Sunday, July 25, 2010


My baby sister likes to disturb me.... a lot. But I'm a good boy, so I usually try to tolerate or ignore her. Look how I'm being bullied at home!

First, she likes to climb all over me...

And my M is so busy filming that she won't even save me when I'm staring at her with pleading eyes.

Then, she won't let me eat in peace...

This is already on a good day. Sometimes she stares at me when I'm trying to eat and try to poke my dinner. Or she'll be banging the pots and pans when I'm trying to eat.

And to think some people say the dog is a dangerous animal around kids. I think it should be the other way around!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I found this really nice and big stick the other day and try as I might (and I'm a strong boy!), I can't seem to pick it up.

Anyone has any idea how I can get that stick?

Friday, July 09, 2010

New dog in da house!

I think the training of my baby sister is moving on very well.

Finally learnt the art of fetching

See! After fetching the toy, she will lie on it and cover it with her scent. Although if it was me, I'd be rolling over the toy instead of just lying on it. And I don't know why she has to keep count before getting up.

In fact, I think she makes a very good pup and she has me to thank for being a good teacher. Or maybe I shouldn't teach her too well because the humans seem to be stopping me from snatching... I mean fetching with her. I thought all toys thrown should be fair game?

My mum thinks she has inherited some of my silliness. I don't think she got silliness from me, since I'm not silly. I'm not, right? *worried*

silly girl

All dogs should hate lampshades, but I don't know why she's having so much fun with Scuba's lampshade. I think I better have a good talk with her to straighten out the dos and don'ts of being a dog.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Save who??

When my baby sister gets punished, she will usually cry out for someone other than the punisher (usually my M, the punisher I mean, not the savior) to save her.

Well, she was punished again a few days ago and made to sit in the corner and she must have been really desperate, coz she starting calling out for me to save her. ME? Save her against my M??! She must be getting desperate.

She kept crying out 'Helios there...' at least I hope that meant 'Helios are you there to save me' and not 'Helios, there is the culprit!'

And as you can see.... I did try! I really did! I tried by trying to distract my M with my ball and pleaing with my big innocent eyes.

I don't think it worked too well tho...