Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Funny things on head - Part Trois

I know it is christmas soon and all, but why am I the only one suffering during this festive occasion? First there was the
milk maid look, followed by the stupid reindeer look, and now, I've become a tree!

Can't u guys tell the difference between a dog and a tree?

We were at MM's parent's home and they were putting up the decorations on the tree, when my sadistic M decided to put the deco on me. The rest soon joined in, adding a few balls here, a candy there, and a star too! The indignity I have to go thru with this family! I have half a mind to pack my bags and run away from home. Maybe I'll go stay with Scuba. At least they don't make me wear stupid things... with the exception of Uncle C. He's scary I tell you. There was once he posed with Lolo, who was on a stick on top of the bbq pit, pretending to bbq her.

Why do I always have stupid things on my head?

To add to the insult, they went to take the camera and starting taking pictures of me! Why am I not surprised? Nowadays they keep taking photos of me not at my best. Sigh... I dread to think about Chinese New Year decorations. I wonder what will I end up as...

If I stay real still and pretend to be dead, will they take these off?


Anonymous said...

herb, my m & d said tat... tat pics of yours like u kana murdered by tis string.(heehee).. often seen in those murder scene... btw..heard from m & d tat they'll be going to ur house for x'mas.. mi full of envy...becoz i won't be there to play with u.

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at you! how come so xian face... I tell you, if my D is there, you will be most likely to get decorated more... Still considered not so bad of your family.. hiak hiak!!