Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who's that Girl?

I hate Rafv.
And his mummy.
And his daddy
And Aunty G.
And my M.
And all those who laughed.

Look what they did to me!!! Such indignity!

Milk Maid

Let me repeat:

I hate Rafv.... for putting up that pic in his blog
And his mummy.... for having a camera and taking that pic
And his daddy.... for providing that stupid looking basket with flowers
And Aunty G.... for putting on Joey's t-shirt on my head and making me look like a granny
And my M.... for letting them do it to me

And to the rest of you.... STOP LAUGHING!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Herbie. I think we are the only 2 around - these humanoid tease. They laugh at me on Farting too. Just becoz we are nice they take advantage of me. I didn't laugh at you when I saw the pic. I just felt sorry for you (after what they did to me too).

Well at least we got each other. When are you coming over? Scuba

Anonymous said...

Sorry Herb
My paws and brain not in gear.

Correction. "just becoz we are nice they take advantage of us"

Pawr us always get tease all the time. Well at least tonight you can complain to your D and he will hug you and tell you everything will be ok and maybe if you are lucky, he will give you a treat. Me, I have to put up with all these dogs and their owners.... and not sure when my mom comes home. Hope she comes back soon.....I miss the big bed. I am determine to ignore her when she comes back (for leaving me).

I told my siblings about the fart post and they both laugh and can you believe what they said "Purrfect" - argh. Stupid cats.

Let me know when you coming over. I will make sure Auntie S make us something nice. Life is raf raf.

See you at park.
Scubs (that's what my godfather calls me)

Anonymous said...

Hey Scupe, don't get me wrong leh.. I didn't bully H. Look at this pix! You must laugh it out when you see something funny! hehe. Btw, I got info. Your mum will be back soon. My M told me. huh? You didn't know? hiak hiak, Poor son...