Saturday, July 08, 2006

Garlic Bagels

As this is a topic very close to my heart (read: food), this will be a graphic intensive post.

My M, who is no baking whiz, who bakes her brownies from premixed ingredients bought from the supermarket, actually attempted to make garlic bagels from scratch, for ME, today! I love my M! *heart heart*

She got this recipe from this website, and as the recipe calls for chicken broth, we went to the market this morning to get this:

Made from real chicken!

She remembered that I quite liked the garlic bagel Aunty W gave me the last time, so she decided to add in garlic to the recipe. I wonder if Tommy & Rafv will reject the bagel, coz they're firstly picky eaters, and also they don't like garlic. And that is also partly why Aunty W gave me the bagel, coz Tommy refuses to eat it.

Eating Tommy's rejects.... yummy!

Now let's see the rest of the ingredients...

Freshly chopped garlic

Flour, flour and yeast

Mix'em up.... my M thinks pastry chefs must have very strong arms. She complained that it was tiring kneading the dough. Well, if she'd asked, I would have gladly helped!

From this.... to this....

Well, with this being the first time my M is baking bagels, of course the quality control, aka kitchen inspector, aka yours truly, will have to be there making sure everything goes well.

Are you sure you've got everything right?

And finally she's made them all! Ta-dah~~~

The unbaked version

Into the oven they go...

Well done!

Now let's take a closer look

Are they ready to be eaten now?

chomp chomp chomp

Oh well, my M said I'll have to share the bagels with my friends, so she only gave me 3.

That's it? No more?

I'm sure Rafv and Tommy will give me their share later.... hiak hiak hiak



Anonymous said...


No Fair!

You need a hand inspecting those bagels?


Anonymous said...

herbie dear,

can i go your house? i ripped the curtains accidentally. now my slave is very angry.. she said she will not give me any treats at all for this month. sighz.

Anonymous said...

I was just checking out this dogmark site and found your site. Very nice blog, hope you don't mind me dropping by to read whats new. ;)

Anonymous said...

charlie: sure, with my M being such a bad baker, the more inspectors the better!

ice: I thought only cats rip curtains? What were you doing with the curtains in the first place?

Pearly: Welcome welcome! Come back anytime you want!

Anonymous said...

Wah~~~ Looks tasteful. What a lucky you with your M :)

Anonymous said...

Herbie.. you lucky dog. The treats must have tasted exceptionally nice since it is made by your M. Made with TLC.

Maybe I could get J to bake something for me also. She buys ready made food for me instead.. That lazy bum!

Anonymous said...

They were yummy.

Herbie can I have more please? We can exchange home cooking treats.

Anonymous said...

herbie.. for that i am very remorseful.. its just that I FREAK OUT on thunderstorms...

so so so.. i wanted to hide somewhere.. but then my slave was upstairs.

she got a shock when she saw only half of the curtains left. NO TREATS for me..

Anonymous said...

Garlic Bagels... From this photo, it looks yummy. but as you know, I am not fancy of dry stuff.. No matter how nice it is. SO you can have my share :), Instead, can you ask your mum to make something "wet, taste like milk" thingy?
I love ice cream though! hehe


Anonymous said...

i make blueberry mousse for ice. he loves it. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Garlic Bagels...
get in my belly!!!
I want some...I want some .Now that's what I call a treat..mail me some,Lots of licks

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! (*^_^*)