Thursday, July 27, 2006

Steamboat Party

I love steamboat! Not that I get to eat any (by right), but because I get extra food.

My M was not working yesterday so she had a steamboat party. I got to help out in the kitchen, by eating up the odds and ends of the pieces of meat she's cutting. She finds me handy in the kitchen, because instead of throwing away the odd pieces, like some skin or fats or pieces of meat too small to be used, she throws them to me instead.

And don't let me get started on the bones. She'll buy pork bones and chicken back to make the soup base, and these bones usually have meat attached to it. And guess who got to eat the meat? Moi! And the water used to scald the meat is added to my dinner too. So my dinner last night was pork skin, chicken breast, pork liver, fish and cabbage. Yummy!

What's more, the humans prepared too much food, so Aunty V fed us those meat that they could not finish eating (by left). Luckily my M did not season the meat, so we got to eat them.

Sigh, what's there not to like about steamboat? When's the next steamboat party?


Anonymous said...

at this rate, its hard not to notice the loss of your waist..

Anonymous said...

Next time it will be steamboat pawty at my place.