Sunday, April 02, 2006

Straits Times Article

My M, who never buys any newspapers (they usually come free courtesy of her family, or MM's family, or Aunty V), went to buy a copy to today's Sunday Times early in the morning. Apparently my blog was mentioned in the papers. Wow, on national papers!

She don't remember herself saying she's the pioneer of dog blogs. Apparently it was Aunty V who told the reporters she started it all.

Well, to read about it, go grab a copy from your newstands today.

For for new readers, welcome. And in case anyone still think M stands for Mummy, it's not. M is for Mistress, and MM is Master.


Anonymous said...

Haha.. congrats to u and your proud xing-ma!! I so proud to know you too siaaaaa.... And abt your question, go right ahead and link me! ;) My mummy & I both love food so hardly write abt me tho.

Happy Barks!

Anonymous said...

hey chewie! long time no see! So funny we found each other with the papers. Anyway, as u should have read, I may be getting a brother soon!

Anonymous said...

Yesss!! Very cool.. Are you sure you won't be jealous of him arrr...?? Promise to be nice and protect him from all that humping!!

Anonymous said...

get ready to be humped by your new brother!

Anonymous said...

wahhhh... someone is famous!!!!!! now, you can go and lelong your paw-tograph!!!! then you can buy yourself a nice treat and donate the balance to SPCA or something!!! makes me want to adopt one of your brothers... but since i am not confident of making the long time commitment at the moment, i shall be contented with reading your blog... please dun start charging extortible amounts for subscription-only readers hor!!!!

Anonymous said...

yl: don't worry, even if I charge subscription, I will start with small amounts, like maybe 1 whole chicken a week. If prices were to go up, maybe will start charging in fish or beef.

so you better start grocery shopping. :D