Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Can someone call the authorities to report a case of animal abuse please? This poor dog has been abused (not physically, but mentally) for the last few years. The abuser did it so subtly that no one realised that the poor dog has been abused.

The dog in question..... is me.

I have been severely underfed. The Aunties and my M were talking the other day and Aunty R said that Rafv gets 2 chicken breasts per meal, on top of his kibbles. That lucky dog! My M was surprised and said I only get half a breast, plus my vegetables. So they did a calculation. According to experts, dogs should be fed about 2-3% of their ideal body weight.

Let's do some maths here... I'm about 24kg, which means I'm supposed to be fed 750g of food per day, but guess what I got? A miserly 200g of meat, plus some vegetables!! And my M was still trying to make excuses that I have a low activity level, and that if I'm so underfed, I should be skeletal by now. Excuse me! I'm not skeletal looking coz I've got lots of fur covering me. If you shave off all my fur (not that I really want you to), you'll see all my ribs! And I have a low activity level coz I'm trying to conserve energy here.

The Aunties were saying, no wonder I beg all the time. What can I do? It's a matter of survival. I need to hunt for my own food!

Can someone save me?

Dying of hunger

(M: I still can't figure out why he's not skeletal thin if I've been underfeeding for the last few years. My friends were saying maybe that the amount of snacks he begs in between meals makes up for it. I'm going to try feeding him 500g of meat for the whole of next week to see if he puts on weight.)


Anonymous said...

let me help report to SPCA for u. u must complain.. u are UNDERFED..

let your M know that food intake does not depend on activity level.. its the other way round! if u eat more food, u exercise more! well this is for dogs, not applicable to my fat slave.

let me see...

i get TWO chicken breasts and one cup of high protein 42% dog food... with a soupful chicken liver for taste...
if i look unhappy, my slave will change to mutton about 600g with one egg.. and one can of dog food.
not to mention the occasional mutton ribs that i managed to beg for.

take care my dear herbie...

Anonymous said...

poor herbie, you only get 0.8% of food!
I get fed about 150g or 3% of my ideal weight, excluding the daily treats or bread that I begged.
If your M feeds you properly, you'll probably be as active as me!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you love coming to my place.

Auntie S does not weigh any of our food.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?? Is that all you eat per day ...... hiyo ..... ok, next time I promise not to take your food if I see you.

I am a giant at 29KG and I eat 2 pieces of chicken breast (sometimes fish) .... thats about 600g .... plus carrots or potatoes or pumpkim or fruits ..... all in all will be about 750 to 850 per day.

Not forgetting one of the weekends is BONES DAY, where I get one huge pork bone from the market.

But I seldom snack, in fact I seldom get treats in between. I only get treats when I am doing my theraphy work from all the volunteers aunties & uncles.

Geeezzzz , I guess in life, you win some, you lose some ..

Anonymous said...

Hey Herbie,

You eat the SAME amount of food as me !! 200g ... wow !! we got something in common ....

Well, except that I am 12KG :)

Fat Fat say I do not need to eat so much as I am an old dog already.

Oh Herbie, remember to tell your M that old dog does not need to eat as much as other dogs, in fact they eat lesser, Fat Fat read it somewhere ..... errr .... not saying that you are old, Herbie, .... but just for your M's info. :p

Boo Boo

Anonymous said...

dear Herbie,

to make a complaint, you have to make sure your facts and stuff are all accurate for the perusal of the judge.
"According to experts, dogs should be fed about 2-3% of their ideal body weight."

lets take the higher of the range: 3% of your estimated weight of 24 kg is 720g, not 750g... if the judge finds that you have been not accurate, he might judge against your case... even if its just 30g... :P

Anonymous said...

no wonder i heard u protect your food... cos food is a scarce resource.

just now we went dog run. reached at 8pm but no dogs. :(

Anonymous said...

hehe. sometimes human's idle chatting are useful info for us, right?(to compare...) Okay, I will show you how much I eat recently on my blog. Must show to your mum, k?


Anonymous said...

ooh.. Russell.. we left the park at 7.50p.m.!!

Anonymous said...

lets see if i can persuade my slave to bring me there tonight again.. i doubt so. she kept complaining that she is tired. how about me?? i had to pull her and my reluctant brother along to encourage them!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyohhhhh Herbie, now that you have posted the recommendation from experts that the food we are fed should be 2-3% of our ideal body weight, my mama is going to make my patties smaller!! I weigh abt 7kg and this means my daily intake is only a measly 210grams??! I have always been having 2 meals a day (patties totalling abt 300grams AND kibbles..) which means I am overfed by AT LEAST 90grams daily (and that is excluding the snacks in between my meals somemore..)
Do not panic, My Maid is a SPCA member, I will get her to log the report for you.. Stay strong bro'. Seek refuge with Scuba for the time being..

Anonymous said...

wow... all of you get more food than me *sob sob* My M is upping my dinner amount tonight, will post about it when I have the time.

huskee: oops... sorry about that, tell your Mama that you have high activity level... erm.. or you can give me the extras