rehoming is NOT our priority. We've come to learn and see that rehoming is a tricky issue..with people who may be strangers coming forward with an appearance of sincerity...after much screening, at times, we do make an error in judgement and dogs end up neglected/not properly socialised...and returned to us.

Having spend much time with our strays in the farms/industrial areas, it is a delight seeing how happy and free they are. Theirs is life of everyday adventures, with their family, pals, and the ocassional fights, esp when it's mating season!
But on the whole, if you look thru my blog - look into the eyes of the dogs - look at the joy in the eyes of our strays - I particularly remember Sunny-Boy - he was contentedly sitting at my feet, gazing at me with sweet eyes, and then just totally lost himself in the cool wind blowing on his puppy face - his eyes are closing...and he is smiling to himself....very endearing... and I know, he is happy just where he is, with Scruffy and gang.

Strays are born of a different nature. Freedom is a gift they treasure and quite often, they do not flourish in sanitised homes. They thrive in the dirt and streams and rough and tough play. I'm not saying they all cannot be rehome, those with milder temperaments/humanly attached, do well, but more often, you can see so clearly they belong where they are.

The only issue is CULLING, which the authroities do randomly, even for strays that are sterilised and that is what we are trying to avoid. Nip the issue at its roots - unwanted births. Thus the solution if not culling - (that has been proven not to work) - humane solution is STERILISATION. and down to the very roots - it is to target uncontrolled BREEDING on our breeding farms/petshops. It is a viscious cycle: unregulated breeding --- uninformed buying -- pet neglect/abuse/abandonment -- increase in stray numbers --- unwanted births from unsterilised strays -- culling by authorities.

Unwarranted loss of lives if only more efforts and funds are channelled into regulating our breeding farms, make microchipping compulsory to deter abandonment and further to aid animals welfare socities to sterilse strays, instead of destroying them."

You can find out more from their blog, Project JK

Also, they have a young lab up for adoption. Please let the word out that Lucas is looking for a home if anyone wants to adopt a lab.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sorry Aunty V....

...for peeing on your carpet last night. I really could not hold it in any longer. I did try to tell my M that I needed to go but she thought I just wanted to go home coz my last toilet break was just 3 hours ago and I should have been able to hold my bladder.

Unfortunately, when all of the humans were out for dinner, I drank a LOT of water, and I really mean A LOT. I leaked a little on your carpet. Luckily Uncle M saw me and I was stopped in time. I really didn't know what came over me to pee on the carpet. Anyway, Uncle M said I pee-ed for a full 2 minutes when they took me down. I guess I really did drink too much.

I won't do it again.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


My heartless M and MM, left me on the bed and refused to help me down. They don't care that the floor is slippery and I may break my back. *whines*

Maybe it's their evil plan to stop me from taking too much space on the bed in future. I don't care, I'm still gonna be the first to jump up the bed... with more practise I can jump down easily as well.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lap Dog.... further proof

For those of you who doubt that I am a lap dog, here's further proof!

I'm a well balanced dog!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lap dogs

Who says that big dogs can't be lap dogs? Never mind that the humans will get sore thighs after carrying us on their laps.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Space Invader!

My M complains that I take up too much space when on the bed, that's why they will only let me up the sofa bed but never their own bed.

Apparently, they took evidence of it. Note me taking up almost 1/4 of the bed, and right in the middle too, so that my M will not have enough space.

But do I care? The first person, or in this case, dog, up the bed wins.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival - and things on head (and nose) again!

Well, belated post to the mid-autumn festival. The humans had a gathering last week, and there were BBQ and lots of mooncakes. Look at all those mooncakes! Some of the humans thought the arrangement looked like we're using the mooncakes for praying. And don't ask why there is a bottle of wine instead of chinese tea. Strange humans.

Mooncakes, yam, 'leng kok', peanuts and.... wine

Unfortunately, the humans thought over my earlier 'suggestion' on why they should not put things on my head, and thought that my idea is not valid.

Remember Joey's piggies?

Well, they made a appearance.... on my head....

Steady.... steady...


The said I still have to do the funny things on head series.... because Rafv have graduated from funny things on head....

50% area block

...... to funny things on nose....

Do not try this stunt at home

Darn, he's one step ahead of me! Lucky scuba only got to eat, coz he can't hold still for funny things on anything!

munch munch munch

say... doesn't he look like a toothless old man?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who is suitable for 'Funny Things on Head'

The other day at the park, Aunty S attempted to balance Joey’s ball on my head. However, it took many tries before the ball stayed up.

My M came up with this theory on why I can’t balance things on my head as well as Rafv. Rafv can balance stuff on his head very well, because he’s got stand up ears. So with the ears blocking the left and right of the object, the only other paths it can fall off from is front and back, which makes balancing a ball a lot easier. Whereas for me, I have flappy ears, so there’s nothing to block the rolling of the ball.

Sounds confusing? To prove my point, look at the picture below.

Stay ball... Stay... Good Ball!

See? Rafv’s ears helped block 50% of the area.

The point of this post is, next time anyone wants to do another funny things on head series, PLEASE do it on Rafv instead.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Last night, my MM's cousin invited us to their house for a mooncake gathering. They love feeding me so much, especially their daughter, that I got to eat almost a whole loaf of bread by the time my M returned. I was sooo, sooo full that my M touched my tummy and it was hard, not from muscles, but compacted food. Yummy!

Anyway, the night soon degenerated into a 'funny things on head' episode again. If you guys are new reader, read some of my old posts and you will realise that there are quite a few of such episodes.

They took out this shuttlecock thing, I don't know if that's the proper name, and my M said it looks like the feather of a cabaret dancer. And a light bulb went over their heads.

*to the music of the can-can dance!*

That's me, the latest addition to the cabaret dancer family.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goldens Galore

My M took some photos some time ago but never had the time to post it up. It's GRs galore at the park! Oh well, not really galore since there's only 3 of us.

Here's Bailey, who just turned 1 last Thursday, a pity I couldn't make it for his birthday party coz my M had to go for an interview. I think I missed out on the food... darn!

Catching a breather



Me, a worried looking Kafv, and Bailey's butt

Playing with Kafv